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Living in the US and looking to pick up a summer job? Check out the Hangout with The White House that's live right now.
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i'd rather see everyone able to have a job, but any jobs are better than none. #progress.
+Nan Allen college kids need money too not everyone's mommy's and daddy's are paying for there schooling or hand them money the younger generation unemployed is way higher than there parents please think before you post such things.
Youth is a college student most new college students are 18 years or younger and the summer jobs program is aimed at college students +Nan Allen I hope everyone had jobs. +Björn Petersen this post is related to American who live here so please buzz off second I am on google plus not writing an article. I am also on an huge table screen typing forgive me if i don't care.
+Nan Allen I am one of those youths who does not gets any help from my parents what so ever and there are thousands more like me and if you didn't catch my statment here it is again I hope everyone should have jobs or get them if wanted.
I think Breon is just trying to make a point about the US education system being broken. People who can't write English text are less employable. I think many end up being teachers.
I think Breon is just in bad relations with punctuation... as a result of lack of dollars for education
Oh, isn't that precious. Hmmm...kind of wondering why exactly young people in particular need help "connecting to employment opportunities." They're not the only ones unemployed, y'know.
people always find a reason to complain about anything Obama does. An initiative to help young Americans find jobs... This is a good thing
The best thing he could do is just go away.
Hugh, given what the GOP has brought this year, its likely you will have to deal with him for another four years.
Then we are doomed for 4 more years of failure
... or maybe young people will find jobs. O.o
@Hugh yes, I suppose you are doomed if what you THINK you want doesn't come to pass. Good thing too. Pardon me if I took what yu said as a politically motivated comment, I'm sure that if it was not, I would understand betterm but today I had to go to Urgent Care for an abcessed tooth and I may be missing something. I will go back and bvett the conversation now.
Youth is not college students? Ok, Is this a trick grammar quiz?
And a note to all: I know my typos are blatant at times, I apologize for that.
I think some of you people should remove the stick from your asses its google plus not an eassy or work grammar trolls are annoying fact is I choose not to care how I blog on google plus second you can not tell how well my education has gone or is going by a blog post good day trolls .
hahaha go breon! u kick their butts
All this animosity and fuss about the government creating or connecting people with jobs just makes me shake my head in disgust. The gov is way too involved in so many things in which they have no business. Anything the gov does costs taxes sooner or later so they should only be focused on doing the things only they can do: a strong national defense (not one that is spread all over the world), a rule of civil law (end the corruption and bureaucracy of our legal systems), and protecting the freedoms which used to be what defined us as Americans. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, that means social welfare programs should be brought down in time. The DoEnergy, DoEducation, EPA, NASA, and many other departments and agencies should be eliminated. A much lighter gov means much lighter taxes which means a much more robust economy which will rise to the occasion to fill in where the gov is trimming back. That is what we really need.
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