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When +Android and +Google Maps come together it's a beautiful thing. The newest version of Google Maps for Android (v 6.5), released today, has a new look for navigation; crisper, faster maps; and more personalization options so you can get where you want to go according to your own priorities, whether it's fewer transfers or staying off your feet as much as possible.
Left: New Navigation home screen Right: Navigation in Google Maps for Android. Crisper, faster maps for high pixel density devices. If your device has a high pixel density screen, such as those on Gal...
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will you ever issue a version of Android for PC?
+Wesley Marques I'm with +Michael Liendl on this. I like the +Google+ App. It is a heck of a lot faster than other social networking apps that I have used and just has overall better functionality in my opinion.
+Samuel De Fazio I don't know if it is available at the moment or not but a while back I remember hearing about a device called Cotton Candy. It was a full fledged version of android contained in a flash drive. Also in the flash drive was a few phone parts like a dual core processor. It was called Cotton Candy because its weight was the same as a piece of cotton candy. Anyways what it would do is open a complete version of android as a window on your desktop. It was cool because it meant you could test how your app would fully interact with full android and not just a simulator very quickly.
It looks now more like Nokia Maps :)))) that is good! :)
Too bad this is only for ICS, cmon G, lets give it to the masses.
Just upgraded the app on my G-Nex! Love the new "Get Home" option from Home Screen!
Google already made the ICS features of the Play Store, Play Music, and Google+ apps available on 2.x. Why are all the Maps updates 4.0 only? It is not my fault Motorola/Verizon refuse to update my phone!
I updated to the latest version, but I don't see the options for transit directions like the article describes.
I love the update to be able to use the "map of" & "navigate to" commands right from the home microphone/search widget! Excellent stuff.
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