We invited Project No. 8 and Printed Matter, Inc. with Library of the Printed Web to curate shops for us at #SPAN15‬ NYC. Folks enjoyed beautifully appointed tables of books, objects, stationery, and accessories. For those who weren’t able to join us at the conference last week, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite offerings from both shops—all of which can be found online on their websites, or in person at any of their brick & mortar locations in NYC.

Project No. 8

PAOM x Various Projects - https://goo.gl/4oPNRm
6 Color Pencil lot - http://goo.gl/dzarIx
Various Keytags - http://goo.gl/Ilj9vP
Zipper wallet by Isaac Reina - http://goo.gl/LxDE7N
Angora Rocks - http://goo.gl/wCR53c
Pigeons - http://goo.gl/u1d4Sb
Maharam Notebooks - http://goo.gl/1kvZHq

Printed Matter with Library of the Printed Web 

Printed Web 3 Zines (set of 10) - http://goo.gl/ExNPl5
Night Greens by John Zissovici - http://goo.gl/rFyR4x
Apparition of a Distance by Paul Soulellis - http://goo.gl/qRdgdt
Google Volume 1 by King Zog - https://goo.gl/9LvrBG
Sad Depressed People by David Horvitz - http://goo.gl/dgieYN 4,582 Stars by Aaron Krach - http://goo.gl/95vPlU
Sixteen Google Street Views by Jon Rafman http://goo.gl/wOhBTz
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