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Google Currents, an app for exploring online magazines and other content with the swipe of a finger, is now available worldwide for Android and iOS devices. Hundreds of U.S. editions can now be translated into your language, and there's a new dynamic sync feature that enables you to get the content you love even faster with less battery drain. Learn more about the new update for Currents on the Mobile blog (, and download Google Currents today from +Google Play at
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Finally! Thanks... though I already had it for a while :)
Wish this was available for Chrome, as in on the Mac/PC, sort of a new "face" for Google Reader?
its FAST! and sleek! thanks for fast syncing!
Love this App. I wanted an app that could give me the trending updates. This is awesome!
I like the interface but it's too slow, refreshing takes forever.
Maybe I'll stop using Google Reader now... It kind of feels like you're competing with yourself.
Google has so many products that I can't keep updated with all of them
The performance improvements seem amazing. Nice.
Pretty slick! I can't wait to get home and try it on my tablet, I bet it really shines there.
Stunning upgrade! nice work gang. I see what the "Just give us some time" comments were about.
Would it be possible to implement grouping of google reader feeds so I could have a "news", "tech" etc rather than 30 or 40 individual editions? Loving it otherwise!
wow!! superb..had a long wait for it, and finally it has arrived
Now we are waiting for a great G+ App for Tablets!
Everything Google does is awesome. Like the new Google+. It's so amazing and clean without any add instrusion. I like the Google Current over the Apple Magazine app.
Great job job +Google . Its been a long wait but worth. The best Google app yet.
It's always nice to see Google's services being available in more countries. I hope Google Play's multimedia will do so too, and sooner the better.
This latest update has exhibited a speed increase on my tablet.
true. No reader sync makes this app unusable for me
ok my friend like nice so like $
Now i dont see the point of Google Reader since i can see all my stuff on Current and it looks a lot better!
Not compatible with Samsung FIT (GT-S5670) , Android 2.3 ..? Still with Google Reader :(
cause for the people using reader for a long time (plenty of subscripcions) subscribe again one by one on currents its a hard work. Besides, i am not sure about this, not all the reader subscriptions are available on currents
After months of waiting! I have re-installed Google Currents and using it as my daily mobile news source again...Thanks +Google
Just re-installed this app's definitely worth downloading now
Why did it take so long for it to be available to other countries?

Is Google internationally racist?
Was it due to support problems?
Copyright problems?
Testing within a closed group?
Translation of the app for other English speaking languages?
Someone forgot to check the "rest of the world" check box?
Is it only compatible with RSS/XML feeds in America or something?

It would be great to get a straight answer here please.
Why the chat in Gmail is diferent from the chat in G+? Other advice, i want to give to Google Inc, is that should be more interactivity with google products! The chat must be redefine and more appeling! The Youtube should interact more with G+! And so on! There is a great potencial in there, explore it! Thanks!
I was waiting for this app for a long time ago. Thank you Google.
+Google What about Google Chrome for Android going worldwide?
Move GChat from GMail to Google +. It's a no brainer! It's your best social tool, and it's outside of your social platform!
Google, what about Google TV
I was a first adopter and the device began to suck last week, when I was trying to download more applications. It keeps saying that it is updating, but after two day the same message is still there
The app is too big! Improve the code on that and g+

-1 (for now)
How come there is no Web version and it doesn't sync with Google Reader? It feels incomplete but the design is very nice.
Hi +Google , will we see a desktop or Chrome version of Currents? We love Currents so much but, sometimes, we'd love to have access to our feeds when sitting down in front of our desk/laptops. Please help us! :-)
 Support for additional Android devices samsung galaxy chat b5330 please please i need this app.......
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