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You can now add GIFs to posts and comments straight from your keyboard on Android.
G+ Android version 9.6.0: Support for GBoard Animated GIFs

Starting today with version 9.6.0 of the G+ Android client, we are enabling a new feature: support for adding animated GIFs to your posts and comments using Gboard! Now it’s easy to find and send an Animated GIF for the perfect reaction.

We hope you have as much fun using this new feature as we did in developing and testing it!

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Meet Create Member +Paolo Dalprato Photographer

Hello Paolo! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

”I’m a professional photographer, my subjects ranging from industrial photography to portraits, architecture, live music. I use both color and black and white and about lenses my preference is for the extremes. In my workflow shooting and post-processing are equally important, in both phases what I like best is to use lights and shadows to give shape to my subjects.”

When and how did your passion for photography start?

My passion for photography started when I was a teenager. I was captivated by the magic of the image becoming visible on the paper in the developing tank. The digital age has brought another spell: post-production. I use only open source software.

Whats your favorite picture that you’ve taken?

My favorite picture is this, it's an unmade bed in a hotel room. I do not know who slept there and that's the charm, because I think it is a photo that drives us to fantasize, to create stories and characters. And this is what I love in photography, stimulate the imagination.

Paolo’s Collections:


Macro: in b&w

Milan: in colors

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Introducing #MyToughestShot

This week, we’re inviting photographers to share the stories behind their most challenging shots. It may only take a few seconds to acknowledge the beauty of a picture, but in that moment most of us are unaware of how much work actually went into creating it.

Photographers can spend hours waiting in one spot for the perfect moment, or they can hike through harsh conditions to reach the ideal vantage point. On the technical side, there various lenses and filters and techniques that goes into post-processing that most people forget when looking at a picture.

We invite all photographers to share the stories of your challenging work by using the hashtag #MyToughestShot.

Check out the first entry here ( and be on the lookout for much more!

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#MyToughestShot: +Heiko Köster endures the treacherous conditions of Death Valley on two trips to capture this photo.

The hottest place on Earth? 60 miles from civilization? Unpaved roads? Running low on gas? No problem! 💯
Race Track Playa
Death Valley NP, USA, 2012

#MyToughestShot - an initiative by crea(+)e

The image below was one of the most expensive and elaborate images I ever took, so far. And this is ....

The Story behind the Picture

Since I saw a photograph of the sliding rocks somewhere in a bookstore I was fascinated by this place. How could these rocks move without leaving any trace except their own ?


Later I figured that the amazing place was located in Death Valley and so I got hooked to visit this fantastic location. Living in Europe it takes more than a weekend trip to get to Death Valley.Luckily I have the chance to visit the US every once in a while, but anyway Death Valley was not always on our route.
Obstacle number two was the remote location of this place. It takes a 30 miles drive over unpaved roads to get there and this road starts next to Ubehebe Crater, which also is located just in the middle of nowhere, far away from any larger city.

1st Attempt

So it took some years, until we came across Death Valley again in October 2010, and since we wanted to go to the race track, we rented a SUV. When we arrived at Ubehebe Crater and entered the "road" to the race track we saw the warning signs about heavy duty tires and 4 wheel drive requirements for the trip. Since we crossed an ocean and drove some thousand miles to get to this place we wanted at least give it a try with our normal rental car. But after a mile or so I gave up, because I didn't want to go about 60 miles to and from Race Track Playa on a very rough road with a normal SUV with regular tires. Everything was rattling and shaking when we drove on this road and I thought the car would just fall apart after a while.
So we decided to come back on our next trip with a tougher, more suitable car.

2nd Attempt

In 2012 we came back, this time I rented an off road jeep at a local place near Furnace Creek. We stayed at the lodge and in the early morning we picked up our Jeep Wrangler. The guy at the rental said, we would have enough time to take a little trip to Rhyolite and back through Titus Canyon before we head for Race Track Playa. So we did it, but of course the tour took longer than expected. For someone who never drove off road, the easy Titus canyon drive was a great adventure and when we left Titus Canyon it was already afternoon. So we drove as fast as we could - or the recommendation of the car lender let us - to get to the Race Track.

Late Arrival

It took quite a while to finish the 60 miles drive and since the sun was relentlessly making progress, we speeded up a bit and drove faster and faster the more we got used to the road and the more the clock was turning. Around 5pm we arrived, but since the place was surrounded by high mountains, the sun was already setting behind them. We rushed out on the plaza and took as many pictures as we could before everything was completely covered in shade.

Back through the Dark of the Night

Then we headed back, noticing that the fuel of our Jeep was running low .... it was supposed to last for the whole trip. Since the rental guy had a lot of experience about the distances and trips in Death Valley we were on the save side. But we had more than a 80 miles to go to the next gas station, it was getting dark and there was no reception of any mobile network. Not the best conditions to feel confident in a completely remote location.
After two hours of driving in the dark one hour on the unpaved road and one hour on the regular highway with the gas running lower and lower, we finally reached Furnace Creek and I put on gas for $100 before we returned it to the rental place and dropped of the keys. Including the extra night at the motel , the gas, the rent plus insurance for the car and the tires, I spent about $500 extra for this single day trip in addition to the normal costs for flights and the road trip through the US to get there, but it was worth every penny.
After spending the day of my life out in the dessert, we went back to the lodge and happily fell asleep.

#DeathValley #sailingRocks #slidingRocks #RaceTrackPlaya


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Are almonds a friend or foe to California's environment? +Valeria Bressan explores their complicated reputation #CreateABetterEarth
It's perfectly moist

California agricultural landscape is changing, but not so for the almond farms…

Simply, the nut trees will die if not watered... year round…
And, California growers can’t afford the risk to their investments. So, they are going after every available source ~ including groundwater ~ to keep their almond trees alive.

It takes up to a gallon of water to produce a single almond. That’s more than all water used by California’s entire population!

On the other hand, we can’t deny the importance of almonds to California’s economy. It is a multi-billion dollar business, and the top export crop in the nation’s agriculture state. Just in 2015, it brought about $5.33 billion to the state’s economy. So, absolutely water will continue to flow in the nearly 1 million acres in California.

But, as the drought continues to be a concern, is this the best use of our water? How much will it cost us to continue to grow these tasteful nuts? Are almond crops helping us create a better future for California? Are the almonds farms helping us to Create a Better Earth?

As crazy it may sound, the answers to the above questions may be Yes. Here is the reason why.

Apparently, the orchards have a huge potential to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. They are capturing significant amount of CO2 from the atmosphere and, most importantly, keeping the CO2 in their soil. That cuts the gas emissions significantly.

In other words, this has a potentially positive impact on air quality, soil health, and overall production efficiency. Another upside of high levels of carbon in the soil is that it helps dirt hold water. Thus, almond farming is getting a lot of attention and support from investors, almond farmers, politicians and even celebrities.

In all, the almonds farms and other orchard crops are sucking up a lot of water… but they are literally providing us more than crunchy, delicious and healthy nuts.

It is undeniable that ~ “the devil’s nut”, as many like to call almonds in California right now ~ are contributing to a greater sustainable lifestyle to all of us.

Oddly enough, a soil perfectly moist seems well worthy and an important asset. And, clearly the more we stop emitting, the better the Earth will get.

So, what else should we be learning from the California almond orchards?

Are the almonds unexpectedly becoming our rescuer to create a Better Earth?


We are a group of members of Google+ Create, a Google program for recognizing creative users of Google+. This year we are celebrating Earth Day with this small, symbolic project with the theme: Earth Day 2017 - My planet. My part.


Photo Credit by Almond Board of California


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+Geri Linda Metterle observes Earth Day with the #CreateABetterEarth Collection

The Collection tagline "We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children" serves as a powerful reminder that we all have a collective duty to leave our planet in a better state for future generations.

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For Earth Day, +Mark Hurn explains how pollution and dumping affects the wildlife ecosystem #CreateABetterEarth
Southern Right Whale & Kelp Gull - Ballena Franca Austral y Gaviota Cocinera
Puerto Madryn - Provincia de Chubut, Argentina

We need to be more careful and responsible with our food waste: Having survived hunting by humans, the Southern Right Whale now faces a different enemy in Argentina: the Kelp Gull. Huge open air refuse dumps attract vast numbers of gulls, causing a local population explosion. And the whales, whose fat is a rich source of energy for the birds, are an easy target in this location. Food for the birds, but wounds open to infection for the whales.

Tenemos que ser más cuidadosos y responsables con nuestros deshechos de comida: Habiendo sobrevivido a la caza humana, la Ballena Franca Austral afronta ahora un nuevo peligro en Argentina: la Gaviota Cocinera. Enormes vertederos de basura atraen grandes cantidades de gaviotas, causando una explosión en su población local. Y las ballenas, cuya graza es una fuente rica de energía para los pájaros, son un blanco fácil en este lugar. Comida para las gaviotas, pero heridas abiertas a infecciones para las ballenas.

We are a group of members of Google+ Create, a Google program for recognizing creative users of Google+. This year we are celebrating Earth Day with this small, symbolic project with the theme: Earth Day 2017 - My planet. My part.

#argentina #patagonia golfonuevo #chubut #whales #ballenas #birds #aves

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+Trudy Grossman speaks about the importance of recycling and repurposing items for Earth Day #CreateABetterEarth
Create Community Earth Day 2017 - My planet. My part
Celebrate Earth Day, April 22

Earth Day has been special to me for many years as I taught kindergarten children the significance of why we celebrate it and what we can do to reduce, reuse and recycle. We woud make cakes out of mud and sand, decorate with pine cones, trigs etc., put a recycled candle on top and light it on Earth Day. I practice all the 3 Rs in my own home as much as possible. I compost, buy local, and purchase international fair trade products.

I visited my friend at Bella Latina Jeans in Stony Plain this morning. She had these gorgeous hand woven draw string bags up on a self. On further inspection, I read the sign that explained the origin of these authentic bags. Of course I wanted one, not only to support these women, but also because they are durable and made from wool, a sustainable product. Please read the photo of the sign for more information.

We are a group of members of Google+ Create, a Google program for recognizing creative users of Google+. This year we are celebrating Earth Day with this small, symbolic project with the theme: Earth Day 2017 - My planet. My part.

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Celebrate #CreateABetterEarth with the Create Community

Let's keep it clear! Like literally clear. ;-)
Without clean air, land, and water, we couldn't subsist. Our planet deserves to be recognized, loved, and cared for. To remind all of us, this April 22nd, let's turn Google+ green!

Share Your Green!
Look around you, and notice Nature's presence. Maybe you barely pay attention to the beautiful flower on your way home or the cute plant in your office. Do you have a favorite tree you love to climb? And what about the plants you cherish at home?

Join us in celebrating Nature around you by posting something natural (and possibly green), and include the hashtag #CreateABetterEarth to make sure we can see your posts!

You are also welcome to go deeper, and share your own thoughts/feelings/actions on this Earth Day. Our Create members will also publish their own Earth Day stories. Get inspired!

A big shoutout to +nomadimitri, +Azlin Bloor, and +Valeria Bressan for organizing this initiative!

This initiative was created by Google+ Create members. Create is a program that celebrates the inspiring individuals behind the most captivating Google+ content. Want to learn more about it? Check the Create website !

Photo Credit: +Valeria Bressan

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Collections Tip: Be Different

+Shane Dallas suggests to try something different with Collections. Don't do what everyone else is doing, build a Collection that only you can build. For his travel photos, he discovers different locations instead of the typical tourist routes and has developed a reputation because of it. Remember to not find your niche with your Collections, find your voice instead!

Check out the rest of his unique Collection:


For more great tips check out #Collections101, a panel event featuring Shane that walks you through the basics of building high quality Collections.

You can also head over to the Collections Community which serves as your one-stop shop for learning and sharing Collections on Google+. Submit your Collections here for feedback from moderators and the G+ team.

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