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Hurricane season in the North Atlantic starts on June 1. We want to help as you prepare for various summer disasters—from hurricanes to wildfires, flooding and other tropical storms. So over the next few days, the +Google Crisis Response team will share tips on how technology can help keep you safe during a disaster. First up, get Google Now on your Android/iOS device and computer. When relevant, you’ll receive a Public Alert card with critical, authoritative information to help you stay safe. #hurricaneprep
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important les alertes ! ( prévention) les destinations également 
(les routes à prendre ou à ne pas prendre,) localisation des dangers 
+Google  you are great. You try to save lives of people. Thank you.
+Google So how do I get Google Now to give me emergency alerts like Amber Alerts?
Will it be available in Germany too or is it US only?
I just got one of these notifications yesterday. :)
+TheoRose Lamour On which Gulf Coast do you live? The Gulf of California (between Southern California and Mexico)? If so, I suppose you're referring to the  Pacific hurricane season, which starts in May.

I live in FL on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. According to The Weather Channel and other authorities, our hurricane season officially runs from June 1st through November 30th. 
Not to many of those in my part of the world.  Threats from Fukushima, on the other hand, are of concern.
Singapore too ?or US only 
That is a horrendous good thing
Yes, nice....but please don't become just another US-based feed of "severe cloud warnings" that interrupt my day with sillyness or you'll be gone with the rest of them.  Please.
Thunderstorm, schmunderstorm. I'm heading to Club La Vela! 
Google should attempt something similar with the whole earthquake situation in California!
Any update news of android 4.4.3 in nexus 5
Need all the update to this erea. 
nice.Thanks Google!
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