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Tune in now for our discussion on the power of the Internet for creators in a Hangout On Air with three YouTube stars, author/technologist +Clay Johnson and Googler +Derek Slater. Follow along here, and continue the conversation at
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Rob Lee
Ahoy me hearties! Arrr.
sup glad to be here...
Hi guys. Nicholas Chase producer / director here...
Shay Carl! and the tards!
I for one welcome my Google overlords! I actually love them.
Dam it all, not supported using GALAXY NEXUS
Thanks to everyone for putting this together -- truly exciting!
Aloha from the 50th state!
Why are we only seeing the pretty lady, and not the speakers?
Hi all! Thanks to Google for setting up this hangout!
For me the internet is the now thing! If you don't have presence, call it email, facebook, website, it becomes difficult to connect with people. I'm always learning new things to use in my own business and in my work. Thanks to google we can share the knowledge that we have from other experiences and succeed!
unfortunately i will not be on - connectivity issue causing unpleasant experience. I will look fwd to reading the posts.
+Michael Lawler I think this is the new version that focuses on the most visually pleasing speaker ;)
what are your thoughts on the work that Nicholas Merrill and the Calyx institute are doing, and do you believe that there attempt at making an ISP centered around user privacy is something that is attainable with today's government over site?
So, can we contribute our thoughts and questions regarding the matter ?
You guys gonna discuss the current attack on our 1st Amendment rights on the Internet? (SOPA, now CISPA...)
G+ for me comes alive in the night.... loads of interesting discussions and #hangouts happen in the night.
hey what going on i cant see anything here
I've been watching since it began, but it's not going the way I thought it was going to go (they're all plugging themselves, yawn), so I'm going to bow out. Hey, Google, the next time you try to have a serious discussion about a serious topic, give me a holler. The current stuff being discussed on the video feed, frankly, sucks.
Whoever's computer is pushing to On-Air, PLEASE let us see the speakers?
Well I may not be on camera, but here are my thoughts I've compiled over two days of thinking about Topic.
..... The Internet is the biggest library known to man. It has been created by many people. No one person or entity should own it or censor it or control it. If anything, Corporations should be more friendly and willing to let internet users share and promote their content. The quicker they understand that, the quicker the library can grow! And society will grow. And the world's citizens can become closer.
I may be on the internet all the time to truly change things/the world and I can't figure out how to join the hangout...what?
i bet they do im going to start hanging out on this more that is crazy the internet is more powerful than anyone in this world realizes and standing up for it is exactly what we all need to do bc if we ever loose it could you imagine how that would affect our lives how many ppl are always online right once they wake up i know i am and without the internet and the power of it everyone would be lost its got more creativity and more information than anything in the world. its the world at your fingertips
I'm curious as to where the changes of search results being personalized is going to take the distribution of information. With acts in the works to sensor information, how soon is it before we have information that is policed and spoon feed to us in America. The move forward with MAN (Metro Area Network) and Google Glasses, information will be readily available and may stem into glasses like the ones from Heavy Rain.
Is there a comment/discussion thread to go with this YouTube video feed?
hey guy what going on i cant see the video why is that??
I don't mean to be a shameless self promoter, but ...yeah I kinda do. :)
Great points about online support for opportunities are amazing.
Click. Click. This is odd.
I find that my radio background helped. I think it's the same people skills with new tools. (great new tools!)
thx Derek for bringing the conversation back to useful & informational
So what is the topic we have started on
@Michael Flood
This would be it and anywhere else they posted it, facebook, twitter, youtube.
Don't you think that the idea of having mass distribution of media & info via the internet can spread too much inaccurate info? Additionally, don't you think that too much info across the globe neutralises most people from thinking beyond what the "internet" says?
Yes, that would be nice. I'm at work and cannot follow the conversation on my PC.
Yep, the internet is for telling us we're not crazy when we stretch ourselves to doing new stuff. Like the boats I've built, the cargo bike I ride, the ecstatic dance community all the little fringe maker and arts communities are accessible everywhere instead of major cities.
wtf i can't see the video why is that??
Post-9/11, I appointed myself goodwill ambassador to the Middle East -- teaching, counseling, arguing, joking, defusing ... and wondered years later whether it did any good. Then I woke up one day to find Mahmoud Ahmadinejad following me on Twitter. So that was fun.
Firstly it is not attainable for a couple of reasons in my opinion. The first being that National Governments don't want it to happen. They wish to have complete control over the Internet and know who is saying what. Even in the so called first World Democracies, such laws as SOPA and CIPA and the "secret" treaties give testimony to this. But even more telling the current generation doesn't really seem to care much about privacy unless they live under a repressive government and truly understand the value of privacy. So they won't demand or find value in it which in my opinion dooms this from an economic environment.
The Internet has the power to offer freedom to those it touches, either through a blog post or a video clip, each reaches out and touchs the hearts and minds of humanity. No longer does one voice standout louder then another, no longer will the tyranny and oppression that our civilizations have faced continue unchecked. The Internet offers an avenue towards pure checks and balances, allowing we the people to create a more perfect union within humanity, bits at a time. 
I don't think we were supposed to be able to join, unless the comments area is what is going to serve as a medium later in the conversation.
I hope there's a clear agenda here. Sure there needs to be a recap of the things that are already going on, as Alejandro says. But I'm hoping to have a discussion that starts there, and takes things much much further.
I have met so many people using Google Buzz.. loads of similar thinking people. Now I interact/follow them on g+.
Do you think social medias can create world peace as well as higher income rate of anyone all from creativity ?
Who are some interesting teens to circle on G+? I'm interested in what the youngins are doing.
I've had the same experience. I have friends all over the world now
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Thank you for the invite, and great to be a fly on the wall for this rich discussion.

Question for the panel: What direction do you feel may take the PAGES to becoming more successful? It seems that there is a reluctance of businesses to fully commit to them, given some of their limitations and mirrored look to the main UI.

Does it seem to any of the panelists that the You Tube connection to PAGES might be much stronger and more "up front?"
l shah
web needs universal language translation overlay.
Love the idea of the hangout. Listening now to Francesca saying she is as close or closer to some online friends as she is regular ones... that is so true.
Shay! Look what Twitter did! Belgium is now watching you! Grtz!
Also, a lot of people think I am weird because I spend the majority of my time watching YouTube videos but I love the people I watch so much I see them as best friends and when you meet them even if they don't personally know you they know their viewers as a whole and they are amazing people and it's just like meeting up with friends you haven't seen for a while. Like meeting Shay and his whole family at Playlist live. It was very easy to jump into conversation with them.
And could I have some advice on having and starting a business online by using my creative skills
My apologies for being late, In Afghanistan.
So true!!! =) Hard work!!
I find that the social media circles have helped me promote my work and build an audience. 20 years ago it was mind numbingly difficult to get anyone to take interest in independently produced content.
Can the speakers see the comments?
Here's a loaded question. There's been a lot of changes on Youtube re: main stream media using it as a viable platform. Do you see the landscape changing for the "webleberties"?
Checking in, interesting stuff
I ran into that problem Ms. Ramsey and i came to that realization with the development of my magazine in the start-up process, and realized there are more steps than i imagined. I would have failed hard if the research wasn't done.
let's see the speaker... but i understand why they went with the most visually pleasing. So, you have talked about what has happened or is happening, but what about what's next?
Collaboration is definitely critical.
Take any 4 or 5 people - minor celebrity or not - give them a forum and no direction and what do you get? I, I, me, me, mine. Your accomplishments pale in comparison to the problems we face. What is the objective we are striving to reach again? The internet is the power to what? Increase your standing or contribute to the legacy of humanity? Subscribers? The greatest disintermediation engine in history at your fingertips and it's still about who has more? Later.
i am pissed now.. i can't get in i got invited!!
I have always been under the belief that if I have some question regarding (just about) anything, chances are there many others with the exact problem. That belief has held true with the exception of one instance. I think it might be beneficial to many like myself if accessing passwords to secured wireless networks were mad easier for those with smart phones. I personally do not have a wireless connection on my PC but I do have WIFI on my phone but am only able to access those networks that are unsecured and usually of poor quality. Despite serveral searches, I found that most of my results are pertaining to those with wireless connections (and routers) connected to their PC.
Is this over already? Just tried to join ... ?
Not sure if I did something goofy but the comments don't seem to be live updating for me. Are they supposed to?
Right! Watch out for information overload...scheduling helps!
the guy third from the left looks totally bored lol
ugh...self promotion on this is really annoying. stop mentioning your book buddy
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I like that idea - wake up each morning like a producer, not a consumer. Also, write 500 words in the AM...
Yes , how do you join this hangout?
I don't see a hangout, just see a video but it says Live
Excellent advice. "Wake up like a producer, not a consumer." This has pretty much been my mantra for the last couple years.
The center person should be switching to who is talking right? I know when I have a hangout and click on one persons video it stays on them. How do you change it back?
Not a lot of time but an investment knowledge is what is required to expand a business on the internet
For those who have stepped into the video world what have you found as the best way to diffuse trolls on videos and have them not effect new viewers?
One thing she can do to bring people into her store is to use it as a advertisement for her business.
Here's a little 'science project' I began 40 years ago:

Back then, this was all beyond the lunatic fringe -- or as I like to say, my personal comfort zone. Well, mainstream academia wouldn't go near this business, but thanks to the web I made an end run and ...

Last summer, a big article in Nature came out, confirming what I'd been raving about for decades. Now I'm talking to one of the best science publishers out there, about my book on 'Quanta & Consciousness.'
I built my manufacturing business on the internet not just selling but researching and finding the newest materials to use. Now I have a patent and a factory in China this would not have happened without the free exchange of information on the internet
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Why is the primary camera only showing Franchesca? It should switch to whoever is currently speaking!!
Most small businesses on Facebook just suuuck with their posts. You don't walk up to your friends and give them a price point every day so why should you do that on Facebook? Talk to us like we're people; slide that buy my stuff garbage a little into the background.
l shah
ok there is only 4 people on here - good luck
The "Stopping of SOPA" was a huge Awareness of the issue at hand limiting what people were so comfortable getting used to. In social interactions this would include the need for safety but not at the angle which was given.
I like that one as well. It is a hurdle we creative types have to overcome. It is way too easy to consume than to produce.
Shay stole my Line "Combine what u r Good @ w/ What you love & Own the Solution!"
i can' t start my haghout probably for technical problems regards cesare casadonte
I'm giving up. This may or may not have good content, I can't tell. I can't see the speakers, the audio levels vary so much I have to keep switching volume levels, and no one in the hangout is watching or replying to the comments regarding the technical problems.
We are at a turning point. We have to take a stand. The Internet has given people the chance to prosper. There is too much at stake.
Great to be here! Regards from Emotive. Thanks everyone.
I completely agree... I started learning programming after leaving college and I have found all the necessary information and lessons online.
I think this is basically a "broadcast".... so you should be able to receive it -- hear discussion, see the panelists in real time ... but not interact (unless they are tracking the dialog here)
Hi click on the arrow on the vid it will activate the live vid-chat Then if u click the camera icon below the vid screen it will activate vid cam for live participation. i am just lurking right now as i am not camera ready ;D
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I can't seem to do anything.....
Somehow, I can't join this hangout. I get a "This video is not available." message upon clicking on the play icon.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I have a passion for informing people about government and to connect the government to "the people" more. What opportunities exist to make this happen?
Either I am not understanding what creativity is or this hangout is not demonstrating it. Creativity flourishes from listening to the extremes not to the mainstream. So where is the diversity of thought leaders?
What's the difference between Maker Studios and YouTube Next?
Well IMHO ...

… For Better, For Worse … till Death Do Us Part.

The Box is Open … (I'm talking Internet ...)

We are much more than married to the Internet and the associated technical culture. This exponentially growing googol resource continues to open more and more doors we did not even have a clue were possible, with access to vast Universes of information and opportunity … Heaven/Hell, Good/Bad, Ying/Yang. Indeed, the Internet (et al.) may well be considered the World’s largest and most universal religion … if you consider the dedication, attention, and following of the majority of Earth’s population. It is what it is. NOW the issue is to continue to adapt, survive, live, thrive, and ultimately EVOLVE in this growing Toy Box, (how can we continue to do this?) because, if we do not, we will be left behind in the Great Adventure up the Speeding Escalator to the next, and next, and next, and … Social, Intellectual, Informational, (put your idea here), … Dimensions … which, for the majority of us, are just not going to be obvious until we get there, then they will all make perfect sense … maybe, … eventually … hopefully.
SHORT VERSION: What is the path to success via Internet (et al.)
In the future can there be 7 or more people panelists?
This video is great!!!
What limits that is making the populace Interested in the politics enough to do such a thing daily.
humanization of the web - google channel - e/commerce - italy ambassador
regards cesare casadonte
Google Tech Irony: I have to open a second window and manually refresh in order to see comment updates. Google fails chat: robotic facepalm.
Today, Internet is better than any physical form.
I'd like to see an immersive environment for scientists, engineers, architects, entrepreneurs, designers and VCs, where they could manipulate holographic components and access CAD, circuit simulation, Matlab, Photoshop, 3D printing and the like.
Were we supposed to type in ? here? I wanted to know how to control the Hangouts better. It is crazy putting together a hangout and everyone is not muted when they come in. When I muted people, it didn't work.
I agree the US government 2.0 scalability & Access nis the Problem
What about the power of the human voice being amplified by the internet? How a single person's opinion or statement can spark and equilibrium across the world. History has shown that the human voice is an unstoppable power that can never be silence, but is only restricted by how loud it can be shouted, but with the internet that voice can be louder than anything else.
You have to remember is that a lot of that information they are talking about is public.
My impression is that the people here are really good people doing really good things. However, the inability to select which panel member I can view and the inability to actually participate makes this more like a morning TV show or a call-in radio show than a real expression of the Internet's capabilities. Good start - but a lot of work needs to be done to truly make this a showcase of the Internet's potential. My goal here is not false praise, but honest, constructive criticism.
Nice session all. It's nice to know like-minded content producers are out there!
An experiment that hopefully will be successful.
Good stuff. Keep me on the list and let me know what I can do.
Thanks guys! Hope you check my youtube help channel, TechMeShow on youtube...
Very confussing 2 me a viewer, hope it gets fixed soon. ie Cross Talk???
Only caught the tale end, but so glad I did.
Thanks guys, that was great information!
That was a very interesting hangout. I'm glad I watched.
Loved it. Thanks for you guys time and I look forward to doing this again.
Interesting idea for Google to do this. I look forward to the future discussions, and would love to hear more talk about people taking action on the web and more visions for the future of the web. Would also be interesting to hear people from various walks of life talking about how they take action on the web.
a touching account on the end of the non-technical user that uses the internet to find health information and stay connected with friends.
Agreed @Richard Robbins. The collective discussion of views on how each of us effect the internet would help keep it structured while gaining a better understanding of it.
Great first session. I didn't realize I had to keep refreshing to see all the comments and the video didn't auto-switch between speakers, but other than that a good discussion.
It just concluded a couple of secs ago but i'm keeping an eye out for the next time they have one :D
thanks to everyone that watched and submitted questions! hope you found the discussion informative. looking forward to seeing future hang outs!
Awesome guys! Great job! I took a lot of notes for later application! Thanks for sharing!
Most Excellent comments David M. You said what needed to be said for significant improvement. Problems are normal and so are solutions when people actually want solutions. Please stay with the program, your input is needed and has value.

Thanks for the input!
Can anyone tell me the cheap 'n' easy way of enabling the video chat? Can't see anyone!
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Thanks for the invitation! I found the discussion inspiring!
I hope that +Google changes the interface for it's "live" hangouts to make them more interactive. In order to see anyone's comment I had to expand the comment area and even then I still couldn't see the video. I also couldn't see comments coming in live without clicking on the page.

This whole experience was entertaining but I felt very disconnected from the discussion and those watching it. And those partaking in the live discussion never once discussed any of the live comments being posted.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Just as I suspected, this was very business-centric, to the point that self-promotion was rampant, and the presenters all have an internet business they are promoting. The internet did not start out for businesses. It started to connect people. If life is only about business, I don't want any part of this. If people's perception of the internet is "how can I 'use' the internet to promote myself to make money?", then please pull the plug now. I want to talk to real people about real things, not fake people who only want to sell you something.
"Technology is the use of increasingly accurate, self-evident, and reproducible information to replace energy and matter. The benefit of technology is NOT in what it lets people accomplish, but in how it improves the character of people."
I agree +Jerry Kobeszko and maybe more users or at least devide the conversation to more than just 1, I think The Power of Internet are just to great to be discussed with only ten person in a +Google+ hangout, but this is a step forward, factual prove that you guys actually listening, and dare to rise an issue in an open discussion, thumbs up errr... PLUS ONE!
No +Fleep Tuque . I don't believe the comments are designed to update. It's very disappointing. If I new it was going to be like this I would have just watched it on YouTube at a later time. This "one size fits all" approach to Hangouts isn't working out too well.
This was fun, I liked seeing the faces. I would do this again. thx!
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
This was very informative and I enjoyed listening . I was hoping it would be more interactive , but very enjoyable anyway .
Something that you can do with the internet: I developed a new way of measuring acuity that doesn't require you to be able to read at and 95% of the people helping and working with me I have never met and am working with only on the internet.
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hello, my fellow geniuses, Google has been the gate way to teaching my self me how to rebuild scooter, Volvo, build websites learn html and programming language, thanks google!
I'm late, but I'm watching it now. Hope to make the next hangout if there is one. :)
I had a hard time with the exact schedule.. but im watching the recap now and sharing it. Keep the good work!!
that guy looks like ZeFrank...
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I feel that content creators do not interact with their fans enough. There needs to be a website to connect vloggers to viewers.

I have a few ideas, but I don't know what to do with them... I need the help of somebody with a bunch of fans.
The echo in that hangout is killing me
Feedback too much.
Can the people in the hangout see these posts in realtime?
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
i have so many ideas to improve what the internet already is and how it could be a much better place and i am going to submit them to google who knows maybe ill land a job with them wouldnt that be sweet i love the internet and everything google is my favorite i have everything they make pretty much. spend countless hours on the internet researching google and all it does for the internet. the sad thing is facebook and apple are trying to monpolize this and control what is going on whereas google is still for every person it is not all for itself its for the ppl
why is it now private? I can't review it again?
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
+Derek Slater I missed it :( .. I was busy in class in college.. I cannot view the youtube video, it says its private.. How can I check it out?
This is so awesome getting everyone together and discussing this , listening to how they did this its really inspiring ..
A public hangout discussing the future of the internet should be a bit more open. As in a public/private chatroom with enabled video only for the hosts/speakers and a chat box for questions and statements. This can be done. I hope there will be improvements for the next discussion on this topic.
For live discussion hangouts like this one I would recommend for +Google to treat all comments as a live updating feed so that viewers can talk amongst each other on the topics being discussed in the Hangout without refreshing the page, or going into separate discussion Hangout on the topic that turns out to be empty or only have one quiet person staring at the camera.

And for the few who are in the actual Hangout itself, I would recommend giving them the ability to "pull" viewer comments into the +YouTube video recording of the live Hangout so that future viewers can see what comments they were referring to. And the others in the Hangout will see the live comment feed as well so they'll already know what the "puller" is talking about.
argh, i'm not having any luck. how the hell do you join the hangout?
I will be coming to the next one. Unfortunately, the timing was terrible for me and I had to make up on 36 hours of no sleep. Please do not stop doing this!
Good stuff! I wish i was here when it was actually streaming, so much good information.
Thanks all for taking the time to come today (and bearing with some technical difficulties with the cameras). Please continue to send feedback and tell us where you want to take this next at

+Michael Knight +Jerry Kobeszko - I definitely agree that we need to do a better job making these interactive. We'll work on as we go forward - thanks for the feedback.
My takeaway: "Write 500 Words before 8am". Simple but effective rule of thumb for getting the day off right.
NO... I was LATE :( I'm living in Malaysia !
Is there any way we could watch this conversation online later? It didn't fit into my schedule.
I don't think yesterday's hangout was the most appropriate, but, in any case, I would like to discuss about new implication that mobile surfing will bring to Google's algorithm, and to the new web instruments which could modify the job market, creating a direct relation between supply and demand, and enforcing payment systems such as Google checkout
This hangout is GREAT. It's providing so much ideas and will try to exercise more internet sociability with our audience.
good idea!!!!!
maybe next hangout would be for more mobile phones concentrated....
i like to see one.....
Come to my page and follow me ,thanks
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