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If you were at the Google #io14 Design Sandbox area you may've picked up a printed kit with postcards of the material design principles. If you didn't and are attending I/O, make sure you stop by and grab one tomorrow!

For those of you tuning in from home, check out these excerpt pages in the gallery below.
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I have a question. Can we consider this an evolution of flat design in UI? What are the design tendencies that influenced this idea the most?
Where can I download the Preview of L? 
Google explains Android L’s new design in language no one will understand !!
When we could download developer preview ? 
The downloadable swatches at are incorrect. Some (read: most) of the colors aren't correctly matching their web counterpart. Also, the swatches don't even include the "Amber" color in the swatch. Thought I should let someone know.
There is also a problem with fonts in the wireframe ai files. The fonts used in ai are Roboto2DRAFT and not the provided Roboto fonts.
Will there be a framework for webdevelopers?
I really like it. It has all the simplicity of flat design. But, unlike a lot of flat designs, ease of interaction is at the core. Excellent stuff!
+Google Design Please correct the fonts in the AI files from Roboto2DRAFT to Roboto. All of them are getting reset to Myriad Pro on opening.
Thanks +Thomas Gladdines We'll get that fixed.

Thanks +Nate Gantt.  Unfortunately this is a known issue.

We posted about this issue here: and are looking for a response from +Adobe +Adobe Illustrator 
The swatches are correct, but Illustrator messes them up in some places.

As for the Amber color, we'll get that one added.

Thanks +Ben Perkins I think we got that one fixed.

Thanks +jaka verbič miklič +Aniket Deole We'll get that fixed.
+Jared Palmer what kinds of things are you looking to export? and why? generally you can rely on the platforms (e.g. Polymer / Android L) to render things like UI controls for you.
+Roman Nurik We ended up transferring the project to Sketch3 and using its exporter. Was just wondering if there was a nice solution in Illustrator. 
The concept of designing is great. I definitely welcome.
I find some colours are dull, not exciting. Don't you think so?
+Google Design +Matias Duarte I love the new concept of the L. After watching a few Video of the upcoming "L" the colour schemes seems to be on the DULL side.
Hey guys I am playing with the new Angular Material Design and trying to design some of the components. I have a small issue with the Flat Button in the Cards Components. Visually it doesn't look great when you hover over the button as the hover state bleeds beyond the side paddings of the card. The minimum width size is 88px but if you align the text to the edge of the content, the hover state will bleed into the side padding and sometimes even outside the card if your text/copy for the button is short. Any suggestions? Maybe get rid of the hover state and just do a ripple on pressed state?
Interesting concept, however it would feel amiss to not include the power of minimalist elements. Incorporated in the 'big and bold' style of Material Design, small classic-styled or icon-driven assets can prove to draw the attention of the user much more powerfully than any asset within the MD style. It may upset style-purists, but it would enhance pragmatic UX design. 
Webcomponents/Bootstrap/Material Design/Polymer have taken design/development to a new level.. Congrats Teams...
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