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Can tiny electronics help unlock the mystery of tear glucose, in the hopes of someday finding an easier way for people with diabetes to manage their disease? Learn more about the latest project from Google[x], a smart contact lens with chips and sensors so small they look like pieces of glitter:
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Google glass 10 years from now... Maybe...
Yash B.
Good luck Google!!!
Yes, along with medical enhancements, THIS should be Google glass. No battery, as ocular secretions can supply power, or, add Google drops to your eyes every 2 hours.
Next let's have these for dogs. Such a shame the prevalence of diabetes in domestic animals. 
Excellent job Google, I am not a diabetic but I want one (if it comes with a 32 x zoom I'll take two). Seriously keep working hard on this project and your team will make the life of a lot of people better. 
Would be awesome if this is google glass!!!
I'm guessing that the antenna is used to passively power the embedded diagnostic chip, much like certain NFC tags. If that's the case, perhaps the user would also have to wear a Bluetooth Smart-enabled tranceiver pendant that activates and reads data from the chip and records the data on your smartphone for further analysis or alerting.
Amazing how technology enables new perspectives and amazing is how Google makes that possible!
As a type 1 diabetic, this I s awesome news, and I wish I could be involved in a hands on way
So that's what you were meeting the FDA about :) I think the field of medicine has no shortage of areas that would significantly benefit from "moonshots", and this is a great example of applying novel technology in a traditionally defined space for potentially widespread, high-impact gains regarding quality of life and disease monitoring and management.
I am excited on the possibilities of using contact lenses with electronics, not only for diabetes, but also for glaucoma monitoring and vision-correction.
Hey, and while you're at it, could you also see if those fluids hold any biomarkers for certain types of cancer? 
Yay :) I've never used contacts and have always had someone help me with eye drops though hehe
Actually, what I'd really appreciate personally would be a uric acid sensor in one of these. I've got occasional gout and real-time readings of uric acid levels that don't require cumbersome coded test kits would be incredible! I believe the NIH has already done research into this.
T1D volunteer here. This could benefit diabetics greatly.
This is big news especially for children with Type 1 Diabetes. A new hope. It's early days but I'm proud Google is working on it. 
Amazing I want to be the first to try it.
People will congratulate the new technology this micro chip and researchers of this latest and modern tester of blood sugar measurement. It will also reduce the present painful process of measuring blood sugar. of diabetic diseases.
This is just too great. I would love to test this out!
...Diabetes monitoring and a million others things possible
With these the NSA will really know everything you do..the next step will be targeted ads right on your way to escape.
I want this just to wear!
just because it looks cool, idc what it does.
Wow... hope this happens in reality sometime... 
I do not think people would need this; if they remained healthy by GETTING OFF THE SOFA.
I'd like to alpha/beta test this for Google. I hate testing my blood
Huuu seria un alivio para la gente q tiene este mal
Les daria un buen respiro y problamente una mejor calida de vida!.... ... .. .
So, while some companies out there are busy with dirty advertisement against competition, Google quietly blogs about this. Seriously, I'm gonna drink to this.
That's the stuff dreams are made of.... wonderful possibilities!!!!! High five AGAIN Google!
What kind of techinology?
Funny 3 years and yet nothing on the market. . . Good job Microsoft 
Awesome. What an incredible idea. 
New method of inwigilation XD I am joking. The technology should helps people
i want it for my father
Smart contact lens could save more life than Google Glass. For sure ! Great project !
Now my imagination is all the more provoked, by this innovative nanodevice!
wow! Looks good. Let's see how good it will.
it'smy first time to use google+ and i have to admit it's quite amazing!
It is a BAD idea to put such glasses in the impaired eyes of diabetes patients, which is often the case! 
isnt it just diabetic retinopathy? why would wearing a contact lens make it worse? 
WTH what they are going to make after that a smart pants
or maybe a smart underware
very innovative.. i like it.
Wow!!! This is awesome. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two years ago. The tools I use to monitor seem so primitive in comparison to this idea. I would love to be a tester for this product. What do you say Google?
How would it help manage diabetes?
elementary my dear watson(Judy Harrris).. the tiny electronics can examine the glucose of a tear then can indicate from the principal of google glass in the eye sure have a type of announcement.. remember google bought the nest lab may be there was the idea
kemajuan teknologi terbaru mantap
+Google  [X], you are on the right path.... Next is RP?
great idea, a non-invasive way to control diabetes. Amazing - keep up the good work...
first helping with diabetes, next google glass 2.0. It'll have real life ui, like walking around in an mmo with everyone's names displayed above their head. 
It would be amazing if it doesn't blow up while your wearing them
.. awsome for real.. it is something which nanotech comes at forwarding over worldwide and.. good engeneery.. good prototype and.. fine ideas as medical resources .. tyhe questions would be.. "WE'LL CAN USE THIS ABOUT THE INCOMMING DAYS OF US  ALL AROUND?".. HOPE WE DO.. 
Wait, didn't Google used to be a search engine?
I forget.......

But either way, I would hope they have more uses than just diabetes. This can be a potential game changer if utilized properly. I highly doubt they will bring this to market though.

At least this looks easier to use on the eyes than current Glass.

Science! It's real! We've come a long way with it! Yet, there are people out there that think it's uh... fake! Yet they believe that some crazy bearded guy up in the clouds does magic! 
That would be Wonder ul 
Where do I sign up? That would be a great benefit to my health as a Type 1 diabetic. 
Honestly, to me...this, and Glass are just two steps in the birth of Googles everlasting glory. Google will be the company that sends men to Mars, leaving NASA in the dust. Google will invent flying cars, leaving every other company in the dust. Google will advance medicine, leaving medics in the dust. Google will be the name of the ones that save humanity. If you disagree, you are lacking in knowledge and I feel sorrow for you. If you agree, you are ready for humanity to advance.
+Todd Selby oh my god you are really dumb...these lens do not display images neither track the location!! Are just a sensor for reading glucose levels and an antenna to transmit the data to a master device!!!
+kalavathi shetty ..While I've had glaucoma for years and on high blood pressure meds for eyes and heart there is a new hope now for some of us :-)
project : GoogleSug®

Eye strain and sight problems to come
Hey, I would like to try on a pair or one,hate needles, blood draws. For ck ups.
Sara b
um I don't have diabetes but I would put that on any day 
When google[x] starts the clinical study for implants such as the cataract lens I would be an ideal candidate. The current diabetes monitoring tools are primitive. The smart contact will advance diabetes management resulting in the slowing or stopping the progression of diabetes relate diseases.
Obviously you are the moron. Try pulling your head out of your assistance
before commenting .
sajnos nemtudom
miaz oka tudomajelszavam a
Cimem dd e.zudok bejelntkeniafacebookra meg par fiok
I would like to use one if my doctor would find a way for his patients to have access for a trial period.
This looks incredible. As Type1 diabetes I would love to follow-up on this. I there any instance to subscribe as a tester ? ;)
As I am a diabetic AND study computer science, I would really love to join a testing-crew (if there is one?) :)
This would help so many. Including my mother
My sister has diabetes and this would definitely help her out. (^-^)
Plus, it's just flat-out awesome.
You should consider making it ANT+ / BluetoothLE and have it measure lactate - That would be a killer product for endurance sports. I am serious. I am positive that the technology for measuring Lactate is pretty much the same as it is for Glucose.
Wow! these sound good. But what the site effect?
Awesome i heard long time ago it will come in future.
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