Last week, we posted our top tips for #hurricaneprep . This week, we’re posting some ways we’ve updated our products to not only help you find up-to-date information— but also help you share what you know if you are in an affected area yourself. (Stay tuned—this is the first of two posts on how users can contribute).

Share What You Know on Google Crisis Map

We created Google Crisis Map to help make disaster information easy to find, use, and share. Crisis maps include the latest satellite imagery and information like storm paths, flood zones, evacuation routes, shelter locations, and power outages.

For this hurricane season, we now have a crowd reporting feature on Crisis Map, which allows you to contribute information directly to maps that are launched in response to a disaster. Anyone on the ground can post responses to critical questions, such as if a road is closed or if a gas station has fuel available. This feature has already been used for the recent fires in Valparaiso, Chile, where users posted updates on the availability of beds in shelters, answering the question, “¿Conoces algo sobre esta ubicación?” — check out the attached screenshot.

When you have helpful information to share during a crisis, we hope crowd reporting can help you share those updates more easily with others. #crisistech  
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