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#PridePlus Hangout

Meet LGBTA advocate +Carter Gibson this Friday as he opens up the discussion around civil rights, equality, and Pride in celebration of of Gay Pride Month. If you'd like to participate you can comment on his original post to be considered for the conversation.
First #PridePlus  Hangout Friday Evening!
Want to be a guest? Let me know!

With Pride coming up this weekend, I think that now is a great time to talk about why we celebrate Pride, what it means, and why it's important. There are a lot of questions about this topic (some supportive, some not so), and I think it deserves a little attention. Friday evening (PST) I'll be hosting a Hangout on Air to address Pride as a concept, and I'd love to have you! We already have one awesome guest I'm waiting to announce, but I want to hear your stories/opinions as well!

If you have something you want to share, comment below and let me know you want to be a guest! More details to follow (and trust me, we have a fair amount of support from Google on this ;] )
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Thanks for the shout-out! Can't wait to announce more!
What is the DEAL with all this gay pride stuff? I don't go around doing parades and talking about how proud I am of the fact that I'm straight.... I mean seriously, there is no need for all the showyness... If you're gay, fine. Let's move on with our lives. I don't care what you do in the bedroom.
My daughter is 11 years old, & decided to dress up more of a tom boy, my issue I thought I was going to have was with the students, oddly enough it was with the teachers, telling her she need to dress up more like a girl, & grow out her hair..She will be going to 6th grade & will be even harder for her. How can I educate the faculties to avoid any discrimination towards my daughter?
I think that's a really common claim +Trey Motes. I won't try to address it too much here, but I would invite you to watch the Hangout tomorrow if you want an explanation to your question. I have to say, 5 years ago, as a gay man, I kind of agreed with you, but after listening to varying perspectives I changed my mind and view Pride as a vital part of the civil rights movement (that has little to do with "the bedroom") :)
+Cindy Garza put her in a padded room with no outside interaction... There will always be bad people....
+Carter Gibson "the bedroom" is the clearest and most obvious difference between hetero and homosexuals. That's why I made the point. Because as big of a difference as that is, I don't discriminate or care. We are all humans here, are we not? 
Yo soy de costa rica y no entiendo de esto, pero creo que todos tienen derechos iguales, los invito para que vean la barbarie que iso un diputado del congreso de costa rica llamado justo orozco
+Trey Motes Yes we are all human, but what seems to be the variance is that we don't contain the same amount of humanity.
+Cindy Garza I think bringing this up with the administration that school should feel like a safe place for kids to express themselves is important to the general well-being of all children. If children are to learn from their teachers, and they see the teachers acting with discrimination or hesitancy towards a child, then the children in the classroom will be learning that same intolerance. Especially with all of the bullying that has been happening, I would think that the administration would be open to hearing your opinion that it's not the kids that are the bullies in this case, it's the teachers.
+Natalie Villalobos Insensitive? Out of line? I was making the point that the world is cruel. Attempting to shield someone from that cruelty is just as bad as never allowing a child to play in an environment that has germs. How else will someone build a defense against it?

The best thing someone can do, is to teach the child how to deal with this cruelty, not attempt to change those who are cruel, because you can't.

+Cindy Garza I wasn't attempting to offend you. Please forgive me if I did.
+Trey Motes it's awesome that you don't care. Apparently though, too many others do, often to our detriment. So now we speak up, instead of remaining silent. That's what Pride is; no more silence.
Trey, these teachers, should be above all, educated to teach, & not discriminate a child. I do understand that there are bad people everywhere, as you nicely put it, I will do everything in my power to stop anyone bulling my child. Thanks for your sensitive comment.. 
+Trey Motes Then perhaps I misread you - but this line "put her in a padded room with no outside interaction..." although meant with sarcasm, didn't translate really well to me. I don't think she was wanting to shield her daughter, she was looking for insight on how to better her situation with the school. She did after all, use the word "educate" not "protect" when discussing her daughter and the situation she's in.
+Oleg Kamikaze seriously, burn in hell for that comment...

EDIT: it appears he deleted the comment...
+Trey Motes The commented was deleted, and he was blocked for Hate Speech.
Thank you Natalie, I will address this issue with the administration, to bring forth this issue, when I register her, this coming clarify that I will not tolerate my child being bullied, especially by a teacher..;))
+Cindy Garza perhaps you did not catch my apology in an earlier comment, if not, I will apologize again. I did not mean to offend you, if I did, please accept my apology.
I would actually really love to hear more of your opinions either in chat or during the hangout +Trey Motes. I don't want to discredit your opinion just because I disagree. That dissent is an important part of helping other people feel like they've been heard. Definitely PM me some questions you have and I'll try to answer them tomorrow :)
+Carter Gibson I really appreciate that you are absolutely not on the defense about my opinion. I can see that even while you may not agree, you fully understand that I'm not coming from a place of hatred. Cheers. :) I will circle you now. :)
Thanks +Trey Motes! I'm serious about you asking me the "tough" questions though. I think they have their merit in this conversation!
witam Google+ ma troszeczkę błędów jeśli biega o Polskę :D
+Derek Ross LOL. Oh and btw folks... +Google+ mentioned me, so I'll go ahead and have my "Google+ mentioned me pride" moment. Haha
If someone was pushing a Straight Pride Month, how would we all react?  I think many people would be negative about it.
+Scott Watson I'm not offended by "gay pride" at all. I mostly just find it ridiculous. 
+Scott Watson Look around. In our culture, "Straight Pride" seems to be 365 days a year.
I think that the issue there is that majority groups don't need to raise awareness for civil equality. It's why we have a black history month and not a white history month. There's a certain amount of awareness of inequality that needs to be raised by minority groups that generally isn't necessary for the majority to take part in.
I don't think it is ridiculous.  I just don't see the difference between Gay pride and any other group pride.
+Scott Watson I think pride in the fact that you belong to any group is a bit overkill... Personally, I just live my life. I don't need to show people how proud I am of what I have become in my life. Those who know and care about me, love me for who I am. (and would do the same if were gay) I don't have to show pride to gain acceptance.
Trey, I do accept your apology..It's all good, & am sure we all learn from our experiences..but I do appreciate your apology Trey..;))
+Scott Watson Have a Straight Pride Month. Seriously, I'll be there to celebrate! Especially if it is truly a celebration of what it means to be straight; highlighting something of value that society has either forgotten or has turned a blind eye to.

However, if it amounts to little more than a rejection and denigration of LGBT people, don't be surprised if folks aren't so hot on it. :-)
+Carter Gibson My brother made a joke about this the other day. I loled.

I was making the same point about "why are there no straight pride parades?" His response?

"Parades are gay dude. That's why." LOL

(my brother shares my views on these matters. he does not hate people)
Hey. I'm totally cool with my people owning parades. You guys can borrow them every once in a while though :)
Congrats for your initiative and all the best +Carter Gibson.
As I have already shared with you once, (as an hetero male) I fought for LGBTA rights in Olympic sports (at a time when the term/acronym didn't even exist)... and paid a huge price for it. To make a long story short, my initiative and my persistance influenced my friend, the Olympic champion Mark Tewksbury, to take the lead as a gay athlete and guess what? He will be our London 2012 Canadian Olympic Team Chef de Mission. Time has changed.
Don't complain about how its okai if they have gay pride parades but you can't have straight pride parades. Nothings holding you back from having one, so stop complaining. People can express they're pride however they want. 
Problem I have with these special interest groups (not only gay people, let's get that... straight) has a lot to do with our government. As soon as a very vocal minority comes out and cries oppression and discrimination, the lobbyists and liberal media bend over backwards to make sure they don't get their feelings hurt and next thing you know, they have more rights than the common folk... I can't wait to see what happens when the bestiality community gets their own appreciation month and see how that pans out... just live your life and keep your private affairs private
+Matt Grimmer Why do you seem to come off a bit hostile? While you say people can express themselves how ever they want, you berate a guy for asking a question... and tell him to stop complaining? That is a bit rude to be honest.
I won't be able to attend the hangout but I 100% support gay pride month. I totally understand why some feel it's not necessary but take it from someone who has either directly or indirectly been put down for being gay for most of my life it is awesome to now be able to be a part of something that is bigger than me and to be able to hang with people who have experienced the same issues I have and fully understand my struggles and achievements.

I so appreciate straights who support us and advocate for our cause because you don't have to do so but there are things that we go through that you will never understand.

That is one of many reasons we come together in PRIDE because we are proud of our achievements and successes despite all of obstacles we had to overcome
Ahhh, and the slippery slope argument has reared it's hydra head! Things that can give informed consent: adult humans.
Things that cannot give informed consent: animals, children, mentally ill or incapacitated humans.

Bad argument there, +Anthony Gonzalez 
Only for the insensitive people here that is mocking gay people by saying they're coming out that they are straight:
One that is straight in a society that is predominantly heterosexual and in the same society that assumes that everybody is straight, and that discriminate gay people in so many different ways since childhood does not need to come out to say that he or she is straight, just because society already assume that if you don't say anything, you'r straight. I bet you wouldn't love to be in a place in society that if you are not straight, and your friends expect you as a man to date a woman,  and your parents expect the same of you and the children miseducated by their own parents expect you as a man to have a girlfriend and not a boyfriend and yet, when speaking out to the  people around that you are gay is mocked by straight people just for the sake of fun or of making ridicule of others. And if you question why the parade, why the celebration, the answer is pretty simple: it is not only for the straight to know that there are gay people, that you should be aware when you have your son, or your friend, or whoever related to you, that you'r not supposed to expect them to be straight. It is because there was one day when most people wouldn't dare say they like someone of the same gender. It is also to encourage people that are still hiding what they are, sometimes even from themselves, that they should start to be true to who they are, because they are not alone even if they are rejected by their families, friends or other insensitive people.
+Alexandre Xavier The very fact that you just assume it's mockery without REALLY knowing who is behind the keyboard is proving why I dislike the "pride" display. It's a massive double standard when someone such as yourself get's irritated at the idea of someone else doing the very thing you support...
C Oh
+Trey Motes I was wondering, if their parade and festivities were about something else, would you feel it should stop? Is it the parade and festivities or is it the fact that they are gay people parading and having the festival, that you object to? Or is because, being straight, there is no equivalent festival for we straight people? Do you object to Mardis Gras or Macy's parades and so on too? Why does it bother you at all?
The 'deal' is that gay people used to be (and often still are) shunned and discriminated against and it is only by being so showy and parading and protesting and such that they have managed to send the message to, A) other gays that it is absolutely ok to be gay and B) to send the message to homophobes that they are not going to cow tow to their disapproval and are not going to remain hidden. These messages have to be repeated regularly for a very long time for them to work and to stick.
Re. "I don't go around parading... about...being straight" -  If straight, one has never had the persecution problems inflicted on many gay people by the previously outspoken (and powerful) anti-gay society, so a straight person has never had to shout out about equality and acceptance and about the fact that it is their right to be straight and be open about it.
Gay people have had to bring their fight for all those things to the notice of everyone, in order to get changes made. Parading and showiness are part of that ongoing struggle. Being openly gay may be more accepted now but it there is still a lot of narrow mindedness and discrimination out there, so the process is not over yet.
You will get the same thing from almost every section of the population that has been persecuted, whether due to being gay, black, female or whatever else. All those sections of the population have had to shout, protest and parade to get anywhere near equality with the average white, straight male. They must shout loudly, showily, regularly and for a long, long time to have a permanent effect. Constant exposure to something makes people realise it is just part of the norm, that's what the deal is and why it continues.
In time, gay people will, one hopes, have full acceptance and equality, then the protests and showiness will diminish. However, an excuse for a celebration and a fun parade may always remain, simply as a good thing that came out of their time of raising awareness.
Just because there is no equivalent for all straight people (which is because straight people were never persecuted just for being straight), and straight folk don't have a particular thing for them an annual, festive gathering, doesn't mean that gay people should not continue their parading, just as a fun, festive annual gathering and tradition, not unlike Mardis Gras, the Nottinghill Carnival, Macy's parades etc.
+Carter Gibson how do we as members of the LGBTQIA community keep our sense of individuality when we are working so hard to open and share our lives with every person?
I consider the thought that we collectively shouldn't have a need for 'anything-pride' parades as the rational one. We shouldn't, but the ugly fact remains that we do because there is so much hatred, ignorance, and bigotry against anything different than what is currently the favorite version of 'normal'.

The thing I find funniest in opposition to equality in this particular subject is that gay marriage will somehow doom heterosexual marriage and families. Who thought of that? I've been married 20 years, I don't feel threatened when my neighbors get married. Why would I somehow become threatened if they happen to be the same gender? Are they going to come into my marriage and start fights between me and the hubby? Is he going to be jealous and want to be in a gay marriage suddenly? Such a silly argument to deny people legal and social benefits based solely on gender and dislike.
+Anthony Gonzalez Many of us have been trying to keep our private affairs private. Others, however, have insisted on making a public issue out of our affairs by using force - of fist and government - to exclude us from the public sphere and control our private spheres.  We were politely silent about it for a long, long time because we were told to be silent. Our silence perpetuated the problem. 

So we will stop being politely silent and have a parade to make some noise. We will stop being silent and petition the government, to which we pay taxes, for equal treatment. The noise that is a nuisance to you is a life line for us. Decisions, decisions... So sorry for the noise, but we will stop being silent.
That's an awesome question +Cory Teague. Comment on the post I just posted and I'll answer it tomorrow (or try to at least)
+Trey Motes Of course you care, if you didn't care you wouldn't go out of your way just to post "don't do parades" here. And that's why they need pride celebration. Because people like you care.
Straight pride exists every day and forced into the limelight every time same-sex marriage is banned in a state, every time a law is passed to discriminate against the LGBT community at work or school or elsewhere, and in some foreign cases, every time a law is passed that  sentences anyone found to be LGBT to death.

LGBT pride exists to counter the hate and discrimination people have shown (emotionally and physically, brutally and fatally) over many many years. It's not about throwing it in people's faces, it's saying "you can hate LGBT people all you want but we are who we are and there's nothing wrong with it, and if you discriminate it, we'll celebrate it." People who complain about LGBT pride and parades are actually the reason they exist to begin with, ironically.
+Trey Motes I believe the Gay Price Month exists because some people actually CARE about "what they do in the bedroom". If everyone just didn't care, they (the gay people) would be like "meh, everyone repects us, then why should we protest?". These movements will exist for as long as haters exists, for as long as gay people keep being called "an abomination".
Displays like this empower the minority and give a voice to the often voiceless :)
+Carter Gibson They also activate another minority - a nasty one.  

Some people get up in the morning determined to be enraged by something.  If intelligent people decided to have an "Evolution Pride" march they would get all stressed by them.  

To the people who say that you are seeing Straight Pride marches the whole time.  You are not.  You are seeing general acceptance of the majority preference.  Not the same thing.  I don't recall the president, or even his predecessor suggesting we have even a Hetro Day.
Trey Motes, that thing that I support being? By the by, was it you that who was doing the mockery?
+Scott Watson Ahh you see that nasty, enraged minority has long been activated. Our silence made you think they weren't. We're throwing a noisy parade both to remind everyone that that nasty, enraged minority is active and to send that nasty, enraged minority a clear-as-day message: If they want to be nasty to us, they'll have to do it in the light of day, because that is where they'll find us. It is also to send a message to those who suffer at their hands in silence that there's safety in the light of day.

It is a wonderful display of faith in the majority because it requires that we believe that the majority will not tolerate what that nasty minority has done, and continues to do, to us behind the shroud of silence.
What +Andrew Lake said. :)

I'm thinking I just found some awesome people to be in the #PridePlus  circle!
+Trey Motes , just because I said that people have the freedom to say what they want does not mean that everybody agrees. I didn't enjoy that you're post [the original one] suggested that gay people should stop having parades, and show they're pride so I simply said to stop complaining and do something if you want it to change.
 Have you ever seen the movie Rampage? It's sorta like that minus the guns.
Cu Lu
good work .. thx
Let's not even get into the ridiculousness of Leviticus, shall we? Because it says a lot of stuff that we clearly don't follow today >.>

Not to mention not everyone's Christian. #Coexist
sale en apocalipsis:seran castigados los que se hechen con hombres
d so
Well I'm not gay, but I support my boyfriend who is...
d so
And by the way, all you finger waving bible humpers (you saw it); trying to talk someone out of being gay is like trying to talk someone out of their skin. It only serves to demonstrate your ignorance of the breadth of humanity; and reduces you from being a driving force for good to being a footnote to stupidity.

I spoke with Jesus earlier, he says you know nothing of his work and prefers that you distance yourselves a bit as you are tarnishing his image.
"these are my beliefs and you should not be offended by my beliefs" - I find it bizarre to see that sort of moral relativism produced in the  context of a statement of bronze age belief which forcibly defines a group of people into a position that can then be described as intrinsically wrong. 
+Mark Y-M He is not showing relativism.  He is showing that politically unacceptable idea of "moral absolutism".  
This is where he believes that some things are right and some are wrong.

This standpoint can be entirely consistent but generally people pick and choose.  They may pick that group X is sinful but then they ignore the injunctions to make friends with sinners etc.

They might read the old Testament about behaving in certain ways but then ignore the New one where it says that this is no longer needed.
d so
I, for one, am offended by +Josh Gust belief equating homosexuality and sin. Further, I reject the preemptive forgiveness bone he throws out to all the "sinners", himself included. It's a good thing God is in charge of heaven, because the Christians will never stop arguing about who gets in.

You know what us homos need from Christians?

d so
+Josh Gust Ha, no hate or angst towards Christ. I am a peace loving hippie pinko fag.

Maybe its time for +Trey Motes and +Josh Gust and +Gabriel Vega Saez and anyone else who doesn't agree with gay pride (nobody needs or wants your blessing) to hang up the phone, this conference call ain't for you. Sabe?

Again, what do I need from Christians????    NOTHING!!
d so
Wow +Chuck Carnes - you are the real victim here. I apologize for my inadvertent inclusion in a group that so obviously represses and restricts the rights of everyone with whom it comes in contact. Your suffering at the hands of groups (gays) and corporations (+Google+) is apparent and regrettable.  From here on out I will use all my energy to suppress my own person-hood, making sure it does not conflict with or intrude on you.
Again, sorry for being gay, and sorry that gays have intruded so rudely on your life. Go with Christ.
d so
Let's just go with that then.
d so
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