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Welcome +Google for Media! We recently started a new Google+ page as a resource for journalists around the world. We'll be sharing examples, tutorials and products designed to aid your newsgathering. We hope it inspires you to adopt Google's tools to create unique and interesting stories.

Follow +Google for Media, and be sure to tell us what you think. We encourage your feedback and interaction.
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put on tinfoil hat Just wait...Google will soon control what the media reports, not the government anymore...
Welcome to Google Plus, followed.
I think this is an interested idea, but if you plan on posting Google related news, then it might be best to brand it as a Google News/PR feed rather than an overall tool to help journalists. We tend to get irritated quickly at covert marketing schemes.
There are better places to write essays about your problems with other Google products.
Yea if I was google...... yea try walmart
Great. Added another to my googleverse circles.
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After the heroic efforts of the Greatest Generation during World War II fighting bloody battles to overcome the military industrial machines of fascist governments and to save the world for democracy, after the struggles to build a society of opportunity and equality during the Civil Rights era, after American workers built the great hydroelectric projects of the 1930s and worked alongside immigrants building the transcontinental railroads generations earlier, after public investments created the intestate highway system in the 1950s, after land grant schools and public funding created the science and technological breakthroughs including the internet which have created business opportunities unparalleled anywhere on the planet, I ask you how is it that the robber barons of today want a free ride today?

Why are the wealthiest in American content to use up our national inheritance to build still greater fortunes for themselves? Freedom is not divorced from responsibility. Freedom is earned through shared sacrifice. Those who refuse to give back, to make America stronger than they found it are not patriots. Those who seek to boost their fortunes while feeding on the strength of their homeland are ungrateful, unpatriotic and anti-American. Over the generations, we the people have paid dearly for our freedom in blood, toil and personal sacrifice. The time has come for an accounting.
I don't know where to report this, so i thought maybe here!
Please stop spammers, robots that chat to advertise certain adult sites, I feel like i'm back to MSN again, I love all google does, i'm using most of your products, and i feel safe you holding my data, but please don't allow Spammers! Thank you. +Google the account spamming me was : coolcuteygurl
Google always knows what it really needs to do.
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