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If there’s nothing more relaxing than experimenting in your kitchen, we’ve got the perfect Collections and Communities for you:

1.In this Collection, one home cook does all the kitchen experimenting so you don’t have to.

2. Take a break from restaurants and find great home cooking recipes in this Community!

3. It’s time to toss out your boring dishes and start creating some food porn using this Collection.

4. This Community will show you how to cook healthy meals without neglecting your tastebuds!

5. With dishes like the ones in this Community, there’s never been a better time to be Vegetarian!

6. Dig into some delicious bloody eyes and other recipes in this Community your kids will love making.

7. Make your kitchen a little more tropical with this fantastic Caribbean cooking Community.

8. Your body’s a temple. Take care of it with this Community filled with organic cooking recipes and tips.

9. Become the master of your cast iron with this fabulous Community.

10. Add some spice to life with this Latin inspired cooking Community.

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Very nice
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Make up Aficionados: Check out these ten beauty Collections and Communities that help you put your best look forward.

1. Stay beautiful with this Community filled with the best beauty tips and tricks.

2. The Community where miraculous beauty secrets are being revealed and shared.

3. Find out how to be the master of your makeup in this glamorous Community.

4. Stay ahead of the fashion, makeup and beauty game with this stylish Community.

5. Want to talk about beauty with fashion and beauty enthusiasts? This Community is what you’ve been looking for.

6. Check out this Community for the most fabulous hairstyles, the prettiest nails and much, much more.

7. Look and feel beautiful on the inside and out with this Community filled with health and beauty advice.

8. This Community shares all the best secrets exclusively for women.

9. Style doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg with the Community that fits beauty into your budget.

10. Find out what the biggest beauty bloggers are talking about in this Community.

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Hahaha..funny snguh lh..mnusia kt post ni kta cntik..kt mna cntik tk tau lh.aku tgk dh tk blh nk bza kn mta ni milik brung ke mnusia..up side down...
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Discover Amazing Things - Dive into some of the most captivating content on Google+. Covering endless topics from outer space to travel photography, our newest collection is the place to explore everything about anything. Whatever you're into, we’ve got something you'll love.
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Dee J
The update is not cool, go back to previous version 
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Excited to release version 5.0.1 of our iOS app! Thanks to our users for the feedback and comments that help us make Google+ what it is. We hope you'll keep sharing your experiences with us as you continue to explore.
New G+ iOS Update
When we announced the new Google+ this week, we promised to listen to feedback & continue to improve the product.

Thanks to our iOS users, who pointed us to problems by commenting in our help communities and filing feedback reports, we've just released 5.0.1 of our iOS app with fixes for issues with plus mentioning, truncated comments, keyboards, and app crashes. This update is available now:

Look for more updates on iOS, the Web, and Android as we continue to listen & make improvements. Thanks~
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This week's #FeatureFriday theme is Poetry and Storytelling. Check out these awesome Collections and click on the one you like best.
#FeatureFriday : Writers & Poets

Meet our two talented Creators: +Ellie Kennard and +Jacob Dix, and click on your favorite Collection!

- Ellie's compelling and engaging stories relate her observations and experiences during her childhood in Canada and years lived in different countries in Europe (
- Jacob writes about personal, funny, interesting, and critical stories and anecdotes from his past, about the places and faces he has been, seen, and met (

Which Collection inspires you the most? The results will be announced on Friday based on Creators' choice.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their text-based Collections. 

Keep writing!
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"Stories of a Wanderer" by Ellie
"Late Night Reminiscing" by Jacob
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If you love photography, get ready for these ten Collections and Communities that will help you take your best shots:

1. Ready to take glorious photos across the world? Join this Collection for pro tips.

2. Follow this talented photographers beautiful Collection of analog photographs.

3. This Collection let’s you dive into one photographer's personal gallery of dramatic and stunning photos.

4. Get lost in this Community filled with breathtaking landscape photography.

5. Tour this Collection that captures the most spectacular places in the world.

6. This Collection gets you up close and personal shots of the littler things in life.

7. Check out this Community that focuses on street photography that captures the human element.

8. This fascinating Community explores the beauty of nighttime photography.

9. Not everything is black and white, unless it’s in this extraordinary black and white photography Community.

10. This Community allows you to learn, share and refine your skills in HDR photography.

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Were are you doing man?
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Отправлйте ваши отзывы о новом Google +!

Всем привет!

Надеюсь, вы уже успели попробовать новый Google+ на мобильном устройстве или на рабочем столе. Для того, чтобы продолжить улучшать этот продукт мы услышать ваше мнение! Если вам что-то понравилось в классическом Google+ или что-то не работает, сообщите нам об этом отправив отзыв. Вы можете отправить отзыв прямо из приложения или настольной версии, нажав на ссылку “Отправить отзыв” в левом меню (рабочий стол) или с помощью меню в правом верхнем углу (мобильный).

Благодарим вас за то, что помогаете улучшить пользовательский интерфейс!
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+Kirill Avetisyan те же претензии. Я вообще на гугл+ только из-за возможностей работы с фото пришла и сейчас просто не знаю, что делать... до прошлой недели у меня хотя бы открывалась страница со всеми альбомами, на которой можно было создавать альбомы, а теперь эта ссылка ведет на гуглфото.  если обновления гугл+ будут традиционно все хуже и хуже с каждым разом, скорее всего просто уйду на другой сервис. Уверена, многие другие тоже так сделают...
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This awesome Collection by +Ellie Kennard won last week's Poetry themed #FeatureFriday!

Which collection will win this week? Click here to vote for your pick: 
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Dar el nu are nici un drept să se folosească de o fotografie a mea în loc de profilul lui, să lase mesaje vulgare acolo, că la mine nu lasă pe postările mele.Am verificat chiar și acum el nu le-a șters.Cum să iau legatura cu el,să stăm de vorbă civilizat?Eu nu mi-am făcut reclamă pe net că aș fi în căutare de bărbat, să mă recăsătoresc, omul acesta nu pricepe! Eu vorbesc doar română fac traducerea iar el doar pe engleză! G+te rog lăsați mesaj acestei persoane!!!
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A breathtaking photograph by +Darren Neupert. #toppics
Breathing Fire in Lower Antelope Canyon, AZ

Another capture from this past summer in Antelope Canyon.  I never tire of these images.  It's really a sight you have to ultimately experience in person.  But, for those that just can't make it to the canyon, please view full-screen and just imagine standing there early AM with not a soul around you... just warm air and the sound of fine sand shifting beneath your feet.
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+John Harris who are you talking to because I will slap your face


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If yours is the best dog in the world, then they deserve only the best puppy training. Find amazing tips and guides in this ultimate compilation of dog training Collections and Communities!

1. For training on your schedule, check out this Collection for online dog training.

2. This Collection gives you quick and easy tips that will make dog training a breeze.

3. Have questions about dog training or want to jump into a discussion? This is the Community for you.

4. Find out the do’s and don’ts on dog training in this in-depth Community.

5. Explore this Community that discusses and teaches the positive effects of training using positive reinforcement.

6. There are tons of possibilities when it comes to dog training with Google Glass. Join the discussion in this Community.

7. Learn about positive reinforcement training and discuss behavioral issues in this fascinating Community.

8. Find and share the best products to train your pup in this helpful Community.

This loving Community shares tips and tricks to train your dog without the use of force or intimidation.

9. Join this Community to find out everything you need about Schutzhund training.

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J's great dog
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Who doesn't love a long weekend? Check out the top Collections and Communities for weekend trip inspiration.

1. Wake up every day with a new view when you follow this camper’s Collection.

2. This Collection will get you in the mood for road trippin’ in an RV.

3. Find out where, when and how to travel with this excellent Collection of pro-tips.

3. Travel across the pond with this list of Europe travel dos & don’ts.

4. Become an expert on metropolitan travel with this picturesque Collection.

5. This Collection contains the soundtrack to your next road trip.

6. Eat, drink and travel your way through this flavorful Collection.

7. Bond over traversing the American highways with other road trippers. Share trip photos, tales of exciting adventures and even mishaps!

8. If you’re a bicyclist, trade super secret camping spots for those overnight trips.

9. Discover and share pet-friendly travel destinations with this Community!
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:-P nie nie nie nie 
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Which kind of foodie are you? This +BuzzFeed listicle will help you find your community - and your truest taste "buds":

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