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Ready to make 2013 the best year yet? 

The +SELF Magazine 13 Resolutions for a Better 2013 program starts tomorrow! Be sure to check out the schedule of the Hangouts based on 13 of the most popular resolutions for this year.

Catch the first Hangout on Air ( to inspire your inner adventurer tomorrow, January 14th at 12 pm ET. Also join the Travel to New Places community to keep up with your travel resolution and get tips from others. (

Ask your questions to the experts using #13for13 for the next two weeks of resolution Hangouts. Follow the +SELF Magazine page for more updates on Hangouts and Communities to join.
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es el avatar oficial aqui en Google+ voado por mis amigos!
A successful relationship is what you hope to after you've walked down the isle, the rest is just foreplay IMO
Between Scott Dinsmore (Live Your Legend) and Leo Babauta (Zen Habits), I've got my New Year's resolutions - and the accompanying plan to achieve them - sorted. 

Love to see more collaboration between Google+ and new sites, though. I'm a big fan of using G+ to help people, whether it's with New Year's resolutions, charities, or my personal favorite, game design. ;)
Am already doing it: Had #lasiksurgery  done through +Saddleback Eye Center last week, and am now following up on 2 other things I want to get corrected as well. After that, it's #moving  to a new place and possibly starting a new job after completion of Q1.
Rob T
Yeah, me 2
The best part of the idiots who reply to threads with nothing but mindless crap like "ok" is that I get to report them and block them so they never show up again.
Je doit faire une mise a jour on me demande d'intaller IOS possède un iPad et je ne sait pas comment procéder .....pourriez vous m'expliquer le fonctionnement d'une maniere simplifié ? car g des problèmes ça bug énormément pour me connecter ! Merci !
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