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The first home run in T-ball, the surprise proposal, or just that gorgeous sunset... Sometimes the perfect photo passes you by as you fumble with your phone to open the camera app. Now with the Google Search App on Android, you can just tap the microphone or say “Ok Google,” then “take a photo” or “take a video.” Google will launch your camera app in the preferred mode. So update your app, snap those shots and don't forget to show off your beautiful photos!

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Or I can just open the camera app from my home screen or lock screen that is faster than telling Gnow to do so.

+Google you should really bring better voice control to Europe before implementing such features that you actually don't need at all.
Sounds like Glass functionality is coming to phones. I love you Google.
Nice. Can wet get stuff like audio and brightness control or turning off Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/data.
I have no need for this. A twist of the wrist opens the camera app on my Moto X.
In what world is it quicker to click the microphone, wait 2 seconds for it to load, say "take a picture" then wait another 3 seconds for google now to load, then click "open app"? It's much faster to swipe to my camera on the lockscreen or to actually click the camera icon on my home screen.
It works flawlessly! I love it! 
It's faster for me to just swipe to the left on the stock lockscreen and open the camera manually. I think this functionality is meant for Android Wear and Google Glass, not regular Android.
Looking forward to get this in a half year in my country ;)
Smells like they are getting close to rolling out KitKat to Glass, and are pulling device operational commands into the search component.  Maybe that will help make those types of commands easier to update on wearables?
Okay +Google, bring back Google Goggles functionality to the Google Search app. 
It would be even more awesome if it worked when the system language isn't English-US!
I guess this could be handy to speak to your Wear device: "record a video", which remotely launches the camera app in video mode on your phone, so that it's ready by the time you've pulled it out of your pocket.
Just press the dedicated camera button on your Xperia. It's the fastest way sorry.
It's funny to see how a lot of these mobile devices now have the curved top and bottom because they know Apple is gonna sue them for the shape if they make it flat.
You better update the Hangouts app to give us the functions iOS hangouts has for ages. We don't need new useless voice actions.
+Philipp Grasshoff Depends on how you use your phone. And really, the MotoX shortcut method is really faster then both. 

Also, depends on if you have a default Camera app (more then one pulls up a list to pick one which slows it down).
The beauty of this is you can free up an icon spot as u don't need the camera icon. I love voice control and OK Google works perfectly and fast for me here in Ireland. Keep going Google.
+Jesse Spangenberger It takes longer to say that voice command then just clicking the shortcut on home or lock screen. 99% of the user will try it once and never use it again.

When I want to take a picture, the phone is in my hand. And so I can click instead of talking to it.
Why Google is not developing "Ok Google" for russian language? Very pity!
Also, with Camera MX, you skip the landing screen. It goes right to taking a picture. Doesn't seem much faster to click shortcut->click the camera icon to say "take a picture" and it opens. Too bad "Ok, Google" doesn't work in Nova.
When I said: Take a video it served me search results of xvideo.. Definitely have to work on my English pronunciation..
Add voice commands to the Camera app and you have something. 'Okay Google, Capture". Then this would be great for those of us stuck in cold weather cities.
Sounds irrelevant, jst try expanding Google, broaden ur horizon
Why is it "take a photo" instead of "take a picture"? Why not be consistent with Glass? 
+Chris Radtke if you read the text shown in the image it says take a picture.  If you actually try it, it accepts both.
but why to go to the app and then say the commands when you can take a photo just by going to the camera app directly or by the camera key..
By the time the voice was recognized you have missed you shot.
Works on the HTC One - M7 on the latest CM 11 nightly. Good stuff. 
But you just need to swipe left to open the camera. 
Btw, nowhere in the OP does it state this is faster than clicking the camera icon but they should mention it's more fun #justsayin 
Although opening the camera app through the screen is clearly quicker I think this will be used in wearable devices possibly....

A smart watch running android wear with a camera on it is something that jumps into my mind!
NICE, PEOPLE its not meant to be that complicated. Yes if your phone has the capability from the lock screen to just hit the camera button and take a picture then do that. If your phone does not have that option or function then yes using the "OK Google" Command and then saying take picture or take video is better or works for you then do that,... Simple right? This isn't Rocket Science Guy's :-) ;-) 
doesn't work on my moto g from uk running kit kat
Not sure this is even useful.  The point of this would be to make the function "hands free", and taking a picture isn't hands free.  I can get the camera ready in half the time on my Moto X.

How about making an on/off command WiFi and Bluetooth?
Ok Google, when are you coming out with an all inclusive fitness tracker?
OK Google, let's improve this archaic stock camera UI/experience.
User: Ok Google, take a picture
Google: opening app. By the way next time try tapping the camera icon.

Now that will be a feature to mention.

This feature tbh, is going to be another feature that "bites the dust"
Take a picture should just take a picture instead of just opening the app
It seems to me that using the old open app command actually launches faster: "OK Google - Open Camera". And it would be nice if it actually took a photo as soon as it was loaded. The you could just point the camera while giving the command and quickly take a photo. Many opportunities are missed with each half second delay.
It would be really nice if it actually took the picture but my guess is that would be an impossible task considering OEM customization. 
Is this available only for English ?
Seems like an unnecessary step.
with voice activate no touch required.
+Alexander Abejuela Agree but while driving you'll be amazed how convenient voice control is.

Though I don't see any reason when you would need to start a camera hands free especially cause you still need at least one finger to shoot a photo.
Might not seem that useful right now, but I welcome these kinds of command because I'm hoping it's the start of others like "ok Google, turn on Bluetooth" etc. 
#Express Seamless sensation! Thanks to +Google for this simply #supreme new app to make it easy! Never have to worry about missing anything! Don't tell your news .. Show it! Tell your tablet and it records and shows the whole story in detail! #Voice control! #Awesomeness Never miss another super moment! Record your wondrous times with ease! 📱🌠
What is so easy about this????? You guys are just mad... Why not just click the camera app? Huh
Can we get "OK Google, launch voice recognition" please? 
I suppose I could use it to switch over to the video function faster...
This is all good, this is the right direction, but please enable the voice command "ok Google" and all the rest in more languages soon! We Europeans (Italians, in my case) love to use Google products, but we are stopped by translations.
when will this update be ready for the HTC one?
+david a. delagarza Well judging by the fact a lot more people speak English than Japanese,I think a lot of people would care.
Works for me on my Nexus 5. 
Will this be available for event Kyocera
So true! Just open your own app. I have the Galaxy app already in my G 3 and easer.
But it doesn't take the picture!  If my hands were too busy to open the app, they are probably too busy to press capture.  Once this is added, it will be great!  Think about positioning the phone for a group photo and capturing it without trying to beat a timer.  Almost there guys and gals
I was under the impression that it would actually take a picture, not just open the camera app. It would be great to use it this way to set up a photo of yourself and/or while standing with a group.
Why would i open the camera throug google now?
But it doesn't really take a picture ,just launches the Camera app.
Will this feature be in the iOS app as well? 
I like the function, but would be great if it actually did take a picture or start recording... For completely hands free experience. Maybe the update will come soon, ey +Google wink wink
How does this work exactly?
Do I have to open the Google search app first b4 tapping the microphone button and then say take a picture?
Can't I use okay Google to open the Google search app?
I have a Note 2
Having Google Now activated in the background my Droid RAZR drains about 10% of my battery during the course of a normal day, if I never even use. So I keep it not active & don't use it.
It's a neat feature to use Google Now to launch the camera app! But I have the camera app icon on my home screen, so it's either "tap the search button to launch Google Now, wait to load the Google Now UI, speak 'OK google, take a photo' so everyone around me knows what I'm about to do, and then wait for the camera app to load...
Tap the camera app icon and have it load.
Usability wins. Every time. :-P
My camera button is the icon directly below the Google search mic and the camera button still works when my internet connection is iffy.
Not sure why, but it only opens in Camera mode for both video and picture commands on my Moto X which is completely up-to-date. Although it does also also open the camera app if you say, "OK Google, take a selfie." ;-)  
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Is there a command to return to my Home Screen? for example....I am in my car and I am asking Google to call my boss. Once the call finishes I am on the call log screen but I want to return to my home screen......Can I say 'OK Google.......Open Home Screen' or something like that?
I love this update it seem like the Google glasses
Ok Google, what about Google Search in portuguese, the 6th most spoken language in the world??
I think launching my system camera app in my home screen will be faster
This would be great if it would auto focus and actually take a picture. This would allow you to hold your phone with two hands and keep the shot steady.

In its current form its nice, but not useful.

Also, Google Now commands need OFFLINE support. I should be able to take a picture or see the next calendar event without being connected.

One less icon on my Nexus 5 home screen!
I mean what is fun about it when you can't use it????
I'll be amazed and facinated when all "Ok Google" will be available, wich mean localised, for french canadian. Even voice recognition doesn't work well i'm pretty sure that we aren't the only language to have half of the capacity of android. :(
Yup the "Ok Google" is as useful as a fly in a cake if it's only in English. Need to migrate to other languages!!
When are we getting "Turn Wifi off" and "Turn Data/3G on" and "Dominate the world"
Jeez, I need those functions. 
I love Google plus how can i store in my phone?
OK, Google, Pro Tip: when I want a picture of degus to show to my son, I do not want 'pictures of big boobs'! Other than that (and other than sounding like a bit of a dick saying 'OK, Google'), it's cool and fun to play with
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+Windows Phone  hold down picture button; take picture; all without having to unlock the phone.  simple!
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