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Our first set of Google+ updates is for Hangouts. We've brought location sharing, GIFs and SMS to the Hangouts app. You can schedule Hangouts on Air and promote them in advance with a dedicated watch page. And we've added a feature to video calling that fixes and enhances lighting automatically. 
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So messaging app also goes to play store. 
Finally a dedicated link for hangouts on air! Thank you.
WooT! But what does this mean for the Voice apps?
So.... Voice integration? :D? :D :D :D?
Anyone else unable to use Hangouts right now? Keep getting 'no connection' to server on both my devices whether on Wi-Fi or mobile...
How about the ability to disable the audio auto adjust button instead of us having to do a registry hack?
Yeah what about the voice calling?
i think they´re updating it right now ;)
Yes! SMS!! Hope after this people in Spain will use more hangouts, it's the best!!
+Jim McNary  Hangouts is still working for me here in the office on my phone and in chrome. I'm really only posting on this topic so somebody can share the APK as soon as it's released.
I still see nothing on the event page- it it working at all?
Voice calling is already enabled in hangouts on chrome.
Sean G
Phone calls? for android... So we all can go to data only plans +Google ?
no voice call as in iOS?????
Hangouts are getting better and better.
Can you write sms from your pc now?
Does it apply to both the iOS and android apps?
Hangouts is awesome app
But you should take people great vision about it 
+Google I wonder what will happen to Google voice, it hasn't receive any love in a long while
I really believe on Google Hangouts... And this kind of improvement increase my hope for the future :) I'm really curious about those new features!
+Google any relative time frame that we can expect this updates along with the others?
+Pedro Ignacio Lazo What do you mean? Attachments to SMS messages? SMS Backup+ backs them up to your Gmail, which is essentially the same as backing them up to Drive.
+Sergio Cortinovis its been speculated for a while that on Android 4.4, hangouts will replace the stock SMS app so hopefully it will push people to use all the other awesome hangouts features more.
iMessage, you better watch out!
+Michael Bond I suppose... I'm sure that's inevitable, with Google consolidating functions and moving everything to the cloud. But, using SMS Backup+ is almost indistinguishable from a native app, because you set it up once and then it works indefinitely. I've often forgotten that I ever installed it, only to be relieved to find my messages saved in my Gmail after my phone died.
+Pedro Ignacio Lazo Oh ok. I doubt we're going to see that... Their perspective is probably to emphasize Drive itself for sharing files. I guess if the files are already in Drive, you could send the link via Hangouts?
Now we will no longer get source code for the SMS app though, we'll be stuck with the one from android 4.3 :(
When is the Hangouts update rolling out?
This won't be used by the masses unless it supports MMS, I hope this is included!
It's not. So, I will still have to annoy people by giving them two numbers for me... one that can receive MMS, and my Google Voice #.
aint nobody that stupid
that u need to show them
+Terry Cameron Thanks, but that's an old article... From what we heard today, it doesn't look like we got MMS integration after all.

Though I suppose that if people we send messages to started using Hangouts, then they could send us animated gifs (and regular images?) and make the whole thing moot... which is probably Google's ultimate goal here.
Who still uses MMS? One never heard anyone in my direct circle of influence ever even mention it. Why not use email or chat app for media?
... Because email is way more difficult... and everyone has to use the same chat platform for that to work.

The people who still use MMS are mostly my family, who regularly try to send me pictures... For better or worse, MMS is the easiest, most universal way to accomplish this.

Therefore, they're always annoyed that they have to save two numbers for me and try to remember which one to send MMS to... it's a real pain.
is that screen shot from an apple product? o_0
+Ananya Gupta is this a joke? and because you dont doesn't me the rest of the world doesn't.. SMS AND MMS are native and purely cross platform.. unlike any app. so yeah people still use it ALOT of people. Sorry were not as hip as you and your friends.. 
+Chidozie Emelue I didn't say you didn't deserve MMS support. It's unfortunate it's not included but do your family and friends a favor in the meantime as bringing them forward may be your only route. They will never bring MMS into this app.
Whoa. I can't wait to try the new features! :D
Will SMS messages in the mobile app sync with desktop plugins of hangouts?
I really hope we get MMS support! I use MMS daily to stay in group messages with both my friends and my coworkers who don't use Google hangouts. If this gets MMS support I'll be beyond happy. 
When will this be rolling out today? MIne still hasn't updated to support it yet.
They used the word today...I'm hoping for an update later on.
Seems it won't be today folks. but whatevs. Google never keeps their fans waiting. oh. wait.
Attention Carriers, this is the beginning of the end for you. Once Voice gets integrated into the Android Hangouts app. Say your prayers.
+Google MMS? Also will this be compatible with group mms? In particular the way that iPhones do it?
Where's the Android Hangouts app VoIP calling/receiving (with a GV account) capability that the iOS received recently?  
I've got version 1.2.018 (849105-30). No SMS support. Which version are we talking about here? 
+Martin Wallenborg the play store says the updated version is 1.2.018 which is what I have on my phone also but no change to app in regards to sms or location sharing. I am quite confused.
No MMS = deal breaker.  +Google are you going to let this go the way of Google Voice (neglected), or are you going to make this a full-featured messaging app?
Well Mark.... Hangouts, wasn't made to replace your cell phone entirely, and if not being able to send a god damn picture, on an app that already does the other functions of a phone that you are probably already paying for, then you need to get your priorities straight. Hangouts is more used for the skype life connection, not so you can cancel your phone provider. Didn't mean to go on a rant, but hearing people bitch about not having every single thing they want in an app that they are able to get and use FOR FREE just gets on my nerves!
Wow +Austin Goss just... stop talking. Google is obviously interested in convergence. Understanding that, it's a wonder that Google Voice has been around for so long and they still haven't converged the MMS function. This is a major annoyance for anyone wanting to use GV as their primary number (unless you're on Sprint... blek!) because it means you have to give people two numbers. I frankly don't care much about MMS, but when I tell people they can't send MMS to my GV, they get annoyed and insist that I give them my regular cell number as well.

With Google so focused on convergence, it's really a wonder that they haven't yet resolved something that is a huge annoyance and seriously deters people from using their services as a primary solution.
Yeah where is the update? I see an update was released yesterday, but no SMS in the update! =) Thanks Google for bringing SMS to Hangouts.
NO SMS , Google had it working with Gmail sms and google voice  like 2 yrs ago , and they just keep F**ing it up worse and worse, now Gmail doesn't seem to remember my contacts phone numbers if i try to send a SMS , i'm still using google voice extension for chrome to send texts ... 
Awesome update, can't wait to get it!  Has anyone else been updated to this new version?  If so, I haven't got it yet...could you upload the .APK file so I can install it?
Some people have it already, it is a slow roll out... a bunch of my friends who I was on hangouts with last night had it, but I had not! still waiting.....
I would like it if you would add the ability to force refresh. Sometimes it doesnt update as fast as i would like it to, for example if i am using it on my laptop then switch to my phone it is usually way behind and i just have to wait for it to catch up, i cant request it to catch up manually like most apps let me
+Google+ or all on this thread, does Hangouts SMS send messages over the mobile carrier's SMS/Text network or only via data plan or WIFI? I'm trying to confirm if we'll run over the text or data plan limits first. 
So, it seems that Voice and Hangouts integrate nicely (I was just testing that with the Hangouts app on my phone, and it's sending with my Google Voice number, and receiving on same), but when will the Chrome widget reflect this change, so I can have it all synced across, well, everything?
When using Google Hangouts, I'd like to be able to show offline or be invisible. I don't want to be available to everyone all the time if I'm looking at my Google+ wall.  And sometimes I want to only be available to a select few people. I'd like to choose who can see when I'm online.  Thanks 
Hangouts is not responding. .. all the time ... what's the deal? Is there updates? 
Need to update but no space cleared 80% of media but to no avail.
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