A small, but very useful update to Hangouts-- automatic muting when you type. Check out the details below.

Does anyone actually like the sound of typing in a Hangout?
click click clack clack click clack clack!

If you’ve done Hangouts, you’ve almost certainly experienced it.  It’s hard to chat over that typing.  Maybe you’ve accidentally been that typist, and didn’t realize it until someone muted you!   That’s why we’ve added automatic muting when you type.  Specifically:

- If someone keeps typing in a Hangout, their mic will be muted until they stop
- They'll see an in-Hangout notification, so they know they're not interrupting the conversation
- We’ll do this for larger Hangouts (4+ people).

We hope this feature makes your Hangouts experience even more enjoyable, and we welcome your feedback in the comments!

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