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In 1913, a trip to Antarctica was advertised with the following: "Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success." Now, nearly 100 years later, you can take the same journey wearing shorts & a t-shirt, from the comfort of your browser. We've added new panoramic imagery of historic Antarctic locations (inside and out) to our World Wonders Project site ( Learn more on our blog: and in the video below.
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Canada's flag is not at the south pole.  Not cool Canada!
Ki Wi
oops did i heard amazing & willing to signup for Safe return doubtful?
Great to be able to share the same journey to the Antarctica that was nearly 100 years ago.
My mouse pointer freezed to the desktop.... now what?
Wow! Would be awfully neat to go for real! Though not in shorts and a t-shirt...
its not really awsome actully is way to much boring sorry but it is true
I wonder how the response was to that original advertisement.
Shorts and a t-shirt? Damn, I'm under dressed.
Humans use to live there, but then i visited
Your frikey your pic is weird 
Some recruitment specs. In a way, reminds me of Gimli from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001).

"Certainty of death, small chance of success... What are we waiting for? "
Meh, saw Josh Gates go there on Destination Truth!
i want to go there to see the penguins :)
I'm going out for a walk.  I may be some time.
Excellent! Good on you Google, the cruise ship in the background at the end kind of ruins the landscape though
Probably the only piece of explored land that no country would fight for :)

This may sound cool, but I really wish we get better street maps in places where they are needed more-like the inhabited ones!
Has anyone ever read the book about Shackleton's adventure? Quite fascinating! I read it to our older children when they were younger and they were mezmerized by the adventure as it unfolded. 
Oh they will fight over this as the ice smelts and someone discovers some form of fossil fuel or other riches to be mined there...
i want to go to the beach!!!!!!
well i want to go to hawaii
Nice Google.Next thing U know they will allow U 2 go in space.XD
I think this video is for those who will never make it to Antarctica in their lives!
yeah, this is a holiday for people like me
Street view - is truly a gift for all of humanity, the task is immense.

I'm not one to slate Apple, but when the richest company on the planet can only come up with "paying a dividend" it's just not that interesting. Google may not be the richest but is definitely the most valuable.
You may be able to forgo the bitter cold, hours of darkness, and doubtful return... but you also forgo "honour and recognition in event of success".
I completely agree Anthony... also 90% of google is free to use... I don't remember when the last time Apple has done anything for free
I was stationed at McMurdo in the early 80's, and Antarctica is a beautiful place, and seeing from browser does not even come close to seeing it with your own eyes!
This isnt facebook we arent all retarted
Well it just needs Kurt Russel with a flamethrower and everything would be perfect
This looks to be in alaska bering sea
Thats just awesome, wow looking forward to seeing more
I really wish people wouldn't put music to these annoying
No, you cannot take the same journey. You can just look at some pictures from there. Don't you think you are over-exagerating ?
The man who put out the advertisement was named Ernest (?) Shackleton and I believe that throughout the whole journey, not one crew member died, because they were so focused on getting home, so it made them try even harder to make it back. But however, a lot of them were stuck on Elephant Island while a few men went out to find land (the little paddleboat was very small) and find people to go out and rescue the rest. I think they were all rescued.
This is great tools to get in touch with every one.
Just the beginning..awsome
"Men wanted for hazardous journey. Great wages, 2 years travelling, return doubtful, honor and recognition via Wikipedia. Fly to Mars!"
Mantenho o meu foco no melhor que eu possa imaginar e permitir que uma visão positiva me impulsione para frente,sempre com o meu pensamento positivo e fé.Obrigado!
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