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Happy 94th birthday to Jackie Robinson! The first black Major League Baseball player debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947; a doodle in his honor is hitting it out of the park on U.S. homepages today. 
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50th +1er! WHOOT WHOOT! luv the drawing!
+Just Girly Things they did draw it, it says in the title comment or whatever. It's preeeetty cool that someone could draw THAT good!!!!
google made ethhis dooodle ^_&
Happy 94th birthday Jackie Robinson!

The first black Major League Baseball player debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947! :D
Saw this this morning! Sorry for the double wording. :P
Happy Birthday!  You are an inspiration to all of us...
Thanks to google for honoring a true hero...and more importantly thanks to Jackie for making the best game in the world even better, and the best country in the world even better. America owes a ton of gratitude to Mr. Robinson. Happy Birthday Jackie!
Originally on the royals, my home team
ya we played baseball at school (im in 10th grade) in honer of him
Tony B
One of the Best and Classiest athletes EVER!!
Jackie Robinson was a Republican!
Why don't we celebrate the first Irish man that played baseball? What the fuck ? Why does it always have to be black
That's racist not to celebrate the Irish man I'm offended. My people were treated bad by the white man also. Where's my scholarship?
Yeah! What would baseball be without you? 
Happy Birthday Jackie you were the best baseball player I know you
change the world thanks be to God for that.
Milky moo you don't get it do you? OK yeah I'm Irish and I'd like to see my people get celebrated just like Puerto Ricans, Chinese, and all the other cultures out there want to be celebrated. Its always about black people. I want IRISH HISTORY MONTH
Did you have a Stan the man logo?
My dad tells stories about how he learned how to catch a ball from Mr. Robinson, who lived around the corner in Washington Heights, near Marshallton, across from that old church. I wonder if they're true- dad was 'Buzz' back then. Happy birthday, in any case!
AND he served our country! Once stationed at the Big Red One; Fort Riley, KS. Hooah!
Damn shame; celebrating allowing a"MAN" 2 play a funky ass sport. Then u got tha funky ass nerve 2 talk shit about my leadership skills. Kiss my ass up in da cut.!!! Teabag bitchies!!!
+Ryan Brown I think you have to start the trend...
Look up the positive contributions of Irish folk...
My great great grandfather was Irish...
So let me start...
Sir James Martin CBE DSc CEng FIMechE FRAeS (11 September 1893 – 5 January 1981) is a Northern Irish engineer and together with Captain Valentine Baker the founder of the Martin-Baker aircraft company which is now a leading producer of aircraft ejection seats.

I picked this one because my daughter is at Embry-Riddle. It's good to know that if the aircraft has problems she can bail. 

Don't get mad...
That must be the Irish temper...
Don't cuss...
Just get crackin'...
Back to celebrating a true sportsman...
In this day of doping and cheating, it is good to remember true heroes.

+Google thanks for your start to Black History Month.
Sherry Donaldson- Thompson, THANK YOU! Finally someone who has an open mind, speaks kindly, and supports our right FOR ALL RACES AND CULTURES TO BE CELEBRATED. I ask people, what's wrong with wanting your heritage remembered, your ancestors accomplishments, history and stories remembered for future generations to understand where they came from? I think if we put more focus on celebrating ALL OF US, we wouldn't have such a focus on the black vs white issues we have in this world. So here is a little piece of my Irish heritage that I am very proud of...

Look up Tommy Loughran, heavyweight boxing champion of the world. He is my great uncle. Google why don't you do something to remember his legacy? 
OHHH yeah
No doping either. Just pure Irish heart
My grandpa worked for the Dodgers during Jackie's time. We have a Robinson-signed ball from those days. 
Jackie Mallard. I never said I was trying to change black history month. Buy my question is why do blacks get an entire month dedicated to them? No other race or culture has an entire month dedicated to them. Now explain how that's fair
Kassidy Kent I don't get your point? You mean to tell me there are no Irish Americans with major accomplishments? Aren't Africans from Africa? Or is it that African Americans get recognized on Black History month since they were born in America or they became American citizens. Well the same goes for Irish, many of my family members have Irish blood and were born on American soil... example my great uncle Tommy Loughran who was a heavy weight boxing champion in the United States when he walked this earth. Why can't he be recognized? Is it because his skin tone is white? Hmmm seems a little discriminate to me. Therefore this is why I feel my ancestors and other Americans regardless of what their nationality deserve to have a month to celebrate their heritage and legends of their ancestors. Again.... why does it have to be black? 
Oh and one more thing... Tommy Loughran... yep an American citizen that lived in Philadelphia. 
Ergh, my first comment was a bit sloppier than I usually publish. I didn't express myself well. I'm sorry for that.

But I do agree with what you've just said. I don't think that we should have Black History month at all if we don't have others. I am not of the opinion that the way to atone for our past mistakes is by further segregating our history books and calendars. If you want to treat everyone equally, then you must not separate the struggles and triumphs of African Americans from the rest of Americans. If we continue to do so, yes, perhaps we should include holidays for other ethnic groups as well.
How to add these at google?
Happy Birthday Jackie Robinson! GO DODGERS!!!!
I remember Jackie. Born same year
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