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A little less than two years ago, when Internet access was cut off in Egypt, we worked with Twitter to launch Speak2Tweet, giving the ability for anyone to tweet using just a voice connection. 

In the last day, Internet access has been completely cut off in Syria. Unfortunately we are hearing reports that mobile phones and landlines aren’t working properly either. But those who might be lucky enough to have a voice connection can still use Speak2Tweet by simply leaving a voicemail on one of these international phone numbers (+90 212 339 1447 or +30 21 1 198 2716 or +39 06 62207294 or +1 650 419 4196), and the service will tweet the message. No Internet connection is required, and people can listen to the messages by dialing the same phone numbers or going to

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brilliant idea. Lets Talk ....
If they have no internet how do they find this out?
If the phone lines are cut how they will call!!!!
How will they read this post?
So much for the Arab Spring democratic impulse. The same thugs in power, but with a different flavour. Sounds like could spark another Syrian style conflict of islamists against laiques. Not good.
Hold on google.Hold on Internet
internet is the blast of wind
Google and twitter fueling revolution globally!
Good guy google, people's internet blocked, used their competitor as workaround.
This is why we need MESH NETWORKS NOW!
Google is the greatest compony in this world !
David Tai
we are live in china, and we do belive the internet might be shutdown in furtute.
If it happens, please dont't forget to help us.
Please tell your government common chinese need help.

How do we get this across to those in syria?? Just so sad!!!
I wish we could do something to help them.... I just feel so powerless
How do they know what number to call if they do not have an Internet connection?
I watched the video and words can not describe the feeling that goes through me. Many take things for granted. We are all human and no one deserves this. No one. 
but in many cases in 3rd world our phone number is not linked to our twitter account and twitter and we tweet only via web. I know it is very difficult/un secure to check for password but just wanted to mention this flaw. if we link our phone with our account, it will be very easy for state to hijack our account.
Morsi mobarak is much cleverer than Hosni mobarak, he might find a way to block this, too!!!
A new technology to avoid the censorship is very important,I think. A perfect way is using satelites instead of cables. But protection from the world is necessary.
Total violation of human rights
I think an organization which can "turn off" internet might also be able to search PABX call logs to certain phone numbers and find out which phone number placed that call? Or maybe block those speak2tweet numbers?
M Hatti
Now they just need an Internet connection to read this message. 
Brilliant, keep up the good work!
I believe that you must do something for Sureya
Syria is black out internet has been cut off and cellphone are down
Good intentions but only thing those numbers will provide, unless region restricted, is spamfest.
Ryan Ho
thanks google for bringing us across the gfw to the real world.
Why are they cutting internet anyway? At least be like China and have an over excessive firewall.
Too bad Syria is cutting cellular power off now...
don't do evil,i love you Google,we Chinese people will embrace you someday!
anyone else think its odd that this message seems to be directed to people affected by the internet blackout... and its posted on the internet?
Google is now officially the most innovative company and the most people caring company.
Dial up with audio modem just like the old prestel days ?would that be an option
Thankyou for thinking of the people of Syria :) This was Brilliant :)
Google is very innovative. I like the idea and concept.
Great Job Google !! thank you
Thanks Google. You're awesome
Yeah, but how will people in Syria know about this if they have no internet? Unless htey are in touch with someone else by phone, of course...
Worst idea ever +william magill , a secret internet if possible will just be full of criminals. Plus it's not even feasible, so many limitations.
Great, but most of the speak2tweet I just listened to on there are trolls that aren't even from Syria
I was on the fence about a Nexus4 - not anymore. 
Kevin get the nexus4, I want one
Freedom at all costs, thanks Google and Twitter!
how r they getting this post are u sending binary code by smoke-signals or sumet just sayin coz ur post says the net is out 
how will people know what number to call without internet, though? is there a way for them to get this number, or do they already have this number?
it's a great idea, that's just the only thing I am confused about
Awesome! Please add speech-to-text!
Teamwork is the key to everything.
Should be able to tweet this G+ post
What I take for granted in America ...
It's great to uphold the connection between people when it has been shut down otherwise :-)
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