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We’ve made an update to Google Goggles for Android. In particular, it's now easier for you to use the app to shop and discover products that are right for you. Here’s a quick summary of today’s changes:

1. Improved recognition of products. We’ve increased our coverage of products and barcodes that Goggles recognizes, with a focus on international products and barcodes. Give it a whirl while you’re traveling. 
2. Browse similar products. Have you ever struggled to replace a favorite dress? Goggles can help you find products that are similar to something you’ve owned or seen before. When you take a picture of an item and Goggles can’t find an exact match, you’ll have the option to browse products by category that look similar to your image. Refine by category, brands or gender, or long press an item to explore products that are similar to that selection.
3. “Search from camera” is now easier. Turn on Goggles with one click within your Android Camera app. As you go about your life taking photos, Google will provide you with relevant information on the things you’ve photographed. It’s a great way to learn more about what you see around you, especially when traveling.

Last but not least, when you scan a barcode or QR code that takes you to a webpage, Goggles will now show you a preview of the page, so you know where you’re going right away.

Google Goggles 1.9 is available for all Android devices. Scan the QR code below to download, or visit Google Play: And tell us what you think on +Android. 
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This sounds like an excellent update!!
Yo dawg, just scan this QR code to get a QR code scanner
Just got the update. Though have not used it. Going to....
I never tried this before.  Very cool.  Though strangely the preview image the app shows me is mirror reversed (on my Nexus 7). 
nice use of a QR image to download the app. thanks!
Available for ALL Android devices? Nexus7?
Fan Kim
more simple more useful
Just updated. Good job.
Visual identifying get better then before.
I like the update, but with more emphasis on shopping is there not now a greater overlap with Google Shopper? Shopper and Offers are already gathering dust. I would like to see recognition of plants.
Still crashes on my i9000 (Samsung Galaxy S) :(
i would be happy if the app could recognize wifi enabled QR codes like Barcode Scanner so i can get rid of that app.
This is an easier way for the government to track our purchases, far easier than the current bar code.  So when will they start implanting us with RFID chips or branding us?  I read these comments and I am shocked at how willing you folks are to use this.  Soon these things will come back to bite us all.  My older Android does not have the ability to scan this and once the time to upgrade comes, if we still have our freedoms by then, I will not be using that feature.
+Luke Hucke, how would this take away our freedoms? I'm not seeing the bridge between scanning products in a store, to "no freedoms". What are the intervening steps? I'm asking honestly, not sarcastically. I am genuinely curious.
Nicholas Alberson, I didn't even know QR codes could do that. Hah! Learn something new every day, thanks! Also, now that I've learned that, I second your idea...
I wish I could use Google Goggles. I have a Samsung Galaxy Player and they won't update the Gingerbread firmware. The camera is reversed on some apps like this. Oh well. That's what I get for choosing Samsung.
I see a puppy...or maybe a tentacle monster.
Usability versus privacy again. Optio nal?
I eat out a lot and like using goggles for searching for the wine I ordered. Nice update but more wine recognition pls
This doesn't work in India at least not the way how Google like us to use!
Little Ceasar's Pizza LOL. That's wt that reminds me of. I don't like Little Ceasar's though ._.
I found it annoying that after starting Goggles, I need to locate and press the camera icon at all. It should start the camera when Goggles is launched. All i want to do is to point to something (eg a bar code) and let goggles tell me something about it. All the other options (movie, picture from folders, history, location, etc) should either be demoted to options or even to a separate app. 
agreed here.  and it displays results in the edge of the screen as you wave the camera.
Is there a way to get the barcode number -> product information search without using Goggles? I want to use that search to catalogue my DVD collection.
why not Goggles?
Anyway, there are plenty other bar code readers, such as Quick Mark or ixMAT.
Goggles doesn't have a way to create lists of scanned products. It's also the best free barcode scanner I've found, and the ONLY one I've found that correctly identifies Australian DVDs from their barcodes.
Hmm....a barcode I successfully scanned didn't come up with any entry of what it was. I wish I could just add an entry of what it is in the database. Any plans on google goggles allowing us to crowdsource missing info?
When are the rest of us Samsung owners of cell phones and galaxy tab 10in notebooks going to get our upgrades to the ICS software. I been waiting patiently for months and still nada nothing . Something is not right with this picture.
it's really sad that goggles forcefully seeks updates. what about people(like me) still using Android 2.1? Google Goggles has been renedered useless now
Were do you acquire these goggles from 
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