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Today is the 110th birthday of Chilean poet, diplomat, politician and Nobel Prize Winner Pablo Neruda.
Below: April 1949, “Chilean poet Pablo Neruda speaking at the communist-inspired Paris Peace Congress.”:
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en realidad la poesía de Gabriela Mistral siempre fue censurada, en especial la relacionada a la mujer.
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"A few months ago, we announced “Made in Italy“, a project celebrating Italian traditions and products with the publication of online documents, photographs and 100 online exhibitions. Today, we are glad to announce that  48 new digital exhibits have been added, to celebrate Italy’s cultural treasures and to allow users around the world to discover the excellence of the Italian food system and craftsmanship. 
Find out about stoneworks in Cuneo, or about how Sabina olive oil is made; discover historical photos of traditional lace and of Prato textile in a few clicks:"
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"Built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, the Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world. Learn about its history, architecture and discover historic photographs in the dedicated exhibition “The wonder that is Taj”:

It is one of the most photographed monuments across the world and for good reason. The experience of being at the Taj Mahal is far more pronounced and overwhelming than one can imagine. In this age of easy access and constant bombardment of visual stimuli, the Taj is often reduced to a symbol - however it reclaims its mantle when one visits it. It never fails to surprise, and never fails to welcome - people from all walks of life, irrespective of their faith or class. "
Exploring myriad depictions and details of the Taj Mahal
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قران كريم
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'Lusterware Frieze Tile' from Iran, 13th century. Click and zoom in to enjoy the details and colours.  +Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) 
The Google Cultural Institute brings together millions of artifacts from multiple partners, with the stories that bring them to life, in a virtual museum.
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pl call me
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Today is the 120th birthday of André Kertész, one of the great photographers of the 20th century, known for his lyrical, spontaneous pictures of everyday life and considered one of the seminal figures of photojournalism.
Here is his 'Fork' photographed in 1928 +Nelson- Atkins "While many of his pictures have the simplicity of amateur snapshots, Kertész made extensive use of such modernist devices as the aerial view and the extreme close-up. This work, one of the most important of his Parisian period, exemplifies the transformative powers of his vision by suggesting an inherent mystery in the mundane. Kertész's Fork is at once realistic and abstract, intimate and monumental." #photography
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A century ago, on June 28th 1914, a Serb nationalist assassinated Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, sparking World War I.
On this occasion, we launched a new channel dedicated to commemorate the war’s centenary, bringing together World War I paintings, photographs, letters, documents, soldiers’ poems and more, from a range of museum partners, ranging from the German Federal Archives to the Belgian +Mundaneum to the +Imperial War Museums

Photo: Arrest and transfer of the assassin Gavrilo Princip, June 28, 1914, German Federal Archives: #wwi #history  
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Where to go on the 4th of july????
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"On July 10, 1940, during World War II, the 114-day Battle of Britain began as Nazi forces began attacking southern England by air. #history #wwii

Scene from London after heavy German air raid bombing attacks during the Battle of Britain. September 1940:"
Scene from London after heavy German air raid bombing attacks during the Battle of Britain.
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gaza to naigh
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"A month ago, we launched our #StreetArtProject to help preserve street art and help our partners tell a story of street art around the globe. 
Users can get up-close and personal with street art spaces from around the world that are closed to the public, or that have already been demolished—such as the famed Paris 13 tower. Explore all nine floors and 450 square meters of painted ceilings and walls of the now-demolished Tour Paris 13 building with Street View in a few clicks: #streetart"
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Today, we were delighted to publish the collections of nine new museums and organizations in Czech Republic, such as the Muzeum umeni Olomouc (, Egon Schiele Art Centrum (, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague ( and Muzeum Tomáše Garrigua Masaryka (
Enjoy the new art and archive collections, #MuseumView  tours and ultra-high resolution images!

Below: 'Dance' by Jiří Sopko, Egon Schiele Art Centrum, availabl in #gigapixel  resolution at:
The Google Cultural Institute brings together millions of artifacts from multiple partners, with the stories that bring them to life, in a virtual museum.
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Hi. Good father noe
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See developers getting creative with code.  #DevArt  

The #DigitalRevolution is officially open at +Barbican Centre Here's a first look at the #DevArt artists making art with code.
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+Aamir Sohail 
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Part of our partnership with the Archaeological Survey of India, you can take a virtual tour of various archaeological sites in India on the #WorldWonders Project.
One of them is Fatehpur Sikri, the 'City of Victory', which was built by the Emperor Akbar and bears exceptional testimony to the Mughal civilization at the end of the 16th century. Walk around the complex of monuments and temples, all in a uniform architectural style, from the comfort of your home: #StreetView  
#archaeology #architecture #India  
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Que hermoso lugar
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For a nice Italian break, the #WorldWonders Project takes you to Piazza del Duomo in Pisa with #StreetView . Just click and enjoy the tour!
Located in the center of Pisa in Tuscany, Italy, the Piazza del Duomo is home to group of exceptional marble monuments, dating from the Middle Ages. It is often referred to as Piazza dei Miracoli, or “Square of Miracles”. This is due to the grandiosity of four monumental structures within the square: the cathedral, the Baptistry, the campanile (bell tower), more commonly known as the “Leaning Tower of Pisa,” and the cemetery. #heritage #travel #architecture  
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+Gabriel Matos . Por qué locos por el fútbol? No, sus cabezas son las que han perdido la razón. Gran problema para la nación que los acoja, su falta de raciocinio difícil de solventar. 
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