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Today Google Currents, which delivers beautiful magazine-like editions to your tablet or smartphone, is getting an update for iOS devices.

This update brings to your iPhone or iPad the same audio experience we recently released on Android, which makes listening to audio clips easier than ever (the app is a little bit prettier, as well!).

Here are some of the new, enhanced audio editions:
Marketplace APM:
A Prairie Home Companion:
The Dinner Party Download:
+MPR News:
The Splendid Table:
Studio 360: 
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How about an update for Android that lets us remove the damned thing if we're not going to use it. Right now it's welded in. Who do you think you are, Samsung?
This is not the update of Google Currents we looking for at 5 days before Google Reader will die.
Mike Deal
Most useless app ever... Reader was much better for doing real work...
+Margaret Leber you can easily disable the app on your Android... Just go to all apps in your settings, then find Currents then click disable (you can't uninstall system level apps but you can disable them in Android which makes it turn off and hidden... Just one of the many reason why Android is a superior OS compared to iOS since Apple says no to doing that )

And no, Google isn't Samsung, they're a million times better, they're the ones allowing companies like Samsung or your Android manufacturer to use the awesome product that is Android, and since Android is free it keeps your cost down on your device, so I don't think bashing a free product is the way to go... You can choose not to use it or just disable it 

Lolz so many haters, it's a free app! Don't use it then 
+Shane Green You only need one application – web browser... And iTunes hanged my PC every time I tried to do anything there, until I had to uninstall it completely to make my computer work again...
Yeaaah! A web version would be totally awesome! Currents is awesome.
Love currents would like to see more sites like arstechnica, cracked, available
I preferred reader. A lot of readers like current put form over function and when you have 10 minutes to kill but low signal strength forget ever getting to read anything with all those pictures loading.

+Phil Edge I did pay for reader. With my ad viewing and personal information.
Currents is a nice app. Still crying for Reader as everyone here...
(sigh) A: get root on your device and remove Currents with Titanium Backup App (if you're using an android phone or tablet) B: Stop complaining about free stuff... It's annoying. Besides, Currents is legit... 
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