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No time to stop and smell the roses? Now the roses are just a click away with Google Nose—our flagship olfactory knowledge feature that lets your nose do the searching. With today’s launch of Google Nose beta, you can engage one of your most important senses when looking for an answer on Google by simply putting your nose up to the screen. The Google Aromabase gives you fast and comprehensive answers that are equipped with over 15 million scentibytes of data that pairs images, descriptions, and most importantly: aromas. Do a search for [Parisian streets in the morning] and be pleasantly awakened by the scent of flakey croissants dipped in brewing espresso. Or try [public library] and be taken back to your childhood with the smell of old books. Visit and take a whiff for yourself. You can try the new scentsation in search on your desktop, mobile phone or tablet—so search and sniff today.