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In case you missed yesterday's announcement (, we're bringing +Google+ to work with private sharing to your organization, Hangouts integration to Gmail, Calendar, and Docs, and domain administrator controls.

And that's just the beginning! We have much more planned for the coming months, including a mobile version of Google+ for Apps users and more administrative controls.

Check out how +Banshee Wines – a Google Apps for Business customer – is already using Hangouts. Hint: fast forward to 0:53!
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Bring forth the mobile controls! remote wipe from mobile would be lovely.
+Cory Capps for Apps there is already a solution, it is called Privacy Policy you can install it on all android phones (from Play market) who use your Apps domaine and manage them from admin panel on your PC, you can look where the device is, remotly wipe it or block. But this app an feature is only avilable for Apps Business, Organizations, Enterprise
Question by +Gyi Tsakalakis on forwarded post by +Denis Labelle ;

"I love these features BUT, my primary +Google+ profile is associated with my personal +Gmail account, not my business #GoogleApps  account. Now I have two profiles. Is there a way to merge? What's +Google+ team recommend?"

Would love to know if there is a way to do this.
+Serge Kojan 
Yeah I know about the device manager on android- apps functionally with the exchange connector on ios sucks (no my devices menu for them and thats just the tip of the iceberg there) - I want to be able to manage the domain from my phone (android), I want to be able to remote wipe stollen devices... from MY phone.
I would like to get started setting this up for my wife's business.

 How do I get started with setting up a Google (Web presence, Cloud,) solution?

I would like to see if i can have a complete solution of the usual (Web page design, shopping cart) with the Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, etc. as well as a mobile payment solution or an smooth interface to her existing payment solution.
This is awesome! I hope there will be more videos and case studies of nonprofits who are using Google Apps!  I'm a consultant who helps nonprofits move to Google, and there are lots of small nonprofits and large NGOs who are using these tools too!
How about allowing Google+ for us Apps for Education K12 users. In our case, it's only staff on the system, and not students. But only secondary institutions are allowed to use Google+ (so we can't use Hangouts, etc).
+Brian Papocchia The 'merge account' feature is next to completely useless as all it will merge are circles. All your existing content will be lost or left in limbo.

It's a shame that Google did not think this through at all. Since you needed to use a GMail account for such a long time most of the early adopters were forced to use these accounts instead of the GApps account. A simple "ownership change" feature to move everything from a Gmail to a GApps account should not have been to hard to implement.
+Leo Gaggl I put 'merge account' in quotes because I wasn't sure about Google's terminology.  They call it, "Account Chooser."  I'm not aware of it combining circles. But speaking to Barry Brown's question, the Account Chooser let's you add other Google accounts to your main one, and then you can simply choose between them to access Gmail, etc.  In some cases, as with Goolge Docs, you will have to log out completely and then log back in with the one specific account.  But, you at least have the convenience of choosing the accounts on a drop-down list.
Are there plans to remove all the 'consumer' type features which are on G+, things like the corny Effects, Games etc which aren't appropriate for the enterprise?
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