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You’ve been looking for the perfect pair of hiking boots online, but haven’t gotten around to pulling the trigger. Starting today, if you’re out and about and near a store that carries those boots, you might see a Google Now card showing you the product and price to remind you that you wanted them. Now all you have to do is pop into the store and check if they’re in stock! Just be sure to update your #GoogleSearch app for Android now ( to get the new reminder.
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Interesting... Will be cool to see how well it works in practice. Would be nice if this was integrated into the mall listing feature mentioned previously.
Very exciting feature.but, Google should now hold a separate press conference just to tell us how this information can be kept safe. Because now google is getting way too much deep into our daily lives.
You know where else I see this feature? Internet ads. Everywhere. How many times have I ever clicked one? Never. Reason being that I've never spent time looking at anything that was so unimportant that I could simply forget I wanted it. Case in point: I have a hard time finding casual slacks anywhere because i'm between regular sizes and big & tall. After literally hours of trying to find a single pair I like that would fit and failing I am followed for days by ads for pants. It's like "Hey, remember these pants you liked that won't fit you? Oh, ok, just making sure you didn't forget. Oh, oh, remember that TV you can't afford? Here it is for the same price as last week!" If I want to buy something, I'm going to buy it. I don't need help spending my money contrary to corporate belief.
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+Andrew Schott Cool, then turn the card off. Let the rest of us who may find it useful use it.
+Andrew Schott its all about the right ad at the right time.. Who cares if its an ad, if you area actually shopping for it, and want to pick one up.. this is great.. otherwise.. go on calling around.. 
My point is I just don't see how it's useful short of relying on it to find things because when I'm looking for something I actually bother looking for it. Granted, I don't live in a metropolis where I might have 30 well known places to find what i'm looking for, but even then I get a full comparison via Google shopping results. I'm not saying don't use it; just wondering why you would.
+Google I have to stop in to check the stock? You're supposed to do that for me! I know some retailers provide you with real-time data about inventory. Let's make it all retailers. 

I like buying things, but I really hate shopping.
Give me the update already. I feel like I'm always the last one to get Google updates. 
This is a very cool feature if you're trying to price things around and happen to go by a store that might have it for the price you want. Sure is an ad but I know I've bought many things because of ads. 
Shopping for boots and Google Now suggests toys, kitchenware and blankets. Because I generally do come home with a pile of random stuff when shopping for boots. Thanks Google! 
+Google that would be great if I could actually get the update
+Andrew Schott I understand what you're saying but Google is trying to not only have ads that are relevant to YOU but they're also helping you find and buy what you're looking for when and where it is available, again when it's convenient to YOU. I don't believe Google is doing this just to be nice but I like the fact that the things they are showing are relevant to me and not just blankets ads for the masses. I also live in a small town and will probably never see this in my local retailers but I still think it's cool.
Could be useful when going for shopping trips in the big smoke.  At Christmas and birthdays we are often researching stuff online but forget what we had in mind when we go into town.  Having online price easily available would also be useful.
I wonder if this will include all the nasty sex toys related to kinky fetish porn (I hope so)
Weird. I was looking for hiking boots today. Didn't buy them yet though.
how does one get better cards. mine rarely seem relevant. i do answer questions when asked...
Nice feature! One thing isn't quite clear to me though: do shop owners have to be on Google Places or what? I mean: how does +Google otherwise know what they have in stock?
US only! Okay this feature I understand, but why the list of stores when you walk into a mall? Google already has brought indoor mall maps to India, so it shouldn't be a big deal to implement that card in India. 
So it's like AdWords Remarketing for Google Now?

Ads aren't the problem. Bottom feeding companies that clog adspace with ads for things noone will EVER buy are the problem.

And I always chuckle at those irate at companies for putting ads ever more subtly in front of them; we are as in control of our actions (via this thing called self control) as we ever were.
+Andrew Schott Well, actually... Ads pay the bills and that keeps it all free for everyone... So in that way they are important... You may not like them... You may not click on them, but they do serve a purpose...

And yes, you see ads that are relevant because they know what you searched for... Irritating? Maybe... The alternative? Irrelevant ads, and even more of them to compensate the fact they get even less clicks...

Ads are annoying, yes... Will they ever go away, no... Targeted, relevant ads is simply the best amongst the worst... Complaining will not stop it... Live with it or start organizing a whole new internet where you pay a monthly fee for your access...
The people worried about Google being too deep in their daily live need to stop thinking they are so important no body is spying on you youre not that important!
"you rearched this product recently"? Isn't that a BIG typo in code?
+Flip Schultz shop owners have to provide Google with a data feed. Some large retailers are doing this already. It would be much harder for the smaller guys to pull it off unless they hired someone to do it for them or happened to be very IT savvy.
+Aaron Jaeger Thanks for the feedback Aaron! So, to get this one clear: data feed through which channel(s)? 
+Flip Schultz I don't remember the specifics, but Google has some sort of web service where retailers can send the inventory information. It ties in with Google Shopping product listing ads I think.
This life is wonderful,just be yourself and be good nothings else yeeeeeeah! Love you all.
Its a totally different but pleasant experience
how wood you know if someone was on my computer,and i know i close the files. gut i know little about computers
I'm not sure either. Just make sure you have password protected files.
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