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A small, but very useful update to Hangouts-- automatic muting when you type. Check out the details below.

Does anyone actually like the sound of typing in a Hangout?
click click clack clack click clack clack!

If you’ve done Hangouts, you’ve almost certainly experienced it.  It’s hard to chat over that typing.  Maybe you’ve accidentally been that typist, and didn’t realize it until someone muted you!   That’s why we’ve added automatic muting when you type.  Specifically:

- If someone keeps typing in a Hangout, their mic will be muted until they stop
- They'll see an in-Hangout notification, so they know they're not interrupting the conversation
- We’ll do this for larger Hangouts (4+ people).

We hope this feature makes your Hangouts experience even more enjoyable, and we welcome your feedback in the comments!

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I've been on Google+ since the beta days and I've yet to join a hangout. 
+Scott Beamer, I hear you. I've only been in a couple hangouts since the early days on the few occasions when I'm traveling with a laptop. My main PC is actually my living room TV, so I'm not going to have a webcam set up looking at me sitting on my couch, and I rarely have any desire to use a headset/mic even when gaming so it's usually just chat or posting for me. Hangouts are cool, but I am very rarely in a position where I want to participate in them.
Now if they could just figure out how to detect if we are still there, so I stop seeing that stupid "Are you there" message!  How hard can it be to just take a snapshot every minute or so, or something like that to detect if there has been movement.  If there has been don't show that GD message!  If not then you can start the timer on that message being shown.  I know it seems like such a small thing.  But I record my hangouts every night, and I could put a hour long clip together of us all cursing that damn "Are you still there" message.  At the very least give us the option to turn that off.  Otherwise....keep up the good work. ;)
Great but the emotions pop-up window still has this bug that after opening a few times, it goes to another place and you can only see half of it. Also, why isn't the conversation saved on Gmail like all Google Talk? The interface is also terrible for 1-1 chat so I use Google Talk most of the time. Really looking forward to Babel.
I have been on Google for 4 maybe 6 hours trying to fix my page and Google+ it has been great getting advise. Thank you!!!
You can't fault +Google. They listen to their customers and get things done. Thanks! 
Possibly not a good feature for me. me and my friends have hardware that is fairly sensitive and will pick up our typing whilst talking. Hopefully their is a logical/filter function that will pick out the to very different sounds.. if you dont have it, is this project open source? I wouldnt mind writting such a feature for you :)
Lin Lai
Is there no way concerned about a person, but do not let it to appear in the main timeline?
the sound of typing is the reason why I hangout 
-put the pictures of the participants ON TOP (so when they see each other they actually look at their cameras, not at the bottom of their screens).
-make it for more than 10 people at the same time, we have a classroom of 50 or more students (i dont mean hangouts ON AIR but active participations of the 50 with audio/video). With this technology the students will not need to move from their homes (reduce environmental/economic footprint).
-put the public hangouts in the proper "hangout icon" on the left toolbar of G+!!!! (like in the early days of G+), new people doesnt know how to find them!
simple but very important! It bugs me when people hammer on during meetings.
I have daily meetings with my team on hangout and this is great. If you could also find a way to noise cancel the people who breathe heavily into their mics then I'll never need to mute someone again :) 
Great, noise suppression.
Especially good for hard-typers who break keyboards every week!
That's AWESOME!  I have a tendency to type while during meetings: taking notes, adjusting timelines, etc. (Guilty!).  So great to see continued improvements!  Thanks G+!
I have something that I discovered when I was playing around with my Iphone4. Did you know that if you clicked on an address in your contact list, that it would open your Google map and show you the location of that address in the map. Thought it was a cool thing, never seen anything about it online before.      
Next up, better quality screen sharing? That's the only thing keeping me with skype for anything. I cant read anything people share, or vice versa. It may be my internet, but skype does it fine over the same connection. Anyways, awesome addition with this typing muting, skype needs that.
That's a goodie :) Thank you!
Paul P
Perhaps Google can get with the GoPro people... they have a computer program (in their cameras) that removes the rushing air sounds from the videos their camera is taking.  Seems to me a Hangout could use a program like that to remove 95+% of typing noises without muting the user.
I hope this becomes a standard feature for all conferencing systems.
As I have a mechanical keyboard, I bet this is a welcome feature for the people I have hangouts with :)
Please make it a toggle option so we can use it even for 1on1 hangouts too. And while you are still in the process of adding mute features... Push-to-talk hotkey is a must have option for any type of voice communication via PC with possibility for more than 2 participants... Right now the lack of Push-to-talk is stopping many companies from moving physical meetings into google hangouts. 
There's still no way to type using mobile apps though. 
raw raj
You can't google to support your argument in a hangout :-P.
I guess someone should design noise cancelling mics specifically designed for keyboard clicks
The typing sound in hangouts in general is annoying.  Who really wants/needs this at all?  
actually used this last night, and it was bad - we use the hangout for a group meeting and often have one person speaking while another is responding to a comment in chat.  any way to turn the auto-mute off?
i really hope there is an option to disable this if it interferes with how I use google hangout. The, 'are you still there' nonsense is bad enough
+Paul P I'm not sure about the goPro specifically, but most of this type of functionality is implemented by using two microphones. One on each side. Wind and such would be picked up by both microphones equally, while speech would be stronger in one or the other. The software just subtracts whatever is equally loud in each mic. Which is far easier and efficient to implement than dynamically subtracting certain frequencies would be. However that is what +Google would have to do to implement it for +Google+ ..there would most likely never be any way to get it to work well.
The problem is, if you're in a Hangout and really do need to look up something while you're talking, then you're screwed now with this feature. Is there a way to disable it manually? even in Hangouts with four or more participants?
Could have done with this on Wednesday, but that was on Skype.  Personally I would prefer that the person hosting the call has the option to mute participants.  Sometimes people who don't use chat software often don't even know where the mute button is. 
I would love to see this available for all hangouts. We have a weekly meeting with one member joining via hangout to a meeting room full of people. This is a really nice touch feature. 
We are all software developers at Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange and typing is a primary mode of interacting - this has really hindered our ability to type / talk at the same time.  Please make this a configuration option!
There should be some kind of setting to switch this off because our group use Hangouts for gaming and of course you are always using the keyboard. Now this feature has been added our hangout experience has hit rock bottom.
When we are playing MMO style games you need to be in constant contact on the mic and now when you try to tell someone there is a big hairy ass dude behind them about to cleave them to death they just stand there, Why?? Because Google has muted your mic.

Yeah i see the point to this feature and it is a good concept but at least give us the option to use it or not.
I wish there was a disable option to this. Its great sometimes but really annoying others. For example when I play a game, even if I only press a key occassionally or lightly it'll still mute me (ie. holding down a move button) while I'm trying to talk to people in the call. One of my friend gets muted by it even when they're not typing. He'll just be sitting there talking and it'll keep muting him. Its annoying for all of us. I appreciate the thought in this and can understand when it's useful, but sometimes you WANT to talk and type. Multitasking you know?
What +Geoff Dalgas said. At the very least, only mute if the only thing you pick up is typing. If the microphone hears typing and talking, that probably means that the person needs to be heard.
Taking notes while talking? Pair programming/debugging? Presenting something in a screenshare (a major feature!) that requires keyboard input? These are all impossible now.
It's a cool feature, but I wish there was an option for it. If anybody is playing a game or something while in the hangout it will automatically mute them even if they talk. It mutes if you type while talking as well which is very annoying. :/
This is the WORST update i have seen yet,  it mutes people when they are trying to talk and it becomes very annoying. 
Yes, nice addition, but would be most useful if we can switch it on & off. There are times when we want to be able to talk & type at the same time, e.g. gaming, some types of instructional presentations, working collaboratively on a document, etc.

Also, it seems to be misidentifying some sounds and muting people who are not typing. So, again, it would be great to have the ability to switch auto-mute on & off. Thanks.

cc: +Google+ Help +Tim Haloun +chee chew +Dori Storbeck 
It's already become an horribly annoying idea.  I use hangouts every night for hours on end.  I've now heard multiple cursing fits because of this new "feature".  Get rid of it, or allow us to shut it off.  Change the thing I mentioned before, which is some sort of graphics comparison check to determine if we are actually still there or not, to avoid the horribly annoying "Are you still there" messages.  Stop trying to predict what you think the users want, and actually start to listen to the people that actually use the damn thing everyday, and then you all will really have something.  Skype be damned.
I'm wondering if the problem of people overhearing keyboarding sounds and the problem of the oversensitivity of the auto-mute both have something to do with Hangout's tendency to auto-adjust mic levels to 100%? At 100% the mic tends to pick up every little sound in the environment around it. I still experience this problem and have not found any official notice of a fix, so wondering if this is a contributing factor.

   ● Hangout automatically adjusts mic levels:!topic/google-plus-discuss/F4i913S0Lwk%5B1-25-false%5D

cc: +Google+ Help +Tim Haloun +chee chew +Dori Storbeck 

make the setting switchable. we're trying to collaborate on a massive trivia marathon, and it keeps cutting off my voice while we're actively searching for answers together. 

good idea. but needs to be a OPTION.
I'm sure this feature makes sense in a number of scenarios (very large hangouts where only a few people are talking and most others are taking notes, for example). However, it's a nightmare for what I use hangouts most often for — online gaming and creative collaboration in small groups (up to six people or so). In both those circumstances, I need to be able to talk while scrolling through reference documents and typing notes. The mute feature activates at the SLIGHTEST provocation. Even using my keyboard to switch between open windows without actually typing in those windows turns my mic off, with the result that I don't know if what I'm saying is being clipped or not.

This needs an On/Off option.
Yes, please make this an option. It's extremely disruptive to our meetings.
This is making us confuse the muting with intermittent connectivity and a buggy product. Please make this an option.
Would be more useful if it could be toggled on/off. There are times when it is necessary to be able to talk & type at the same time, e.g. adding notes during meetings, instructional presentations, working collaboratively on a document, etc.
Make it optional please... Hard to collaborate on docs with a large group.
This is insanely offensive as someone who takes minutes. It needs to be optional.
As someone who leads meetings and takes notes simultaneously, I need to be allowed to talk and type at the same time. If Google won't make this "feature" optional, at least please add in the additional check to see whether I am also talking, and don't mute me.
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I tried to host a Final Exam Review via Hangout for a class I teach... When I typed out an example, it muted my mic and wouldn't let me turn it back on (even after over a minute of no typing)! I had to cancel the review as a result. There REALLY needs to be an option to turn this feature OFF.
I need an option to turn this off or for the feature to be removed, because I mostly use the Google Hangout option for gaming with friends, and while aren't technically typing, we are pushing keys in order to play the games.  It completely destroys the utility of hangouts for something this casual.
Worse update yet try collaborating with colleagues while this is on and hearing half of what someone says... Or gaming you do know you use the keyboard for that right? It has made Hangouts unusable from my perspective. maybe the person who creates the hangout should have a choice if they want this feature on or not... Please fix and do it fast before I'm forced to use something else. 
Well it is too bad but I think the only way to get through to them is a decline in users... So Team speak has been downloaded and installed trying that if I don't like I will try mumble. Disappointed in +Google+ 
Can you please make this an option? Maybe by the creator of the hangout.
Just wanted to add that my group is another that will be driven to a competitor's software if this "feature" is kept as-is.  Keyboard noise has never been one tenth as disruptive as the constant auto-muting.  This has singlehandedly brought Hangouts from excellent to useless, and I seriously hope that a disable option is added soon.
Its annoying, yeah. Luckily in my groups it goes away quickly enough that it's not that big of a hassle. If you've got a tablet or smartphone, you could always launch the Hangout on it and then use the keyboard on the other device to do the typing. I don't know if that'll stop Hangouts from muting you, but it's worth a try.
This needs to be an option.  Thus far it has been nothing but annoying for my use.  
And despite us complaining about it, it didn't get changed in the new Hangouts service.
Yes, as a matter of fact, I do like the sound of typing.
freaking make a disable option at least!
i switched from skype to google, but this "feature" isn't really making me stay with google.
Sadly, months after +Google+ announced this, everyone still wants it disabled. Wow.

Note to Larry Page: you may want to have a Googler spend the hour to write the code to do this. It'll save you a huge PR fiasco.
I've noticed that if you're using certain G+ Hangouts apps, Hangouts itself doesn't realize you're typing, and therefore doesn't think it should mute you. Just letting everyone know. Sometimes it eventually figures what's going on, but it takes significantly longer than usual.
good feature for some but not for everyone.

PLEASE make it to be turn off-able. :(
Seems like it would be a great idea - turns out it is TERRIBLE in practice. Breaks constantly, leads to very interrupted meetings and confusion, means no one can take notes, or if so they can't participate in the conversation. Which is ridiculous. We all use headsets, and don't have any problem with the typing noise, but we do have constant problems with people suddenly being muted mid-sentence. Even if they were just hitting a keyboard combination to switch windows or something. Totally broken experience for us. We've been avoiding hangouts more and more because of it.
It's hard to believe they've taken the stance of 'deal with it until we figure out what to do.' I would think removing it until they figured out how to better implement it would be the optimal choice.

There are so many cases where it's just devastating, that the only possibility I can think of is that there's some use for hangouts that they want to discourage...
Or give the users the option to disable it themselves if they don't want it could be really easy as they obviously know what lines of code are the ones that enable it.
The muting is not working for me or colleagues as we use hangout for help in instruction.  The muting causes audio to cut out at critical times.  Google - please put it back the way it was. 
We stopped using Hangout because there is no way to disable this feature.  We do type while talking so we keep getting muted when we do not want to be muted.  If there was a way to disable this "feature", we would probably still be using Hangout.
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