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Cancer - Did you know?

Join +Breast Cancer Answers - The Social Media Show as they host a Hangout On Air discussion dispelling cancer myths from around the world. The conversation will travel to each continent as leading experts give their take on cancer from their corner of the globe.

RSVP and watch live at the event page:

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You know, a little publicity and awareness of the ovarian cancer that took my sister would be a welcome change.
Brain Tumor took my son..... Colon Cancer took my grandmother.
But in reality it is not the cancer that takes them. it is the infections that they get when the white cell counts are down so low.......... and their body cannot  fight it.
All of the C's. Lost my brother last April. It's a hard battle on everyone. He was out of it for the last week but with his last he opened his eyes to my voice and said he loved me. That was a true gift. Big thanks to those that help from the heart.
:'(   ok, that made me shed a tear. Wow, the human spirit is resilient to go through such pain. I pray for you and your family. :)  
Did you know - That epilepsy is one of the most common disorders out there, and is also one of the most under funded as far as research and other resources?

We've been trying to get recognition from places like Google for years, but we keep getting ignored. We've even been asking for Google to support Epilepsy Awareness via a Google doodle, but can't seem to get any attention to it. ("We" being the Epilepsy Foundation, people living with epilepsy such as myself, and other non-profit organizations.)

It's funny how organizations and businesses help certain charities so much, but completely ignore other causes.

Cancer has MANY awareness months for different cancers. Each has it's own color as well. Epilepsy has one month of awareness and one color - November, and purple - and it gets hardly ANY attention even then. (Partly because prostate CANCER shares not only our month, but also our color!)
<------------totally misses the point of the event to fight cancer.

World Cancer Day!  Everyone!  Grab some cancer to celebrate World Cancer Day!  Herp derp.
I feel ya +Randy Havens every time i see a pink ribbon or product it makes me furious. My girls been battling stage 4 cervical cancer for over a year now and were in the same situation. We get to watch businesses and organization jump on the pink bandwagon and watch BC get over saturated with funding research and clinical trials while we get told that she has the wrong cancer to benefit from the donations and services. When I see crap like WorldCancerDay trending It just makes me feel disgusted cuz I already know Its not going to focus on cancers that need help. Its going to focus on the "sexy cancer" 
Breast cancer is caused by bras. Oops people aren't supposed to know that.
Why do you want people to get cancer? It's a horrible disease.

Now, a world anti-cancer day... that I could get behind whole-heartedly.

Seriously, language matters.
Cancer$$$$$$,whoever finds the cure mucho$$$$$$,nice racket,meanwhile we all suffer
It's mostly caused by all the toxic waste we eat, drink, breathe and live among. A slow death like cancer is easier for toxic waste peddlers  to bribe regulatory agencies into ignoring or downplaying.
Electromagnetic radioactive emissions ,fair trade smartphones ,laptops ,pc s ,free from conflict zones ,ionization levels must be put on you devices,laptops ,and on your purchase notice for a cleaner ways and health hazards free .stop cancer ,stop health hazards technologies jmhbcasis
stop cancer.. no more cancer this year (hopely)
+Randy Havens thanks for your post - I can't agree more. I say: let's fight epilepsy and cancer! And all rare illnesses too. There are so many that are neglected.
 i agree just on may 22 my mom died from cancer so i support this
Contaminated water in India by french pharmaceutical ,proof of evidence that Indians are poisoned from the tap water ,as a result cancer from water pollution is rising .none of the pharmaceutical companies are tackling the issues on the contrary Indian government are silent !
I had cancer tongue early stage(neglected lukoplakia)&luckily had surgey by very efficient Dr.Arvindkrishnamurthy head of Adyar cancer hospital.I am grateful life long to the DR's of cancer department. Dr.gjanaki
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