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Now when searching for your favorite TV shows, you can get more information about specific episodes. For example, say that you’re wondering when the next season of The Walking Dead starts. Try searching for [the walking dead tv show] and you’ll see all episodes listed along with their air dates. The first season kicks off with an episode called “30 Days Without An Accident” on October 13, which means you only have a few days to refresh your memory by watching last season’s final episode, “Welcome to the Tombs.”

Don’t have time to re-watch that episode but still want a refresher?  Click on the episode title and you’ll see relevant results. This new episode information is in addition to details you can already find through the Knowledge Graph, like ratings, cast, characters and more. 

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Surprisingly this works for 'The Sopranos' and 'True Blood', but not for 'The Walking Dead' !
Why do my TV reminders come up the day before? I feel they would be best suited for 2-3 hours before the show
Something else that only works in the US
+Michael Harries These episodes will show up if you click on the series card on the right hand side for the search 'The Walking Dead'.
I can't read any of that small print on my smart phone. My loss
+David Llop TV data is hard to come by outside the US. We're going to keep trying.
Thank you +Google for making it that much easier to get my The Walking Dead fix!
why google don't speak never about google business photos?
Seems to be show dependent.
TWD Season 4 doesn't start until this weekend (Sunday, 13 Oct).
Good thing Google isn't EA otherwise we'd all be on windows 2000
Nice :) Clever little "remind me" button as well ;)
Google is always getting better. Getting better, all the time.
i loved how this sorrowful life came out on my birth day it was easily the best present ever
I loved Google now but it's not working anymore for me... Set language to English and do a factory reset and never get the "yes I'm in" option...
So awesome, I always have to Wiki these sort of things, nice If I can get a shortcut to it :)
If Google put the same effort into its non US markets Apple would cease to exist
Not seeing the reminder menu...
its cool but the bad thing is that if u wanna know whos gonna die you look at the cast and if you dont se one of them, then u can asume they die
Is there a way that I can add the dates or the shows calendar automatically to my google calendar?
Not all information shown by google in that box are correct, sometimes google give wrong information and terible mistakes.. and if someone report the mistake, it takes forever for google to review the report, most probably they don't fix it.
in india also we are getting the programs as and when they are aired in US.. enable in INDIA also... 
Too bad a lot of these useful features are USA only :(
It didn't work for "The Incredible Dr. Pol" tv show. It was a standard google search. Does it only work on the big networks? This is on Nat Geo Wild.
Don't work in Germany, not even when I set the language to english. :(
Don't work in Belgium  ..When  for Belgium
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