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New ways to find coworkers on Google+

Since Google+ was first introduced to the office, people have been able to restrict posts within organization ( and schedule larger hangouts for team meetings ( Now, to make it easier for you to find coworkers, add them to Circles and share things with them on Google+, we’re adding new domain labels. When you hover over someone’s name or photo, a window will show with more information. If that person is part of your organization, you’ll see a label below their name with your organization’s name. You’ll see this same label when you +mention a colleague in a post or comment. 

Note: Labels are only visible to other people in your company to make sure they’re connecting with the right person.
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I'd nominate this post for "worst suggestion of the 21st century."
Google plus for most people is a Facebook like social network used for fun and learning / sharing things about your personal interests. So the thought process is yeah, i don't want to circle my boss or anyone at work. Many of these people don't seem to realize its also a serious business team collaboration tool. Its even easy to use it for both personal and business. Underestimation and overlooking of this fact is brought about by never seeing these communications in public streams because it all occurs in private circles and within business domains only.
This isn't about your personal G+ accounts... it's about your corporate or school G+ account if you have one. If your workplace uses Google Apps, then you have a Google account that you can use the business version of G+ with. That's where it comes in handy to tell whether you're sharing with the right account--someone's personal account or their corp account.
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