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#GAPtrivia  is here again!
This detail comes from a beautiful work painted by a great 18th century European master... 

Can you guess the artist and the artwork? 
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real art?! thats awsome art. thats the kinda painting I would buy at an auction. love it. well done google peaple.
Leanardo Divence'..i think he used alot more shapes inside his paintings..?
wow, do u know... a lot about art sindy if I might ask? cos I lov art.
if the question is who is the artist I would probebly think... aleriza lavarie or van gogh. bout u?
sam mj
good art, its very natural.
Wow!it's seems that am looking at real photo!the color combination is very nice.
Don't mind i like the presentation the way it painted. :-) 
Not Picasso, not Van Gogh...who is the author? It seams like the mural painting
Damn - it reminds me of a painter who was famous for his perspective painting qualities, but I cannot remember his name. Begins with a "C", I think, Italian... damn...
"Piazza San Marco - Looking Southeast" that's it... =)
or maybe "Return of the Bucentaurn to the Molo on Ascension Day" the angle of the balcony and its shadow seems to match... better?

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