Join today's conversation to learn how you can influence the direction of special needs education in your school and community. 
Let’s focus on inclusion in our schools. Google is bringing together the National Parent Teacher Association, the Department of Education, and educators to discuss how we can make inclusion a core part of our classroom culture. We’ll share examples from across the country where the entire class benefited by including students with different learning styles. As a parent, teacher, or school administrator, you can learn how to influence the direction of special needs education in your community.

This event will be live-captioned. Visit:, to view the live caption session alongside the YouTube video. 

View resources from our partners –  

- U.S. Department of Education -  
Guidance on Free and Public Education (FAPE) from the office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services:

- National Parent Teacher Association - 
Special Education Toolkit for families of newly diagnosed children with special needs explains how to get the best special education, services and resources available to them:

Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit has an array of documents, policies and best practices to get you started on the right path:

Every Child in Focus campaign aims to better support students with special needs:

- Unified Theatre -  
4 Steps Towards Full Inclusion outlines steps to progress on your journey toward full inclusion for your child: 

Unpacking Inclusion: offers a working definition of inclusion and ideas on how your child can learn to be inclusive in every day life:
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