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A new cut of Roboto

One of the key principles in #materialdesign is One adaptive design, or that a single underlying design system organizes interaction and space across devices. And since type plays such a crucial role in cross-platform design, we’ve extensively refined Roboto, a UI-focused typeface we introduced with Android 4.0, to make sure it looks great across a wider set of platforms.

The new version of Roboto is slightly wider and rounder, giving it greater clarity and making it more optimistic. We calmed down some of the more unruly characters like ‘K’ and ‘R’ and rounded out the squarish sides on the caps, along with the dots in the punctuation and the diacritical marks. We reworked all the italics with better optical correction to the diagonal strokes so the stem widths are the same. We also completely redrew the numbers.

We ended up polishing and tuning nearly every single glyph in Roboto and Roboto Condensed, along with spacing and metrics. The result is a more versatile typeface that looks great on any screen, from the smallest wearables to the largest TVs.

Download the new Roboto:

For more on the new typeface, watch +Christian Robertson, Roboto's lead designer, introduce it at #io14Google I/O 2014 - Material design: Visual style and imagery

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I just can not make a decision: Open Sans or Roboto? Both are epic :D
Paul W.
I really liked the old 'K' too
I like the old R and K. Now I don't know what makes Roboto unique. 
How to use this font ? Can anyone plz tell
It is not about beauty, it's an OS font for different screen sizes so it needs to be responsive.
Sad to see the old 'K' go... although it is still available in the glyph set!

Old 'R'.. meh.. Good riddance. Too much Helvetica-ish.

BTW: anyone having issues installing the TTF? Black.ttf seems to be overwriting Regular.ttf when installed on Win 7.
When will Google Fonts host the new version of Roboto?
When do we expect to have a monospaced version of Roboto?
I started using Roboto in my presentations, very clean.
Overall an improvement but I would have kept the uniqueness of the K and R.
interesting... will this font be rolling out to any Google webpages as well? such as Google+? I think so far only Google Play webpage is using this font...
Can we have a Condensed Medium variant as well? The new regular Condensed feels a bit too thin when using it in large font sizes ...
Paul W.
Isn't this just Arial now?
Wasn't a fan of Roboto, but the new version is indeed pleasant to look at
+Rick Huizinga We're still polishing up and tuning some things for the new Roboto.  When it's ready, it'll replace the old version of Roboto on Google Fonts.

+Johannes Obermair You're likely talking about the old Roboto, yes?  Which is known to have issues in Windows.  Check the K's and R's, as they are the most obvious difference in the font.  If you're sure it's the new one, let me know and we'll look into it.  Sounds like you may have found a work around either way.
Did it support Simple Chinese?
Sean Su
Is the Roboto font at Google Fonts also updated or is the latest updated font only located at the Style guide for Material Design?
Looking great across a wider set of platforms is nonsense - Roboto is really nothing special now. Take Adobe Clean, Open Sans, Source or Fira - all cross-platform and all look great being unique at the same time. I loved Roboto for its geometrical feel which is now completely lost. You seem to forget that the font is one of the main elements of the identity system. If you want Android to be easy to recognize at first sight you've just lost something important.
Any reason why the Regular won't show up on Windows 8? Can't get it to show up in Photoshop or even the Windows Font family details... :/ 
+Roman Nurik  What are best practices for implementing the tracking and leading values specified in the Material Design docs in Android? Or do these just apply to web apps?
+Jared Palmer there isn't built-in support for custom tracking (at least AFAIK), but for leading you can use the lineSpacing* attributes on TextView.
I'm glad to hear that it will be coming to Google Docs/Drive soon. This will likely replace Open Sans for me. 
Temporary fix for Roboto Regular not showing up: Don't install Bold. Bold will still show up in Photoshop, but it will actually be Regular. Sounds like someone needs to fix the metadata in the font files?
The version # & year in the TTF meta needs to be updated please.  This file: round dots "Version 1.100141; 2013".  Font found at Google Fonts: square dots "Version 1.100141; 2013"
Thanks for the awesome font! One important thing: somehow light design has broken cyrillic letter 'щ': it looks like 'ш' with tiny unnoticeable dot at the place of its tail. Please, look through this issue, it makes the font totally unusable sometimes.
Hi. I haven't reviewed the new version, yet. But hence Roboto is already my all time favorite font (congrats), I'm a little bit scared of change. Will you release it parallel with the old version? Greetings Hag.
+Joshua Marinacci Two ways. 1) Plainly it could mean optimal in regards to legibility. 2) Tying back into the material design thesis of 'adaptibility' this is a living-font, and hence appropriately personified with the human emotion of optimism.
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