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Join us on May 1 for a discussion at Google London on multi-cloud usage with Emind, Cloudyn, Webydo, Fireblade, and Screenz. Tickets are available here:
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Google Cloud Platform

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Ryan Coleman of  +Puppet Labs  shares how switching to Compute Engine immediately halved response times:

Ryan's post is the second in a series of guest blog posts about Compute Engine Management with Puppet, Chef, Salt, and Ansible. Watch over the next two weeks for the remaining posts!
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Join us for a today at 12:45pm PT for a Hangout discussing BigQuery, how to build a Lambda architecture with BigQuery that is re-deployable in seven minutes.
ProTips for getting the most out of BigQuery and a sneak peek at a forthcoming Google solution paper on building a Lambda architecture that utilizes BigQuery, Fluentd, Norikra, Google Spreadsheets and is re-deployable in 7 minutes w/ Docker.
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Cloud Technology Partners shows you how to provision WordPress using Google Compute Engine and Chef:
Watch the demo of an application that integrates Google Compute Engine and Chef to rapidly provision WordPress instances on Google.
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I did this myself two days ago. I should've waited.
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Our Google Developer Roadshow is headed to Japan! Join us on April 22 in Tokyo. Read here to learn about the new features we're deploying in APAC:

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clemente Mejia Guzman
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Registration for Google I/O is open. Sign up anytime between now and April 18th for a chance to code with us in San Francisco on June 25 and 26:
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+Carmelyne Thompson as I remember you mentioning being worried about missing the ticket lottery
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Like Gizmonauts and DragonVale? The team at Backflip Studios uses Google Cloud Platform to manage updates, handle auto-scaling in minutes and analyze player data to help craft a better user experience.
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Google Cloud Platform

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Last year, we rolled out support for deploying your Google App Engine application using git, giving you an easy-to-use mechanism for deploying your application on every push to your cloud repository’s master branch.

Today, we’re happy to extend support for this feature to repositories hosted on GitHub. By connecting your App Engine project to your GitHub repository, you can trigger a deployment by pushing to the project’s master branch on GitHub. 

Read more about it on our blog:
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There is already a Gradle GAE plugin so hopefully gradle support is coming as well:
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Are you an RSS devotee? +feedly delivers to 15 million users using App Engine and Cloud Storage. Read more on how their team scaled to add 10 million users in a year using Cloud Platform:
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I use it heavily, feedly is doing the fantastic job.
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Google BigQuery connector and Google Cloud Datastore connector for Hadoop are live. Run Hadoop jobs directly against your data by including the extra “env” files:
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