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It’s that time of year… the in-laws are coming for a tasty Turkey Day dinner. You’re elbow-deep in your turkey, ready to start the stuffing and you need to quickly calculate how many ounces of walnuts are in a cup. This year, rather than stopping midway through to wash your hands and type in a search, you can just speak to your laptop: “Ok Google, how many ounces are in one cup?” Et voila, the cooking can go on. You can also say “Ok Google, set a timer for 30 minutes” so you don’t forget to baste that turkey. To access hands-free search on your laptop, just download the Google Voice Search Hotword extension from the Chrome Web Store: (available in English in the U.S.). Hope you have a stress-free Thanksgiving Day feast!

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Awesome. Next step is to integrate this straight into Chrome. Would be amazing to be able to say "Okay Google" any time I have the Chrome Browser open regardless of the page I'm on.
+André Mewes I believe that they still use ounces in the USA, the country where they celebrate the holiday "Thanksgiving" on the last Thursday of November.

I just love the idea of knowing that Chrome is always listening to your microphone on your laptop. that is the only way it can know when you say "OK Google." So, how much of that voice is being sent unencrypted over the web, where the NSA can intercept it? Basically, Chrome is a bug in every home.
+Brian Holt Hawthorne This tells me you didn't read anything about this extension. It listens only when you visit A taskbar icon will show up, showing that Google is accessing your microphone, and will disable after you navigate away from

+Google Hey guys, having some issues with it activating on, probably because the extension doesn't recognize the URL. Is that working as intended?
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I think the always listening tech is awesome and have been rather hoping Motorola would do a tablet with the feature.
Google does not need to send the "OK Google" command to the internet to parse. This is quickly noticeable on an Android tablet where I can indeed disconnect and then initiate a Google Now search with the "OK Google" phrase. It then immediately tells me it can't reach Google, but the phrase indeed does initiate the app to tell me that.
OK Google - Make me a sammich
Nice n essy, good application
+Fausto Nomura it's a Chrome extension, you have to be on a laptop/desktop to install it
For it to always be on/listening with the Note 10.1, it would have to be running Android 4.4 atleast and have the Google Experience Launcher installed
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+Google This extension is great. What we need now is something like the Android Search Widget that can be placed on your desktop, with the option of turning it off of course for those that don't want a 'bug' sending their conversations to the NSA constantly (or draining the battery).Great job on what we have so far.
Reminders aren't working. Coming soon?

Also if you're having trouble getting it to work lower your microphone sample rate, that fixed it for me.
Hey +Google , the "remind me" functionality is not working.  Is that a preview?
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Anyone tried "what is bing" or just "bing"
Do doopy to Wasze google now jak i tak w Pl to nie działa !!!!
OK Google, book a flight to get the in-laws out
I have to click on the microphone to perform a voice search.  Is there a way to get it to listen automatically, when I hit  -edit:  I guess this is normal behavior.  I wish it would listen right away... 
+Nathan Walters  I did.  Google Voice Search Hotword (Beta)  
It's the only currently enabled extension.
+Michael Paulauski Sorry, I just assumed that everyone else on Google+ was like me and always had at least one Chrome tab open to Google for search, email, Google+, Voice, Calendar, Drive, or any of the other things that I do with Google when I am on Chrome.
This is so awesome! Great feature, hopefully you can bring this to the browser so I can just ask from any tab that I have open.
+Google Doesn't work at all on OSX 10.9 With dev version of chrome. Extension just crashes. Tested on 2 MBP (13" and 15").
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I used voice search on my phone to convert liters to gallons!
Hands-Free! I'm so tired of typing with two fingers and a thumb for the space bar. I may never open IE again....
Where should I report bugs? For some reason, the extension is installed but fails to load.

I looked at debug console and the error is as follows: "NativeClient: NaCl module load failed: could not load nexe url."
It answers back with an audio search result answer . Awesome
PSA: Reminders are working now!
Only in the US? Again? Come on Google we use your products here in the UK too.
Darn, our country need  one of those 911, so that we also get our privacy revoked, so that my computer can hear any word i say under name of "Protection"...
Duc Le
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Doesn't work for me. I installed the extension and enabled the microphone option. Still nothing.

I am using Chrome version: Version 31.0.1650.57 m

Am I missing something?
Nope, works for me in the Netherlands - in English language - with the same version: Version 31.0.1650.57 m
Just click on the mike in the search field, applet installs automatically.
This may have a limited use for now, but my impression after using it so far is positive. Never stop moving and improving +Google!
Hands free? You'll need hands to type into the omni box in order for this to work, hope you don't mind raw turkey juice on your keyboard, or always leaving a google tab open and in the foreground.
+Jesus Gonzalez I don't think search by image is baked into Chrome. You still have to install the extension.
OK Google... How hard is it to make this work in the UK?
This is not bad at all; though as other have said, this seems to break if your google page redirects to a local version. I wonder if it'd be possible to make it work on the new tab page as well
Pretty nice feature but I am little bit disappointed that it is available only on I am using so I hope it can be there... Still in English but it should be available from "localized" google pages I think.
+eric toledono, this is not to be confused with Google Now! I want my Google Now cards on my desktop! 
Seems to not be working on my Samsung Chromebook...
Version 31.0.1650.61
Platform 4731.73.0 (Official Build) stable-channel daisy
Firmware Google_Snow.2695.117.0
+Matt Coddington It's not working on my Samsung Chromebook either, but it is working on my PC.  Not sure what the difference is.
Hmmm...what am I missing?  I installed the extension.  I go to  I have to click on the microphone to do a voice search.  When I try again and do actually get the "say ok google" text, I say 'ok Google' -- and it turns off my voice search.
I have to click the microphone icon to use this for some reason... it will not respond to "OK Google" nor does the microphone icon ever go solid.
Awesome stuff. As others have mentioned, I would absolutely love to see this fully integrated into Chrome, so you can start a search any time without a Google search box in sight. 
It doesn't work on my chrome either, I  cannot hear anything, no sound/voice.
this is something to give thanks for!  Thank  you +Google 
It just keeps getting better!!!! You guys Rock!
A step on the way to the all talking interface. Accessing the cloud for voice interaction is a waste of information processing power. Better if the app joins a private p2p processing network of users. Google could utilise the mega idle time power of it's voice users to add features like 3D scanning, hand writing recognition, and interactive avatars, without a drain on their all important cloud systems. Once we have virtual projectors and a smell interface, we wont be able to tell the difference between reality and surfing. Go Google World Wide "Holo Deck" computing interface.    
+Michael Paulauski Actually, if you go to your google account settings page (not plus), where there is no input box of microphone icon, and say "Ok Google", it "blips" letting you know, it's still listening... 

BAM BAM BAAAAAAM (The plot thickens) ;)
I wondered why the microphone icon changed in Google Search a couple weeks ago (not listening icon). Now I know why.

Just running some random testing so far..but this is REALLY impressive. I'll be interested to see how battery consumption is affected. But if Google can find a minimal footprint and power consumption for this great tech enhancement, then I'm excited how it could be used in Chrome control and interaction for all sites.

The next phase of Human Computer Interaction is looking closer and closer to a generational leap in advancement. Seeing this new voice interaction, the visual interactions of Google Glass and the motion-tracking, voice-controlled UI for the Xbox One... it only makes "sense" that sensory technology is on the cusp of becoming pervasive in our culture. 
i cant get it to work on my chromebook? Am i missing something?
i cannt set up reminders or alarms or anything, intead of that it just "search the web" for the reminder :S

any ideas how to make it work properly?
also, when u open any new tab in chrome, u have by default a google search bar and some bookmarks there... would be nice to make it work in that bar aswell (if its already working let me know how to enable it :) )
+Manuel Herrera I have a Samsung Chromebook also, and it is not working on my device either. The microphone never goes solid. The 'Ok Google' hotword does not register.
Finally! I've been waiting since Google's I/O months ago!
This example is so funny for somebody using the metric system, like most of the European countries, as in our case we don't need to ask Google for conversion of units! It's as simple as multiplying by 10, any 10 year old kid would be able to do that...
Yet again Google makes something US only. This is happening ALL of the time now and I'm getting quite sick of it. 
John B
"Ok google, stop force closing" :)
+Google +Google Chrome This extension is not working for me. Chrome 31.0.1650.57 m Windows 7. Any troubleshooting page available?
It's not working on my Chromebook (Samsung XE303C12-A01US). I installed the extension, tried it on the new tab page and simply, but it is not listening. The microphone stays a hollowed outline. Am I missing something?
Hello I am in Peru,  and it  doesnt work forme? the mic icon isnt dark as it should be. Can someone tell me why/?  thanks for ur help
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Thanks Google my tablet is working so much better colors are brighter thanks for all the improvement!
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I'm not able to download and install this extension. I keep getting a message that says it's already being downloaded and installed. But, it's not. Any help?
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