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Today, +Eric Schmidt announced with President Hollande of France two new initiatives to help stimulate innovation and increase revenues for French publishers: a €60 million Digital Publishing Innovation Fund to help support transformative digital publishing initiatives for French readers, and a deepened partnership with French publishers to help increase their online revenues using our advertising technology. Read more on the blog:
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okay so finally the French media get the upper hand on you, soon all medias around the world will do the same thing
Well, I can't blame Google to do this. How else can you get out of the shooting line?
On the other side, it left a bad taste in my mouth. It feels Google just surrendered to the old content industry and paid protection money to the french government.

This is bad news in my eyes.

I'm not diplomatic enough. I would have fight on every court in the world against the content industry and their shameful behavior. But maybe that wouldn't be a good idea and I would get a lot bad PR. Anyway, let's see if other countries now also want a "nice little fund" for whatever from Google.
+Matthias Jeck I listen to +RMC everyday and i know what I'm talking about, the French media went on lobbying about this indemnity for a while now and they got what they wanted...
Do you use +Google #now? If you do, you'll see that french sports teams are not supported, all of this because they want Google to pay them, and last but not least there's one retarded adsl/gsm operator ( it's called free) who's asking Google to pay them indemnity for their subscribers to watch YouTube, and even +Orange France is now asking something similar, the French have problems with rich people/companies 
I'm French and i don't like at all how the government is stealing money from google because our newspaper industrie is dying.
They did not manage to follow the news evolution (internet). They only take this money to survive. Why did you accept the agreement +Google ? You could have let them die by removing their site from your index.
This is open door for other countries and compagnies to do the same.
This is rather disappointing. I know big companies need to pick their fights just like everybody else, but bowing to the pressure from old media leaves a bitter aftertaste. 
I am also French and I totally agree with Louis: throwing this money at the media is not going to help them understand how obsolete their system has become...
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