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We get an extra day this year—and an extra doodle to go along with it! In Chile today, we’re celebrating the birthday of writer Marcela Paz with a doodle featuring her most beloved character, Papelucho.
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Beautiful artwork
Excelente Doodle y muy merecido.
Excelente doodle, sin embargo no lo encuentro necesario... En mi opinión no son tan buenos sus libros...
Quien no encuentra buenos estos libros, no ha sido niño, aújn recuerdo muchas historias de papelucho, no es agatha christi pero el objetivo se cumple hacia quien dirige sus letras
Genial, espectacular, buenisimas sus historias, la domitila y su bicicleta
I know, I was born on February 25, I just turned 31.
Here's an idea: Honor 4 peeps with birthdays today... as this day comes only once every 4 years!
Happy Birthday 220th birthday to Gioachino Rossini and Happy Leap Day to all. This is great day to take a great leap of faith!
Tengo una .. uno puede subir mas tipos de letras en " Google fonts api " .. porque hay pocas letras :(
Google is very god, es muy bueno, es exelente.
Oh its 6:35pm and I just realized its leap year/day.
I always wondered about people born on leap day. They only get to officially celebrate their birthday once in a blue moon. :(
excellent doodle and well-deserved tribute
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