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AFP Interview: Budding Google social network sets itself apart

The AFP spoke with Google+ VP +Bradley Horowitz to discuss Google+'s role in Google's long term strategy. Bradley states Google+ "is a reinvention of the consumer's relationship with Google that is going to unfold over a period of years."

The reporter also spoke with +John Butterill, who told the story of being able "to take a sick friend on a 'virtual photo walk' using a smartphone, a professional camera, and a Hangout" and "walk for those who can't." Bradley adds on, "It is really delightful when a product you built changes people's lives and you get these heartfelt stories about how it has touched them." #thatsaplus
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Glad to hear its long term quality and not "boom then bust" behind g+ because they do have something special here
was having this conversation with someone on g+ regarding the ease of g+:

"you can't control anything on fb and if you can, it's buried in the minutia of settings. g+ is so incredibly intuitive. when i hear ppl complain about how difficult it is, it reminds me how much of a functional retard they are."
+Matt Keithley I actually had that conversation the other day, with a fairly smart guy. I think a lot is "what you're used to". "Follow" was just a weird, alien concept for the guy, since he was so used to the "friends" concept of automatically reciprocal relationships. Personally, I used Twitter quite a bit before G+, and never got into FB as much, so things like that were a natural step.
Sean S
Wonder how long until Google+ is out of beta.
Google + has allot to offer, I think.
Nice article, inspiring. Gives me the urge to offer a culture or nature walk through the Netherlands for those who like to experience it but aren't able to do so :-)
Hey Google! Why can't I even rename albums in my photos/videos... ...come on! Before we talk about mobile apps etc. Lets get some basics right.
That's my mine. thank god. let earth grean!
+Matthew VandenBerg lemme see when I got some time. At the moment I have too much to do for work, volunteerwork and at home! But maybe soon I can snap some shots from my hometown Amersfoort. It's not the most famous town abroad, but it's a start. If you prefer some tour through Amsterdam, I have to disappoint you as I don't come there often ;-)
Gil Ho
love this !
hi how do we make a profile into a page? which is better at networking or both? new to this and just trying to get the hang of things everyone knws facebook will be the next myspace myspace who? :) links please on how to work google+ thanks
Is part of that view releasing g+ for the new iPad?
And until google allows anonymity I won't be using it in a personal capacity.
Google+, why cant you fix the iOS name lookup when using + to autocomplete??
Dave C
Having issues with the Google+ app for iPhone/itouch which is why I'm posting to this comment. How do we report issues with the app?
"Pinterest becomes third most popular social network." (Link below)

Pinterest is pretty cool, but, wow... how did it become so popular so fast? It seems like, about a couple of months ago, I heard so many people talking about it. Pinterest does in fact do a few things that you can't really do with (or do as good with) Facebook, Twitter, or G+.

I hope G+ becomes #1.... I really do. To do so, I think Google will need to add a few features currently available on other social networks; and Google needs to get companies saying "Circle Us On Google Plus". I love the current round of promos on TV, but many of my friends have seen them and still say "What's Google+?" So something with that ad campaign is not working just right.
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