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+Google Shopping Express is coming to more cities. Starting today, if you’re in Manhattan, N.Y. or West LA, Calif., you can get the things you want from the stores you love—the same day. Give it a try:
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Neo Wong
Never happen in China.
If I only lived across the river. 
I earlier downloaded the app.  Cant wait to try!
What does membership cost? I can't seem to find that anywhere.
+Tom Husband free for six months. They have not disclosed what it will cost after the trial is up.
+Michael Lavi , hmmm. Experiment? Maybe they don't know what it will have to cost. They'll set price once they know their costs.
Victoria how are you?
San Jose is NOT west LA - Is Chatsworth??
I miss New York especially the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The streets used to be alive with colorful people and music ringing throughout the Village from varied street musicians to concerts @ The Fillmore East. Central Park is popping with life and beautiful Kettle Drums about now. I wonder if there's a traditional wino sleeping beneath The Borg Cube? David Peel said he would never leave the Village and I believe him especially since he & John Lennon were so close. R.I.P. Brother John. WOW! I simply miss home.
what does that have to do with the subject of this article?
+KENNECTED Yeah, yeah, I gotcher manhattan right-hea!  
(say it in your best bugs bunny accent)  
Wow this is cool. I wish we had this in the UK. Maybe one day.
Phil S
Berlin? ;)
Wow head to head with Amazon. Karma for fire OS.
That's retarded there is more than just that one borough
i don't think anything can be considered express in manhattan
beijing, China
+Vincent Liu you got a point, they may need to utilize bike messengers at some point, because Manhattan traffic is brutal or they hit the city early in the morning and squat all day like Fresh Direct does...
When's it coming to the UK ?
No deliveries to the other boroughs??
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