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Get your Google any way you like it -- on desktop, smartphone and tablet. Visit from anywhere to find out how to get the best Google Search experience on any device. #searchtip
Simple instructions for setting up Google Search on your device. Using Google is easy. Getting to Google can be too.
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"Download from Market".
AFAIK it's called Play Store.;)
It's not a joke guys, it really is called that. Check it out. Google Play is the consolidated app/music/video/game/book store for Android and Google TV.
How about Google Plus properly configured for a large screen (i.e. not slewed over to the left) and without the low-contrast fonts? That's the way I like it!
I'd like for Google to let me see normal view on my iPad...I don't care much for the mobile version.
-1 Google have a lot of great apps, but they are loosing a big growing market excluding regions like Latin America, this is very unfortunate, why limit apps just for some regions, it is so stupid for me...

Google, I love what you make, but please realize that activism is needed now more then ever. Just like SOPA/PIPA months ago.

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