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In the past few years, the field of user experience (UX) design has exploded. And yet, like tech in general, women are underrepresented in UX.

That’s why we’re excited about XX+UX, a monthly meetup for women in UX with the goal of fostering greater diversity in the field. 

The first #XXUX event (photos attached) was held at Google HQ in October 2013, where attendees created “story cards” that represented themselves or their journey into UX. Since then, there have been ten XX+UX meetups in the Bay Area, Austin, and Paris, with upcoming events in New York on 7/15 ( and London on 7/23 (, thanks to partnerships with LinkedIn, Salesforce, Pinterest, Etsy, Airbnb, Medium, Opower, and Ladies that UX.

We’re proud to support this burgeoning, international community of women in design, research, and technology who can connect, share stories, and mentor each other online and offline.

If you're interesting in getting involved, check out our calendar of upcoming events ( and join the XX+UX Google+ Community ( Also consider getting in touch with us at to host an XX+UX meetup in your own town!

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These are great and inspiring events. 
Women are naturally creative and instinctively right, i foresee a great future for them in UX as it has already happened in the fashion, interior and graphics design industries.
More women working on UX, UI, and in the field of Tech will only lead to further innovation, which I'm all for!
The only UX designers I know are women. I get why everybody jumps on the pro women bandwagon but it just makes me laugh. Its 2014
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