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Share your work from +Google Drive  to +Google+

With Google+, you can share what you want with just the right people. Starting today, you can also share the work you create and store in Google Drive, and your colleagues and classmates will be able to flip through presentations, open PDFs, play videos and more – directly in the Google+ stream.

Flip through the presentation below to see this in action.

If you use Google Apps for Business, Education and Government, remember that you can make the post restricted to ensure that the discussion is only visible to people in your organization.
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Love a cool improvement to Google Drive. I can go straight from Google Drive to Google + and share things with the people I want. Love this. iCloud who?
Usage of Google drive is great, recently enhancements to skydive Microsoft alternative is something to keep an eye on.
Where is symlink support for mac
Thanks for continuing to ignore Linux Users regarding +Google Drive  Google!  We REALLY appreciate being lied to & ignored REPEATEDLY.  
This is a great feature. One we are using st google everyday and it improves collaboration and productivity across the team. Try it out and let us know what you think.
Skydrive Microsoft will be very useful but cannot keep up with the incredible pace that Google has for new features...When numerous people say I wish Google apps had this XYZ feature...we always know that Google may not have it.......wait for it.....yet ! We know it's coming,  this is the cloud so the releases are real time and all the time. The new Gmail feature, one of many more to come is really efficient !
We are using GoogleApps for education, & we are trying to enable google+ just to a group of users (Teachers + Year 12 Students) we are unable to do so. The service is not available YET to gooleapps for Education. Any help here?
+Google Enterprise 3 of google apps mail server ip addresses, and are blacklisted in ASPEWS due to which all our email sent from our domain id using google apps are bouncing back from the recipients using RBL to filter spam. Please do the needful to get rid of this as soon as possible or either assign new ip addresses. 
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