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Here's a handy update to Hangouts you might want to try. #Hangouts  
Looking for information and want to get in touch fast? The next time you're searching for a business or place (on desktop), look for the linked phone number that appears as a quick answer. When you click, you'll place the call right via Hangouts. Calls to US and Canada are free and calls to other countries are just a few cents away (
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Nice! I hope we're gonna have Google Voice in Brazil soon. 
Would be cool to instantly set up a video call with a local business one day… 😉
The google voice integration has begun. Awesome 
Hope this moves to mobile soon.  Would make more sense to see it integrated there since you know most people will have a microphone (and speaker[s]).
Please let me send SMS from Hangout using Google Voice service please!
This is so cool. I asked for this just a few days ago albeit from +Google Maps which is where I often search for businesses around a specific address or location. 
I'm waiting google fix the auto refresh in google+ yet. something seems they never fixed and turn the google+ unusable on tablets or phones.
+Justin Zobel There is lot of feedbacks there.. One of them have more than 400 comments and nothing yet..... It's an old problem....
Also, is this an update to the hangouts extension in Chrome and is out for PC and Mac? 
Do I have to uninstall my Google voice extension? 
The final consolidation between hangouts and voice must be very close! 
Megan M
Will it decrease my plan (minutes)??
Google voice and the UK are seemingly incompatible. :-/
Megan M
S2H (sorry to hear). I'm still NEW to this
Voice + Hangouts integration but still not international.

Fuck everything.
Megan M
Sweet dreams, all. It's about 12:30 here in Arizona
Eng Yeo
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bisa di jelas kan
Sounds like Google Voice and Google Hangout integration. Is this correct? A million years in a making is finally here.
only available for .com and not on .in and may be for very few resaturants
Well this looks like Google is adding..... Wait for it..... Continuity! 
+Google+ I want to create my own page, but I'm afraid that if I do, it'll replace my account and delete its progress. So does it delete my account and it's progress or is it just a separate thing?
Lol Google+ has its own Google+
I like u
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