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We just redesigned Google Images to make it easier to move through a series of images—it’s now faster, more reliable and lets the images do the talking.

Once you click on a image, you can quickly flip through the whole set of image previews using your keyboard. If you want to go back to looking at other search results, you can just scroll down and pick up right where you left off. To check out the website where the image is hosted, you can click on the photo or use the tools available.

The new design is rolling out worldwide over the next few days. We hope this update makes it easier and even a bit more fun to find the images you’re looking for.
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nope, still got the same layout. But, the Mila Kunis search seemed faster.
the account belongs to someone named Tara Kousha
Great, the multiple photo posts were a pain
If you'd change the search settings back to the way it WAS then this would make looking for Porn way easier than ever.
I was just thinking yesterday how I wish Google Images were updated to some style like this. Very nice looking; thanks!
kinda looks like the new iTunes. i like it
Finally! It was horrible! I literally suffered when I used the older version. 
Bing is copied from Google. Your argument is invalid.
Your update seems to have broken the ability to lock safesearch for image search which our school district had done successfully for the last few years (just gives an oh, it can't be locked error). I've already had several reports of students being busted for porn-related image searches today, something we've been free from for the last few years. Personally, I really don't care what someone else is searching for, but professionally, you've just made my job more difficult. Thanks. :D
This change works so much better than I expected it to work.
Great job!
my account is probably hosted in the last google server in line... :-\
I always see updates after a loooong time!
beautiful and doesnt take you to a separate landing page for more info, like it did before on clicking an image...gr8!
Google was created before anything else was extremely popular. As far as features went, they had nothing to piggyback or get inspiration from, besides the basic function of search. bing, however, came along as a reactionary service after Microsoft decided to try to compete with Google after Google was already popular.

Google was one of the biggest companies to offer services such as email and search for free. Before that, it was not uncommon for you to pay money for an email service. Bing has nothing on Google. 
I saw a hint of the black screen about two months ago when I was looking for an image then it disappeared.
Anna S.
Nice!! I'm always searching images; thank you for making life a little easier! 
That's... That's... A HUGE display!
nothin so far. Look forward to seeing it.
idk, too much of a change for me. Its aight tho
Sounds interesting, but it would be really nice to hear about redesigning Google+ Photo Albums, because it's unbelievably inconvenient now. It was a huge step backward compared to Picasa Web Albums. For how long we won't be able to change Album Cover? Not to mention how albums look at my 27" display at 175% magnification in Chrome. While Picasa Web Albums still look fine. Not to mention Photos in Android G+ app, where you have to change full-screen mode back and forth just to see next photo!
si.. ya lo probé... funciona de maravilla... hace tiempo yo decía... en el móvil es más fácil observar las imágenes de Google.... porqué no hay un visor así en pista el escritorio tradicional? +Washington Andrade M. +Ronny Cevallos Mera 
Just tried it whilst signed it and my own pictures came up first, isn't this like personalized search that someone else is talking about - great job Google 
its not changed yet.... when it gonna function properly in public?
Thank you Google for making the internet an awesome place. I appreciate it.
+1 that this post from Google will reach the +1000 Mark!
Waiting for this for a long time... up until now the image search experience on mobile was way better because of being able to flip through the images
Eric Su
I don't think this has helped to protect photographers rights at all. Now the wallpaper scrapers can easily circumvent the no right click plugins I have activated on my blog and infringe on my copyrights. They don't even have to go to my site to steal my images. Personally I think this sucks. Google had the right to display thumbnails not the full sized image that they are showing. Doesn't Google give a damn about protecting copyrights?
This is the biggest achievement in world. I like it.  
Hi - sorry im little bit upset -
im searching 10-15 minutes that somebody help from the google(any connection, email, telepho what else..)
so about 15 o'clock my google said thaht  I got in the google somewhere else...
Next is the problem:
- im at home (hungary)
- i've created this account about a week and never gave out my password
so anybody can i help? where im get in my google - because i can't be that(and untill now i haven't got any information my Holographic-able :DD ) so somebody from there its not only my problem.
and this is the second that i want to speak somebody from the google but haven't got any information about that.
sorry for here.
Thank you
+endor dnagy You have chosen possibly the worst outlet you could for tech support....
This is awesome, I found this layout about a week ago... but It disappeared again :( great work Google and you could make other branches have the same type of layout >.<
Honestly, I'm not sure how this is faster. With the old search there was a link for "Similar Images" right there on the pop up. With this search one had to click "Image Details," which brings up a standard Google search, and then click on "Visually Similar Images." That isn't really faster! I much preferred the old search for that reason.
i want link for similar images back. do NOT like this new format
I love it. The last one made me think Google had monkeys working there. Seriously, not even Microsoft was that stupid with Bing. 
I love this! I just saw it and had to come and tell you how sweet it is!
I think the change is nice, but I really need that "similar images" link back in a convenient place. You have lots of space to work with, so just put it back on the initial result, pretty please! :)
Now, there's a lot of space to put ads banner? Ads on web text search, ads on news serach, ads on video search (youtube), and soon, ads on images search...
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Nice,but why I think it looks like Bing?:)
I was waiting for a long time for that
im wondering why nasa only send drones to mars their technology is so advance why not they send humans?
Just out of curiosity, did Google also turn the Minimize, Maximize and Close icons a very bright red? If so can you please turn it back or give us an option to change it ourselves. The red is not only super bright but hurts your eyes & is very distracting too
what's the website for that search?
I still have the same old presentation.  I must be missing something about how to initiate this view.
So now Google can display a full size version of my copyrighted image completely bypassing my site.  Image search traffic is down by 30 - 50% since this rolled out and it is only on chrome so far.  Another strike against the webmasters and those that create the content.  Google has gone beyond the bounds of fair use here and made it even easier for people to download our images without even visiting our site. 
This will be extremely hard on image blogs. How long until Google scrapes all the text of web pages as well and displays it in the search results?
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Finally, you have fixed that! It never worked properly in the first place.
Another great improvement by Google :)
One thing... Could you please change it so clicking on the picture links to the actual image, rather than to the host website? And could you please put a "similar images" link too? I see that the "more sizes" link is already there.
I dislike this change.  How can I remove it?
What happened to "MORE LIKE THIS"  Nice to have the enlarged image, but hey: that's not what I liked about IMAGES. If I'm looking for something LIKE something, I need MORE LIKE THIS. Please put this back!
Google cheerleaders are amazing.
How can anyone consider this an improvement?
Google filters images for you?
How 1984 of you.
I sheep, don't know use Google if it effects you badly 
Shitty update. The old system was infinitely better. Fuck this bullshit.
I don't like this at all. Many of the features I enjoyed about google images now take an extra time consuming click. Perhaps its faster for the computer to display results but it takes longer for me to get to them. The hover zoom feature needs to be brought back it is a huge deterrent to have to click tons of pictures to see them better when you're looking for something specific. I also now have to click twice to get to the actual full size image where as before it was only once. I'm usually quite fond of google but I will put convenience over brand loyalty. Google images isn't worth the extra hassle the way it is now, if it stays like this I'll go see what other search engines have to offer.
Oh great, Bing was stealing my images, Pinterest is stealing my images, now, Google???
I was surprised by the new update for Google Image search.  It sucks!  It worked great for me the way it was.  Images take longer to load now, and I'm missing the "similar images" and "more sizes" search feature when you put the mouse pointer on an image. Why can't Google just leave well enough alone?
So how to I go back to the old format? this one is way to annoying.
now my pg up button takes me to the top of the page...only on image search.
The solution to this problem is simple. Block Google from taking your images. If you can't monetize your images, or at least get traffic from sharing them with Google, there is no sense giving it to them. Google's monetization of webmasters continues in earnest now that the FTC rolled over and died...
Now there is no "similar" or "more sizes" options.
You guys blew it big time!

How do I search for the same pic but in bigger sizes now? GRRRR!!!
Google Images no longer have the enlarge on hover feature for me.  If this new change is thought to somehow be good - it's beyond me... I think it's terrible! 
I am on my knees and I BEG of you to reconsider this update and how it is affecting publishers. Image search referral traffic has dropped off to shockingly low levels since the switch happened, because why would a visitor come to my site if they can get my high-resolution hotlinked images directly from Google? I've invested thousands of dollars in creating super-high quality images for my sites that have historically ranked very well. Now anyone can circumvent my on-page image theft protection mechanism and steal content directly, made easy and convenient by your interface. 
Can't Google get anything right? They left out the view more images like this feature. Not cool Google.
NO!! IT SUCKS a big time!! Before you were able to see SAME image in different sizes. Where this option go???  Why  Google is  "improving" things to make them work less user friendly??? 
Why they never ask what the USERS want?
+Martin Oldridge +Wendy Piersall  I agree with you both and think that photographers should get together and file a class action lawsuit against this change. My stats are way down from prior to this change and I despise it that Google has made it much easier for scrapers to steal our images.  
I'd like to add perhaps a more eloquent appeal to you. My business model is specifically built on being able to make money off of the views and usage of my images. I have this legal right as a content creator and copyright holder, and there's nothing unethical or immoral about that. By displaying my images in your search results in this specific manner, you are stripping me of my ability to do this. I understand that you have gotten complaints about 'phantom' impressions from the way you had grayed out the page in the past. But this arrangement creates even more of a 'phantom impression', because I've still delivered my product (my image), yet you haven't delivered a visitor (my revenue). 

I also understand that you want to create beautiful products, and create a good user experience. I have a really difficult time believing that Google cannot accomplish these two goals without delivering a visitor to a page they clearly want to visit.

Google, I know you can do better than this, and I have to believe that your Do No Evil motto would ensure that you do what is right by both your users and by the creators of the content your users wish to find. 
I agree with all those negative comments. Latest changes are simply unacceptable. 
Fine for the visual, but a massive hit to the head with google's main objective : Search Efficiently. Where has the find similar images gone to?
Seems like it has been reduced to Face, Photo (which is also Face), Line Drawings and Clip Arts. No more right click conceptual menu.
Why taking away power searching tools?
Absolutely Negative for me and all other webmasters and publishers. I don't know what to say about photographers and any other people which makes money with their visitors which are 50% down in last few days.
Yes, many of us are angry or speechless about the latest changes, but does Google care???
Google is well known not to reply to our questions and concerns. 
Stop including me in these conversations!
Google image search has become the top image scraper on the planet, worse than the sleazy wallpaper sites that steal our images that we all work hard to create. I am NOT gaining traffic like Google has said, I am LOSING it
You know, many people just say: I like it, without even checking what is it about. Many don't even care or see the difference. Some might be even employed by Google. Who knows. 
There is no way  an "informed" person could like this new changes. Yes, you are right - Google just don't care what we, the users think about.
Well, we complain AND take action. Like you, we will simply choose another browser.  Not that Google will give a fart about it, or read our complaints   - I never saw them going back to a customer with help or solution, or have courtesy to  reply when asked a question. That's a bad business manners. They might feel mighty right now, but they will realize that it does not take much to fall from the pedestal.
Another problem with this change is that by removing the background frame containing the original source page of the image, the presentation of the image is taken out of context.  If that page contains more content and perhaps more images, as is the case on my website, there is a greater likelihood the viewer will click through to see the additional content.  If they don't have that context - if all they see are the other image thumbnails on Google, they don't have any confirmed incentive to visit the site. 

This probably explains reduced traffic vs my expectation based on past patterns.

This is way beyond "fair use" of copyrighted material.
New design looks good. BUT Where is the "find similar"!?!?!? This was the most useful feature of image search.
Find similar, find other sizes and the zoom!!! THAT is missing! :(
This search feature blatantly "sucks" how do I go back to the original were I can READ the original link info?
agreed, the new interface sucks if you aren't on a tablet
It's google's most shameful act since its inception!
I finally created a Google+ account just so I can post here!  The bottom line is that the navigation for google image search results is no longer intuitive.  I tried using it for over a week figuring I would "get used" to the new click pattern but I just can't.  Clicking the back button to leave the image is natural but that throws you back a page. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! 
Yeah, but I doubt anyone from Google is listening to the complains. 
Has anyone heard ANYTHING back from Google in response to our complaints about their violation of copyright on our images?  Also, has anyone started action on a lawsuit? 
I never ever heard anything from Google, even when  asked a troubleshooting question. I doubt they even read this. Or care. And you will not find any direct contact to them - email or phone number. 
really missing the "find similar" ... why when something works ... they make it go worst ?
I am sure the changes they do are for THEIR profit, not to please us.
horrible.  you could at least give users an option to use the basic image search in the search preferences.
I lost most of my traffic coz of this new idiotic idea. Thank you.
i am getting about 30% LESS google image search traffic on my website with this "improvement", with this change, now 2 clicks are necessary to get to the website where the original image is displayed in its context. people are lazy and most will just look at the "large" thumbnail on the google image result page. not happy with this "improvement"....
Google does not care... Not their problem and not their loss... 
SOLUTION HERE!!! --- BING IMAGES --- BING will give you the balloon sized PREVIEWS and also hover over the left bottom corner and get option for OTHER SIZES option!  Goodbye google images once and for all!  --  Stupid improvement
Ok, as I can see from traffic drop report, this awesome change is now working on all google servers. Traffic drop is ~50%. Now I will probably have to find a real job.
Well, your update drop my traffic to 70%!!! You are using my bandwidth! My images! I'm loosing income (google is loosing it too, because i'm using an adsense). 
When this is on my cell phone its slower then the old one and images are not full screen any more google needs to keep phones,tablets,and computers seperate not try to make them all one.
I hate the new pop down thing.  Why fix something that isn't broken.  Is there any way to make like it use to be?  Might be time to switch to bing, although i'm guessing they have something stupid like this too.
Bing works just fine. Time to switch, yes. I did!
The inability to search for similar images or easily access the search options has made Google search no different than the other search providers. It's not intuitive anymore except for probably the keyboard navigation which was also present in the previous version of search. This is the first time I'm taking time to ever comment on a google post, specifically because I feel Google has not judged correctly the impact of the changes they brought...Just my two cents.. Please try and come up with something that does not take away the awesome functionality of the search feature... 
Lotsa flash, but a total disaster. Hate using the mobile version. I want to be able to see the full size image without going to all these weird sites- I'll decide if I want to go to a website, I don't want google doing it for me. 
bring back "more like this" feature plz
I used the little "pop" preview to search 'similar' images and also to see what keywords were getting me my results so that I could potentially "-" neg out unwanted results. For example, 'sheath' gets you a lot of sheath dresses and "-dress" doesn't always do the trick. Use case!

+Corban Hoppins The leaders in the search market were Yahoo and "MSN Search", which is what it was called prior to Microsoft switching to the name 'Bing' so that users could verb-alize the product easier. This was to combat people saying "I'll google it." They hope people will 'bing it' instead.
So Microsoft's search was not reactionary, but you're right...Bing... even down to its name... very much is.
When using Safari, when I click on images, all I get is a black screen.  I can't see the fucking image. How is this an improvement? Change it back you fucktards. Did you never hear of the old saying 'if it ain't broke...' 
I don't know what's going on at Google but search images and goggles images look like ipad images which doesn't work on cell phones. Is it possible to keep tablets separate from cell phones?
I get the going to hd pictures but the new layout is lame and it slows down all my devices when its suppose to work faster seems like a giant complicated step to go forward when u could have just made the first one that was fast in hd pictures. Way to over think it Google 
Mmmmh... Three months on and I still can't get used to this new layout. The amount of times I have clicked the browser's "Back" button after looking at an image, instead of closing it using the cross or continuing to scroll down.... Old habits die hard and like many users, I don't like change. Dunno, I guess it's just a question of getting used to it, at the moment I just get frustrated.
We shouldn't have to get use to it it wasn't broken and the old version was faster and easier to use 
How do you search similar images?  This was a great feature that I miss.  I can still do it in Internet explorer 8 which is a dinosaur but its an extremely useful feature.
Google broke their image search. I cannot even verify the meaning of bakku anymore if I'm slightly unsure due to their new filters.
How do I stop getting updates of this spam bullshit emailed to me? 
Nate W
The new google is a step backward. Its lost some of the very useful features it once had. I would also agree with other comments above such as the search similar images option, I found this very useful as well. Dont you hate it when something that used to work well the way it was gets updated to a much less useful tool.
Where is the similar image function................
Being a photographer and running a photography based blog, I'm not happy with new images search scheme. It encourage images scrapers to copy images without bothering to go to concerned site.
how click this pix it,s only one
How do I get these fucking gay notifications to stop hitting my inbox?
Ok when I click an image in Google Image search it used to pop up the box with the picture and the links for VIEW ORIGINAL, GOTO WEBSITE, and VIEW MORE SIZES but for some reason its not...can someone help?
Yay -- I think I found the solution to the missing picture info!  When I clicked on "hide private results," the info magically reappeared!  Phew.  That had been driving me nuts.
Sorry Google, but you have completely f'd up your photo site with your "social media" crap. I really hate it! Who told you this was a good idea?
When I find an image with 1.600 pixels wide and I click on "view original file".... IT SHOWS A SMALLER VERSION!!! What happened???
Very very disgusting problem Google+👎👎👎👎👎😷😭😎👊👊
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