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Friday in Thailand, we shared a doodle for the Songkran festival. During this multi-day celebration of the New Year, Thais throw water—often through water fights in the streets—and visit elders, family and friends.
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Fantastic Job Google :) Another Art Piece For The Win Again.
Google you guys should do a Doodle on Apr 30 or early May for when/if the SpaceX Dragon successfully launches and docks with ISS. This will be historic and needs to grab the public's attention.
National Water Fight Day? :O We need more Thais here so we can celebrate this as well :D
This is one day I would want to have one of those new "water resistant" point and shoot cameras with me. Wet T-shirts everywhere?
At least where I grew up, July 4th is national water fight day. The second half of the 4th of July parade is "wet" -- meaning all of the floats are armed with water guns, water balloons, buckets, and the occasional firehose, and all of the watchers come prepared as well. It's a massive float vs audience water fight that degenerates into an everyone vs everyone free for all. The fire department even cracks open a few fire hydrants so all can refill when they run out of ammo.

You might think the fire department would win this battle hands down, and maybe they do, but I don't think anyone gets as wet as the firemen.
Sean S
On Songkran, menthol powder mixed with water is often used.
OK, sounds a little like our Christmas and Easter Celebrations. Well except for the water. PBS had a video on this week about Food in America and it was the first time I heard about tomato fights in Nevada. Our image of the farm is dated when you see the mega farms in the midwest and California.
There is a similar festival called Thingyan in Myanmar
Aru Raj
Yes, it is "cool", but it wastes water. Instead of using water properly, that most countries need, they are using it to play and throw at people.
Oh yeah +Aru Raj no american holidays waste anything... oh wait they are probably way more wasteful
logo yg mantafff....
Songkran was crazy. Chonburi even crazier. miss it!
Fu Lee
Thailand? Songkran festival ??....
ohhh, I always thought that Songkran Festival is only in China
Do they call "Songkran" in China too? Just curious. :-)
University of Michigan's Thai student association is actually holding a fun mini celebration of this this year where they're encouraging maybe different types of people to come and learn about it... and play with water guns, of course.
That's sweet +Ashley Ahr! Though, if you ever go you realize that squirt guns are for the infants. We used buckets, fire trucks, 50 gallon drums, and 50 lb ice in the drums to freeze the water. :D
and...7-11 put cardboard down on the floors cuz it was always wet, people shot buckets of water through open car windows, hit people on motorcycles. the only people you avoid hitting is the elderly. :D
It's called Thingyan festival in Myanmar. Hope google hv a chance to create one for Myanmar version in the future.
If you want to join us, please do come!

Bewarned though, the weather here is very hot, especially during Songkran. This year is not very hot, but who knows the next ?
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