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Google+ For Newbies: The Three C’s of G+

New year, new members! Many of you reading this are vets who know the ins and outs of Google+. But we’d like to take a quick moment to welcome all of the new members who have recently joined. Joining a new network can sometimes be overwhelming, so starting today we’ll be sharing a few posts designed to help you understand and enjoy G+.

Today we’ll be starting with the three pillars of Google+, Communities and Collections make connections.
The 3 Cs of Google+
#newGplus #howtogoogleplus

Collections: Help you organize posts around topics, and let your followers choose what types of posts they want to see from you. If you find yourself posting a lot about a specific topic, it’s a good idea to create a collection. People who really want to read about this subject will engage more as you are providing content they are interested in, and people who don’t want to hear about it, won’t be turned off. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Communities: You can have conversations with people who share your interests. Different than collections in which only the owner can post, communities allow every member to post. Advantage: invites discussions and exchange of ideas and provides different points of view on a subject. Disadvantage: requires a lot of work from the moderator to keep the posts on topic and monitoring behaviour while trying to allow everyone to express their ideas.

Connections (or circles): You can add people/pages to your circles. Also called follow.
When you follow a person/page, posts they share with you will show up in your home stream, unless your settings stop this from happening.
Someone you follow doesn't have to follow you back, so they might not see what you post.
Make sure you follow because you are interested on the posts and not as a complimentary follow back. Google will suggest people, communities and collections based on who you follow. In the end, who you follow will have a big influence in your G+ experience.
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Best Practices for Google+ Collections:

Have a Collection? Or thinking of creating one? Check out the Collections Best Practices Guide for game-changing tips on creating, improving, and maintaining successful Collections! (

Visit the Google+ Collections Community for more resources and help with Collections:
New year, new guide to Collections!
Check out our Collections Best Practices:

Last year, we released lots of content aimed at helping you develop and grow your Collections like Collections 101 and the Getting Started Guide. We’re excited to kick-off 2017 with more great content!

Introducing: Google+ Collections Best Practices
Collections are a wonderful way to share your interests with others. They are also a powerful tool for reaching wider audiences and gaining visibility. Want to know how to do all that? Check out Collections Best Practices for helpful tips on creating, improving and maintaining successful Collections!

For more resources, check out:
Getting Started Guide:
Collections 101

Happy New Year!
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Ficken& lecken.

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Beautiful photos deserve to be seen in all their glory, but traditionally that’s meant your bandwidth pays the price. Check out how we’re putting machine learning to work on the hi-res images in Google+ streams so they load using up to 75% less bandwidth per image, but continue to display as they were meant to be seen.
We’re putting machine learning to work on the hi-res images in Google+ Streams so they load using up to 75% less bandwidth per image, but display in their full glory.
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#connect and write
#dews after raining
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#ThatsAPlus: +BRUNO DINIZ's Portuguese language Collection amasses 20,000 followers

After starting with only a dozen followers, Bruno is now enjoys a large audience thanks to his consistency and focus on quality posts.

So what's the takeaway? When your Collection is new and you aren’t getting a lot of attention, don’t be discouraged. Remember Bruno and keep pushing!
O Google mudou meu conceito sobre redes sociais

Desde o início das operações do Google+ eu investi na criação de um perfil que fosse uma alternativa ao perfil que eu já possuía em uma outra rede social. Fiquei alguns anos com um simples perfil tentando aprender os segredos desta incrível ferramenta, foi quando o Google lançou o sistema de coleções... Com isso eu criei a coleção "Entre Cédulas, Moedas Selos e Histórias" e mesmo com pouco mais de uma dezena de seguidores eu nunca desisti de criar conteúdos e de investir meu tempo na plataforma, deixando de lado outras redes sociais! Meu esforço foi recompensado quando minha coleção recebeu destaque no Google pelo conteúdo proposto, me dando mais ânimo, motivação e vontade de aprender de fato como usar a rede. Não sou um perito na plataforma, mas estou todos os dias aprendendo com outros usuários, debatendo novas idéias, criando novos conteúdos e vendo minha coleção tendo o sucesso merecido pelo esforço e reconhecimento que o Google foi capaz de me dar! Hoje tenho quase 20.000 seguidores em minha coleção, participando e interagindo das formas mais diversas... Estou feliz com os resultados e minha coleção numismática, histórica e cultural só vem crescendo!!! Obrigado Google... O ano de 2016 foi "G+" e 2017 poderá ser ainda melhor! Crie sua coleção também, venha participar...
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#gold coins
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Уважаемые участники сообщества, мы все знаем, что такое почтовый ящик Gmail, профиль в Google+ или YouTube канал. Но насколько хорошо мы понимаем, что такое Google Аккаунт? Нам бы хотелось узнать, насколько вы понимаете принципы работы и функции Google аккаунта? Пожалуйста, дайте ответ на наш вопрос ниже (комментарии приветствуются):
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Отлично понимаю
Понимаю примерно
Не уверен/а
Совсем не понимаю
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Happy new year bhai
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Introducing The "36" Walk, Constrain. Compose. Click.

Thanks to the luxuries of digital photography, we have the ability to capture endless shots with the knowledge that we’ll only keep a few of them in the end. The 36 PhotoWalk by +Paul Pavlinovich is a unique challenge that urges you to think about considering composition and lighting before snapping a photo. You’ll share the thirty-six images you took and explain what compelled you to capture each still.

Sound interesting? Read on….
Introducing The "36" Walk, Constrain. Compose. Click.
In this wonderful digital age most of us tend to fire and forget and we know that we'll reap a few good shots in the end. We're encouraged in this behaviour because digital costs us only time.

Want to improve your photography?
Maybe you want to improve? Maybe you want to impose some restraint?

The "36" walk will help by limiting you to 36 shots during the walk. Film or digital, that's up to you but only 36. You will have to think about your composition, the light and the outcomes in advance before you hit that button. There are no "36" police to force you, but give it a go. You might be surprised at the outcome.

Consider and compose before you click.

You are encouraged to create a collection on your profile called The 36 2017 (or similar) and share all 36 of your images to it in separate posts. Consider explaining what attracted you to each scene if you would care to do so in the post for the image. Let's flood the internet with good photography.

#36photo #36photo2017 - posts shared with this tag will be reshared from this page after the walk into the 2017 collection.

History / Why
The "36" Walk is a photo geo walk which began in Melbourne in 2012 within the Photograph Melbourne community. It has run each year since then in various parts of Melbourne usually sometime in April.

The walk started because +Paul Pavlinovich realised that we are in a wonderful digital age but observed that his own photography was decreasing in quality and there seemed to be an emphasis on quantity instead. On discussing this with peers this seemed to be the general observation. This sparked the idea of The "36" where participants would be constrained as though they had a 36 shot film loaded.

The walk has been very successful locally with strong turn outs each year and participants achieving good outcomes. There are no 36 police so it's up to people to manage their own count and to be honest to themselves.

Paul generally shoots film on the walk but most of the participants stick with digital. There are even some who mix it up and do both.

Paul felt it was time to enlarge the scope of the walk to help people all around the world rediscover photography with constraints.

Join or host a "36" walk near you.

Joining a Walk
The walks registered by walk leaders will be available on this My Map

Host a Walk
If you wish to lead a walk anywhere in the world, you certainly may please complete this form to be included in the list and added to the My Map
Registered walks will be listed on this page along with the profile of the walk leader. You're free to promote your walk on any platform. Sharing the results to g+ and Google Maps where appropriate is encouraged but not mandatory.

This is a Local Guides Meetup. Local Guides, Powered by us.

Please note that there is no organisation behind this walk - it's just people like you.
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Si quero
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Meet Create Member +Champ Santos

Hey Champ! Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Champ, I'm a Senior Software Engineer and I love sharing and creating news and articles about the progress of technology in our lives. My most followed and most updates collection is my collection about Android News. While i love everything about technology, i have a special preference for the Android platform which is why the majority of the content i share and create is about it.”

That’s really cool, what else are you into?

”I also create and share content for the stuff that geeks love like comic book news (Marvel or DC), Star Wars, and Harry Potter. I also share photography in some of my Collections from time to time (Food, Nature and Places). You can also find Collections about art and history on my feed.”

Champ’s Collections & Links

Today in Tech -

Youtube Channel -
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Discover the Portrait Gallery Community

Are you a photographer with a penchant for portraits? Check out the Portrait Gallery run by Community Vanguards member +Aamir Shahzad, where members a common passion of taking portraits! Membership is open to all, though the Community is tightly curated to maintain a high quality standard. Join to share your portrait work, and be a part of the one of the best groups for portraiture on Google+!

The Portrait Gallery: (

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Nadie pero nadie sabemos que vamos a estar así. A todo santo.
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Meet Create Member +Jina Wallwork

Hello Jina! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your passion?

”I’m Jina Wallwork and I'm an artist. My passion for art began when I did, and it will cease when I breathe for last time. It is a piece of me, and it is not shaped by external forces. My passion responds to the external world, but it isn't defined by it. Through art I express my connection to all things. My art is a part of my voice.”

How did you draw inspiration to write a book?

My art is inspired by many different experiences. When I faced heartache I used art to express my own difficulties. I found a point of vulnerability and expressed both my love and sorrow. These pieces combined to become a book about the experience. Sharing the experience made me realize that I wasn't alone.”

Check out Jina’s Collection:
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No mezalen llamada

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Google+ Create isn't just for English.

Check out what our amazing Portuguese-speaking users were able to do this quarter under the incredible leadership of +Carolina Liu!
Google+ Create Program in Portuguese
2016 Retrospective

Google+ Create em Português ( celebrates the inspiring individuals behind the most captivating Google+ content in Portuguese language. Take a look at what has been accomplished in just 6 months since its launch.

Get to know some of our members’ varied interests in these featured Collections:
Get inspired by these noteworthy initiatives that grew out of members' collaborations:
Collaborative Profile Fazendo a Diferença:
Collection Esportes pela Paz:
Collection Tempo de Criança:
Collection Prevenção:

Get Involved:
The Create Program provides a space for top content creators with high quality Collections to work with one another and receive the recognition they deserve. If you think this program is right for you, check out the website (

To learn more about how to improve your Collections and get feedback from the Google+ team and Create members, start by joining the public-facing Collections Communities
Google+ Collections Community (in English):
Comunidade Google+ Coleções (in Portuguese):


Google+ Create em Português: Retrospectiva 2016
Inspirando criatividade e colaborações!

O Programa Google+ Create em Português ( celebra usuários inspiradores por trás do conteúdo mais cativante do Google+. Dê uma olhada no que foi feito em apenas 6 meses desde o seu lançamento.

Conheça alguns dos interesses variados dos nossos membros nessas Coleções em destaque:
Inspire-se nessas iniciativas notáveis que surgiram de colaborações dos membros:
Perfi Colaborativo Fazendo a Diferença:
Coleção Esportes pela Paz:
Coleção Tempo de Criança:
Coleção Prevenção:

O Programa Google+ Create oferece um espaço para os melhores criadores de conteúdo com Coleções de alta qualidade trabalharem uns com os outros e receberem o reconhecimento que merecem. Se você acha que esse programa é ideal para você, confira o site ( e candidate-se aqui: Estamos procurando criadores e curadores ativos e talentosos com interesses variados para crescer no Google+.

Para saber mais sobre como melhorar suas Coleções e receber feedback da equipe do Google+ e dos membros do Create, comece participando da Comunidade publica Google+ Coleções:

Continuem criando!
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maybe you can help I've lots my contacts how can I get tell back. lots my pictures but got them back. need my contacts please help if you can
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Create with us in 2017!

The Google+ Create program is filled with perks for G+'s most enthusiastic, passion-filled creators. Led by our own +Sophie Bonnet, Create has made incredible strides forward since being introduced last April.

If you want to learn more or apply to the program, check out
The Create Program: 2016 Retrospective
"Inspire creativity and collaboration over shared passions."

Launched in April 2016, the Create Program ( is a program that celebrates the inspiring individuals behind the most captivating Google+ content.

What we are most proud of:
Our Members and Their Fabulous Passion! You can meet some of them in the G+ Create Collection (
The Super Cool Ideas they grow into collaborative events for all of us to participate in such as #CreateCommunityEarthDay, visible in the G+ Create a Better Earth Collection (, and International Day of Peace where they "Celebrate(d) Diversity and Positive Actions" (
The Content Expertise they share in the Create Community but also in the Collections Community ( and their own Collections.
The Create Program Expansion to two new chapters: Create em Português and Create:India.
The Community Vanguards Launch, a special place for Communities owners and moderators. (

Learn more about the Create Program
The Create Program is the bridge between Google+ and its most passionate content creators. The Create Community is full of inspiration and energy from engaged Google+ users with an insatiable passion. Create helps members grow their audience and their interests, recognizes their efforts and dedication while giving them the opportunity to help shape Google+ by talking directly to the Google+ team, getting updates before the public and testing upcoming features.

Do you have what it takes?
We're looking for high quality content creators and curators with active Collections who would benefit from an official Google+ recognition and from the insights of a diverse network of passionate people.
If that sounds like you, check the website and apply here:!

There is always room for improvement
Collections are an important feature to increase your visibility and strengthen your Google+ presence. The official Collections Community is the best place to create and grow your Collections. Share your Collections and you'll get useful tips from the Google+ team and our most active Create members.
Grow in the Collections Community:

A special thanks to the wonderful Create members +Randy Resnick, +Victor Bezrukov, +Ellie Kennard, +Alex Lapidus, +Paolo Amoroso, +Shane Dallas, +Michael Brown, +Sam Breach, +Michael A Koontz, +Denis Labelle, +Heidi Anne Morris, +Sean Cowen, +Alex James, +Lerato Majikfaerie and +John Getchel just to name a few, for their dedicated support in making the Create Program a creative, inspiring, and valuable space.
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Fordisd Magyarra okē
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Meet Create Member +Bob Danley

Hello Bob!, tell us a little bit about yourself

”Hello everybody :-) I love the adventure, discovery and the learning associated with wildlife. I share this with you by combining photographs and natural history “creations” will hopefully inspire you to connect to nature. “

Whats your favorite creation?

”One of my favorite creations was finding, photographing a Flame Skimmer (dragonfly post - at a remote hot spring in southwestern was a challenge. A wildfire had swept through the area several years ago and had left much downed timber (mature Ponderosa Pine) to clamber over/around. After much effort, I spied this dragonfly species on a fire-killed snag over the hot spring waters: fiery apropos :-)”

Bob’s Collections

Butterflies Collection ( - A Collection showcasing some of the 725 species found north of Mexico.

Montana Wildflowers Collection ( - A Collection highlighting some of the 2,500 species of flowering plants in the Treasure State. 
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visent Vicente
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Google+'s Collections
Get way into what you love.
Welcome to the Google+ Page - we're excited that you've dropped by. Here you'll find all of the current happenings on Google+, which will feature:
  • Up-to-the-minute product updates
  • Sharing the best-of Google+
As always, if you need product support you can visit our Help Center or the Google+ Help community. If you would like to share feedback with us about your Google+ experience you can use the "Send Feedback" button at the bottom of the left-hand side navigation menu.

The Google+ Team