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Today we're unveiling Google Play - a new place to experience music, movies, books and Android apps and games, available anywhere you go. Google Play lets you store up to 20,000 songs for free and buy millions of new songs. It’s home to 450,000 Android apps and games, houses the world’s largest selection of eBooks, and gives you access to thousands of your favorite movies for rent, including new releases and HD titles.

With Google Play your entertainment is stored in the cloud and can easily go with you when you're connected or offline. No wires, no hassle. It’s how you buy and experience digital entertainment on your Android device and any web browser on any computer.

Read our blog post at and learn more at And, as always, let us know what you think in the comments.
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I tell ya, google is going to take over the world one day. They already have self driving cars on the road.
Nice but what's that ugly logo seriously ? At least change the colors for Chrome like colors... wich look like every other google products.
t kono
You, and we need gift card.
"available anywhere", really? I'm still getting it's US only.
yet here you post on google plus
So Google Music is replaced with Google Play...interesting.
I'm getting it in the UK so it's definitely not US only.
The new logo is nice, I suppose...
THIS is what I have been waiting for!!!
but then how do we sell proprietary connecting cables?
+Barend Stapelberg , than don't use it... It's the best search engine, it's the best mobile OS, it's always the better solution for free than the expensive competitors...
Not available in your country

That is all Im getting.
+Torbjörn Lööv There were rumours about the first nexustablet beïng called something like that. Just rumours, but doesn't sound like coincidence to me.
Nice to see it consolidated. Now, if only Google Play can integrate into Google+ like Youtube is. So, Google Calendar and Google Docs should also get better integration.
Why not just call it "Google Market"? You don't "play" a book.
So is this just essentially a better integration of Market, Music, and eBook Store, or is there more to it? If it's just a more unified market and music/video/eBook service, I'm not too excited. But, if it's more of a cloud storage service, which will be integrated into Docs, Gmail, and other services, now that would be excellent.
Wow Google, nice launch, on I can buy Android apps over here in Germany (little district of that big "mordor" area outside the US)... music - not available, movies - not available, books... not available! So, when will Google actually evolve to a "global" service?
Hey! You forgot the handle! It won't work without the handle! :D
I do like the logo. And PLAY is simple. Unification is EXACTLY the thing I've talking about for well over a year now. Still a little buggy though. For example, if you go into a more specific area such as Music there's no navigation to switch another area or get back to the Play home page.

Now we just need to get that $200 Nexus Tablet with Play front and center and promoted like a mofo -- THEN Apple and Amazon will be in for a world of hurt.
+Eoin Bartley, I'm able to access Google Play - am currently in Dublin. Not using a proxy, maybe it's a gradual roll-out?
Cool, but still bummed that I can't use Google Music as I live outside of the US...
I will wait until you come to play in thailand....
Yep, as far as I can tell, nothing has changed except the branding. Still most of the good stuff isn't available to those of us outside the US.

Would've been better to have had a launch that went something like "Here's our new shiny amazing all-in-one place for everything, available everywhere!"
Not bad. Not crazy about the logo though (like the shopping bag better).

Still no "Tablet Apps" section - MAJOR FAIL!!!
two issues:
1) why does it cost $4 to rent a movie when there should be less overhead costs than redbox...
2) when can I get google scholar integrated with this so I can read my scientific papers with the nifty reader on all my devices and save my position etc.
Why part of it is only available for the US ? Apple is not doing something so stupid !
It all sounds great, till you add "if you're in the US" to the end of every feature. Global rollouts are needed. And the timescales should be in weeks not months and years.
Why "My Android Apps" in Web-version shows All apps, i've ever installed in all time? Is this list realy more important than currently installed apps in my devices? Why this "current" list in the sub-menu and so un-intuitive? There is a mess in "My Android Apps"... And no Feedback button..
Steve Jobs just rolled over in his grave...
+Luciano Pimentel +Henry James Ball , the US exclusivity may be a matter of copyright legalities which Google has to sort out country by country. Either that or they are rolling out the service slowly.
+Henry James Ball, what you're saying is exactly what Google has been trying to push and emphasize since day one. Not only the record industry but the entire media industry, movies, news, name it.
"New app in Google Play: install fun app "Google Docs" and play it with friends". Why Play?! Not Market, not Box? Play with Books? What a crap...
Really awful idea... and a great way to alienate the business/productivity world. Media and entertainment is important, but it's still not what I do all day...
Sure, put games/videos/music in a "play" world, but leave the market alone. It's an OS, not an entertainment center.
I presume all this great content is locked behind region walls for the United States only and not available to the Rest Of The World ? :-\
When will you launch paid Android Market in uae plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
"We're sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country." Big shock!
As much as I like the idea I am annoyed by the fact that some of the content is regionally restricted , this is the age of the web and connectivity there should be no regional restrictions , technically this is possible but again old political systems of yesteryear are in the way of making this system reach its full potential.
This is great! I love the way Google puts things together in one place. I'm a real Google fan and use many of their services. They just keep getting better and better!

I agree with +t kono , "Google Gift Cards" would be great. I have friends who prefer to use gift cards for online purchases and they would be a great gift to give to those who want to purchase music, movies and other things from Google Play. They can be sold through any store that sells gift cards.
Nothing will change for german users, no video, no songs, no books. This is really annoying Google. The key on the tablet is content not technical things, but at this moment, it is not possible to consume content on an Android tablet in a proper way. (in germany)
This is crazy. I like the Android Market better!
how about GDrive when can we have that?
I cant begin to understand why on earth you did this. It seems so silly to me. Having something called the Market makes it sound professional and adult, then to rename it to Play, makes it sound, well like a play thing. This is no good. What am I supposed to tell people. O I got this great app off Play. WTF Google. Stop changing the names of all your products. Esp very well branded and well known things like this. Dumb.
Play with Books = Not available in your country (NAC), Play with Music = NAC, Play with Movies = NAC. Google Play = Play with yourself
Sweet! Now if only +Google can sign up the rest of the major music labels, I could finally rid myself of iTunes.
Does this mean a new market app is incoming?
pretty awesome.... everything in one place
I use almost all of google's products (nexus s & xoom 2) and services, mail, docs, +, contacts, news, android, you name it... but unfortunately your cloud based services are not available in India, where I live, it kinda sucks... hoping you guys get it here asap..
Wish I could pay a monthly subscription fee. $4/movie is a bit steep. The selection is looking pretty good though (especially having movies currently in theaters on the list). All media together is a big plus for me, thanks!
Now my Android is a kid's toy. Microsoft seens so more prepared for the PC to mobile transition... Very bad move, Google...
I can't help remembering the Commodore Amiga...
I think it is a great idea to be more generic (than Android market) but Google Play is confusing (first Google product name that is confusing me...). Google Store would be more appropriate.
Mister Google, I think ipad3 is not the final for this first half of year, but can be a waiting for the others response.
But who cares. I found these days, when I used a desktop pc, that I no longer want desktop pc, not even laptop. My opinion is THE INDUSTRY OF DESKTOPS AND LAPTOPS CAN BE SHUT DOWN. Is time for no more than a symbolic sunk of a desktop and a laptop in deep ocean :)
I would love to shutdown my PC but the good IDEs for software development still runs on them. I still wait for a cloud based full featured IDE, wich is already possible for sure, but no one has made one (with design mode and everything)
Exceptionally disappointed here. If folks would read the Agreement, they would realize what kind of Device access they would be giving to +Google . Google pushed Books and Music to my Acer tablet without compunction. I am not renting my Device from Google; I paid hundreds of dollars so I could own it.
I would Sant ti watch a movie in hd with subtitles on my phone.
Thats anaother innovative creation and idea of Google,making life easier for all..Thumbs up!!
Thinking again, maybe Google is trying to move the installable apps world away from the Chrome Web Apps that are of bigger importance to them...
If you take my money you CANNOT say 'not available in your country'. SORT IT OUT please!!!!
the document you requested is not available in your country
You tried to do good but it becomes worst I cannot know about new and featured games and apps.
James C
Yay, Google Play. May I please be invited to the beta YouTube Prime? +YouTube​
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