1 Year Of Google+ Create: +Clarissa Silva Shares Highlights

As someone who uses behavioral science to study relationships, Clarissa has used Google+ and Create for research purposes. We've enjoyed her insights and are looking forward to another year of success.
Happy 1st Anniversary, +Google+ Create! Today, I celebrate 2 wins because of Google create!”

How google create helps me understand human behavior better
As a behavioral scientist and researcher, collecting data to better understand human phenomena is sometimes challenging. See, for us, we really on what is “convenient” to us which means our students or our clients. But, in a rapidly evolving tech world where we live on devices, rising cost of healthcare and many opting out of college, how do we include their voices?

I decided to use “non-traditional” data collection methods and google create as a place that is rich with data. We consume and share so much data, we just don’t realize that it is. Our opinions=data. Our comments=data. Our posts=data.

#ResearchWin I have collected 1500 responses on polls and questionnaires using google create within days and weeks. In the traditional approach, it would take me years to collect those many responses.

#BehavioralScienceWin super excited about this I am also assisting the google create team with identifying a few new Topic Areas: Lifestyle, Relationships and Dating. For this project, I am assisting by helping identify new talent to enhance content, provide users with many solutions to address their relationship challenges, better inform content and how the algorithm will behave in those topic areas.

I also started a new collection: Dating and Relationship Science that features the research that google create has helped me better understand. Thanks to everyone that participated in my research! You are helping others find solutions!

Want to join the program? Here's the Create Application Form: http://goo.gl/HuPMcf

Special thanks to +Madeleine DeRome +Sophie Bonnet +Carter Gibson and the entire team for all the hard work they do to make this a dynamic platform.

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