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Add some extra sparkle to your photos this holiday season with Twinkle and Snow, two new kinds of #AutoAwesome. Learn more and don't forget to share your winter snapshots so everyone can enjoy some holiday cheer:
Two new kinds of #AutoAwesome: Twinkle and Snow

Just in time for the holidays, we’re rolling out two new ways to make your Google+ photos more awesome, automatically:

1) Twinkle: upload a new photo of something that sparkles (like a Christmas tree or a chandelier), and we'll gift you a version with lights that actually twinkle.

2) Snow: upload a new photo with snow to Google+, and we'll gift you a version with snow that’s actually falling.

In both cases, you'll get a notification when your #AutoAwesome image is ready. We hope these features help you celebrate the ‘wonder’ in winter wonderland! #googleplusupdate
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I just auto autobacked up several snow pictures and no auto awesome was done 
+Anthony Raffini "just" as in 10 minutes ago... I just wanted to know if maybe the feature isn't activated yet. 
+Wajd Tohme - In general, any feature on Google (including Google+) is gradually rolled out among users. That way any breakage will only hit a limited number of users.
With just a single photo ? Or a few ones ?
Well done Google. Never fail to amaze. Merry Christmas to all of you!
I assume you can't just auto awesome your own photo?  You have to wait for Google to add the effect?  It would be great if we could add the effect ourself.
This is a wonderful addition... why not add gentle rolling motion to water and flags as well.
is there the ability to change the speed of twinkle? I like it, but think it'd look far cooler/less noisy if we could slow it down.
This is awesome. Keep up the amazing work Google. Nice little Xmas present.
How about something for the Southern Hemisphere - Oh! that's right - it doesn't exist for America.
Auto awesome. I get it. Coolllness!
I uploaded picture with snow and there is no autoawsome! :( Why?
c hiper super beau!!! j'adore!!!!!!!!!!!
Add some new features in nexus 4 camera like burst mode and slow motion. Google you can make nexus 5 photos better in 4.4.1 so make the same thing with nexus 4.
dear google
please stop sending me this notifacations like seriously I have like a thousand already
i had plenty of pictures with snow and only one came up with #autoawesome and it was the blurry one. I'd like to be able to select which pics get #awesomed instead of it being #autoderp 
This is way cool! I was very surprised when I made a new post, with a photo that had twinkle lights on my blog.
To get snow just open a photo in photos , and shake your phone or tablet , and then shake again to save.
Dean, tried it several times and nothing. 
Hi Google+ team! I got notification, click on it, was able to view twinkle effect applied to two my photos. It was very nice. But it... "disappeared" later. Now when I view photos in my album, there is no "effect". And I can not add it manualy. What did I do wrong? How can I re-apply it?
I know how to make snow. Only have one twinkle and don't know what I did to make it happen. Pleas e help and be specific. Just selecting an appropriate photo is not working.

PLEASE allow us to CHOOSE the photos WE want and add the effect ourselves... Please and thank you.
Great. Now how do I turn it OFF!
+john yurkovich If it's any comfort to you, I actually had to dig through my negatives to find a snow picture. Just to have something Christmas-y to post. It's 9°C/48°F where I am when it should be cold enough for snow, and plenty of it. (The photo I scanned was from 1996 — seems to me like that was the last time we had actual winter weather in December. These days it only gets really cold in January, and then it stays that way till April.)
Way too many photos end up with the snow effect automatically if you've been on a ski holiday! I had to manually delete so many after uploading our RAW holiday photos. It's a much more tacky effect anyway compared to the other auto awesome effects, so it would be great to provide a way to selectively turn off some of these type of effects.
I've just had one of my photos auto enhanced with the twinkle effect, and  I'm flabbergasted by the results. To say that it looked awesome is an understatement!
I don't like snow. How do I turn it off?

Jonny S
I think this is pretty suh-weet, and had no idea twas in existence until about 5 min ago.  I wish I could nominate more pictures for the bonus, as I only received a tantalizing single picture to that end.  Still, SUPER DUPER, thanks!
I hate the new snow and sparkle effects. Snow keeps being applied to photos we took in the tropics! And I really don't need extra snow in photos we've taken at home. The rest of the effects are pretty cool. 
And how to remove this cheap kitchy snowfalling?
The CHRISTMAS TREE reminds me of my trip to the St. Petersburg Opera. Beautiful !
I'd really like to be able to apply these effects on  my own to other photos. Think this could be made possible?
just shared a photo that was a quarry and did not want snow. how do I stop this
Yes, please - let us stop the snow!
Jonny S
I love my winter wonderland!
It was nice to begin with, but now I'd like to know how to opt out of snow! It's being applied indiscriminately/ inappropriately and is now very annoying! Any ideas?
It looks to me that the snow option is put on authomatically, in order to take people away from Google+. These kitchy cheap flakes -- which you can find at every third rate market -- falling on St Peter, or Gioconda, or Eiffel tower...
Jonny S
Um. Delete the sparkly pic then. It's just a copy of your still intact original. 
The sparkle and snow effects should be named auto AOL 2000 or photo thrasher or mayby random crapinator. I have never looked at one of my photos and thought "gee I really would like this as a crappy GIF with a sad animation all over it". old summer photos uploaded in winter? Have some snow! Funeral photos during winter? Why not some sparkle! Tasteless and completely random.
This snow is SO STUPID. Please turn it off.
Apparently white abandoned sofas are "snow" haha! Everybody complaining, just turn your auto awesome off in your G+ settings.
But I like a few of the auto-awesome features. I don't want to turn off all of them, just the stupid snow and sparkle. 
Ah yeah, in that case wait it out and delete the offending pics. It'll be cherry blossoms floating down in a few months anyway. (starting rumors here).
How do I turn the stupid snow off? I don't want it, and I don't want to throw away the photo just to get rid of it.
I like that our controll over it is limited to on or off. And off shuts down everything. Kinda like having a spam filter that blocks all mail. "Oh you don't like it?, well then you are free to turn it off"
Jonny S
I believe your original photo remains unblemished. This is merely an
(up/down)graded copy.
When I delete my "improved" photos they're just gone. Poof!
Yes, but i had to search and read here to find out that my original photo isn't being deleted when I delete the snowing one. It should have been obvious in the user interface. That's where the frustration started. 
The snowflake effect was unwanted and I cannot turn it off. YOU PEOPLE ARE CREEPING ME OUT!  
I hate these new effects Please get rid of them

I live in Michigan... Every photo I take has snow...  The autoawesome snow notifications are daily, and are now super annoying.   Stop reminding me this winter is brutal!
I agree. Live in 
australia. We never get snow. Interesting it annoys people who do.
how can I remove this radiculous improvment from my photos? I have never askd for it. The "AutoAwsome" is unticked. Its so stupid...
Fun sometimes! I'd like to be able to selectively remove the effect though.
How would you feel if someone poured coffee on your grandmother's photo albums? I uploaded some photos today and found that Google had automatically added an incredibly unprofessional and pathetic "snow" effect (to a photo that had nothing to do with winter) that I see no way to remove. Was this designed by a 5 year old? Seriously, Google, this is the worst thing I have ever seen in any web application in my life. Save this crap for 90's geocities and blink tags. And FIX IT. Don't ever add this automatically, and let us immediately remove it if we get it. At least tell me how to remove it myself. I can tag people, share, rotate, or click the animation and get an info bubble about it, but no way to remove it! That makes "auto-awesome" == ruining your grandmother's photo album. Next time why don't you just randomly insert expletives into my Gmail messages, or randomly toilet paper my house?
Google+ does not make it easy to find all of your photos... Seems that there's no way to remove the snow effect.  You just have to delete that "enhanced" photo and find the original one to which they added the effect.
Does anyone know how to activate the snow effect by shaking the hand set. It was.working before and now it doesn't. 
Google is out of control.  I cannot remove the not so "awesome effect" of snow on a picture for my insurance company of my mailbox. I did not "shake it to add it" but I may have moved my phone or set it down while the picture was up.  I can't even delete a photo from my Gallery on my phone.  I supervised programmers for years...  I would fire all of you. 
How do I get rid of the snow
Still can not activate it what am I doing wrong
how about letting us disable it? If I wanted the snow falling effect I would make one myself (it would look better too) - how do I disable this crap?
Here is what I did to finally get rid of the awful snow: Go to the Photos page, so you're looking at all your photos in a grid view. Then at the top, click on All Photos instead of Highlights.  (The highlights view was the source of all my confusion.) Now you'll see that the snow photos are just duplicates of other photos. Delete all the snow photos. Finally, make a note to yourself that you will yell at the next 5 google employees you meet. It's the least you can do.
Why did Google think I would it to ruin my pictures? 
I hate it. How do I make it stop?
How do i remove it from my images.I didn't ask for fake snow to be put in MY photos so i want it removed.
Can I add this to the other photos in my gallery?
How can I add the snow. I've been shaking my phone like crazy but nothing! Please help!!
I don't think if works Amy more or maybe it will come back for Christmas
Google please add the twinkle lights and snow back. My family loves this feature especially the kids... 
Google PLEASE this Year!!!! When will it come?
Iam waiting.
Thank you!!!
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