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Hi! I am Ajay Sood (Travelure), a travel photographer from India. After spending 27 years in the business of advertising and marketing communications, I hung up my corporate boots and started pursuing my dual passions - Travel and Photography.

All the travel images I make have a single objective - Making Destinations Desirable.

My journey till now: I have captured sights, sounds and stories in over 35 countries; have spoken on Architectural and Travel Photography in Travel Blogger Conferences (in Stockholm, Manila, Jerusalem, and Huntsville); have won 2016 OSM (Outlook Social Media) Shutterbug of the Year Award; have been a Canon PhotoMentor; judged a few prestigious photography contests as a jurist; and have been adjudged a MasterCraftsman by leading photography magazines in the country - Asian Photography and Smart Photography.

Ajay's Favorite Collection:

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