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Can Google searches tell us who will take home a statue at the Golden Globes this Sunday? Check out these predictions for the top movie and TV prizes based on Google Trends, and visit to explore Trends for the other categories. Who do you hope will win?

Best Motion Picture - Drama: Gravity
Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical: The Wolf of Wall Street
Best Television Show - Drama: Breaking Bad
Best Television Show - Comedy or Musical: The Big Bang Theory
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Predictions are always courageous! :) Good luck! :)
Breaking Bad certainly deserved it I believe. It's in another league comparing to all other shows IMHO.
Ya sudah favorite saya Tv soccer..jadi masuk kedaftar linknya
Looks like four of a kind ! All winners :-) DFD
Facebook talking smack about google giving out email addresses
Mathew facebook masable put out web page that says google + is giving out our email addresses is this true
I know I will be watching. Gravity but there many great choices.
Maybe !? Give me a post after the awards :-) DFD Australia ★
Hola Que tengan buenas. Noches ha todos y ha todas Las personas que alcansen. Ha ver estas pequeñas. Letras. Al Ratón. le gusta el. Quezo
Ver en linea rápido y furioso 6
Wait I thought that was YOUR job Google!
To peer into human mind and PREDICT! :-D
+Google I am not calling the validity of your prediction into question-my money is on you guys being correct; my question is: did you also die a little bit on the inside when you realized that Gravity was probably going to win best picture? As super nerds, if you guys are reading this comment, then you know what I mean. Talk about a pretty awesome but 100% forgettable film. I watched the quote on quote not pirated version. The general consensus amongst the pirates was, 'Spend the money and go see it in 3D in the theater.' There are countless scenes that, when viewed in 2D, give you a better figurative perspective of the film because these scenes are flagrant attempts to impress people watching in 3D in an IMAX theater via the same old cheesy 3D gimmicks, repackaged for newer and shinier technology. The film is visually stunning especially if you do not wear an eyepatch. Try to recall past Best Picture Award winners. Most of these films had a well crafted and original plot. I can literally sum up the entire plot of Gravity in 10-15 seconds in casual conversation. The last thing that George Clooney needs is for his ego to be fed, it is eventually going to pop. Now we are just enabling him. 
Lol they have Google adwords
I agree, those would be good choices. But i personally thought Dallas Buyers Club was better than Gravity.
Congratulation Google for showing the example : ads on the right column! Fortunately I personaly do not see any of these thanks to a magical extension...
Google why did you take down stampys channel.Please take down skydoesminecrafts channel
Kara and Josh and mummy I
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